10 Best Translation Blogs To Follow In 2022

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Posted on 6/05/224 min read
10 Best Translation Blogs To Follow In 2022
We provide you with some amazing blogs on translation services to expand your reach to target audiences and boost your content writing strategy.

Despite the internet’s ubiquitous use, it does have several negative consequences. Perhaps the most severe problem is the language barrier. It has become imperative to translate texts, websites, images, and voices from one language to another after research revealed that 73% of worldwide markets prefer websites with content in their native tongue.


However, translating text to another language is challenging. Thankfully, many websites have good content writing strategies that provide translation services. We examined the internet for 10 best translation blogs and websites to assist you in selecting the best service from among the others.

10 Translation Blogs to Follow in 2022

A variety of sectors and specialties are expected to benefit from the growth of the translation industry in 2022.

From millions of blogs on the internet, below are the top translation blogs and websites ranked by traffic, social media followers, online presence, and freshness.

1. Transblawg

This is one of the most interesting blogs on translation we’ve ever come across. There are hundreds upon dozens of blog postings, ranging from current events to legal translation, technical concerns, and personal experiences.

Individuals should visit Transblawg, a site with a translator who writes with enjoyment, comedy, and translation in mind. Werner Patels create an entertaining and informative blog focusing on German culture and translation.

2. About Translation

Visit About Translation if you’re searching for a site covering anything from ancient translations to translation conferences.

This site is an excellent resource for seasoned and novice translators alike, including information on CAT technologies, online translation tools, and opinions on becoming a translator. Riccardo Schiaffino, a licensed translator from English to Italian, runs the blog.

3. Slator

The company was founded by Florian Faes and Andrew Smart. Slator covers the translation and language technology markets, including demand drivers, finance, talent transfers, technology, etc.

This blog is for language professionals interested in learning about the industry and the innovations that language service providers (LSPs) bring to the table. The headquarters of Slator is in Zurich, Switzerland. It has offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, and London, among other places.

4. Blog

This is one of the most popular blog language translators. You may learn about the latest translation industry news by sharing and debating news pieces from the industry.

Experienced translators who wish to enhance their professions as freelancers can discover helpful information on their blogs. Readers will discover a lot of business advice on topics like freelancing, working with translation agencies, and acquiring new clients.

5. Comtec Translation Blog

This translation blog centers around using translation as a tool for marketing for growing business. Their content is targeted at business leaders who want to address and solve real-life issues through marketing strategies and better communication.

The contributions on this blog would be interesting for translators looking to understand customers’ needs, behaviors, and challenges. Commonly covered topics typically revolve around building sound international marketing strategies, developing effective internal communications strategies for employee engagement, or increasing customer engagement through marketing translation.

6. Unprofessional Translation

Don’t go by the name. Unprofessional Translation is anything but professional. This long-established blog is professionally written and covers a wide range of interesting topics, including the interpretation and history of translation. The blog has a very scholarly feel to it and has sources attached to each of them so that you can do your own additional research.

7. LanguageLine Solution Blog

In addition to being an excellent translation service, LanguageLine is also a top-rated blog on translation. LanguageLine Solutions has 364 offices worldwide, about double the number of their closest competitor. Their blog page covers an array of topics on translation which can seriously benefit budding translators or freelance translators.

8. Translation Times

The site covers a wide range of topics relating to the translation business, including software recommendations, professional development, employment possibilities, book reviews, conferences, and seminars.

They operate in German, Spanish, English, and French, among other languages. The “The Entrepreneurial Linguist” session gives helpful hints on establishing a translation and interpreting firm.

9. Memsource

This is one of the leading translation services on the market. However, they also feature a blog section that contains a wide range of well-thought and well-written articles. The blog covers topics that sit high on the agenda of both translation professionals and business leaders.

Those interested in the nitty-gritty of localization, globalization, and translation will find this blog useful and help them find strategies to help them successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of going global. Memsource also has a Certification Program for users and an Academic Program for scholars on their platform.

10. eMpTy Pages

eMpTy Pages is a blog by Kirti Vashee, a seasoned language and IT industry professional. The blog is kind of her personal reflection space. The blog provides a great resource for translators working in the technology sector.


With this list of the best translation blogs and websites services in your arsenal, we hope you can upskill your skills and have more knowledge at your disposal, thanks to them.

This list will come in handy when you need a great translator, and there is something here for both commercial and personal translation requirements. It is up to you to determine which option will provide you with the most significant rewards.


1. What is a translation content writing strategy?

When we talk about translation in internet marketing, we imply that the website’s content is available in many languages, attracting consumers from various linguistic groups and expanding the company’s reach. Translators must master the translation content writing strategy to generate a reliable and natural translation.

2. What are the best translation blogs and websites of 2022?

Following are the best translation blogs and websites for 2022-
– Slator
– Transblawg 
– Proz blog

3. What is the most searched thing on Google Translate?

According to a joint survey by Google News Lab and Virtual Cinnamon, the most common word translated by Google Translate is “beautiful.”

4. What are some content writing strategies for translating blogs and websites?

Here are some content writing strategies for translating blogs and websites-
– The best content should be basic and straightforward.
– The terminology used should be uniform.
– Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms that aren’t essential.
– Provide access to reference materials.