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89 Facebook Ad Examples You Can’t Resist But Copy

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 6/09/2111 min read
89 Facebook Ad Examples You Can’t Resist But Copy

Today, social media platforms have changed the way marketing is done, thanks to their various ways of direct and indirect advertising. Paid ads on platforms like Facebook can help you reach a wider audience, generate new leads, and convert more customers. If you are a company that has never explored Facebook as a medium, it… Continue reading 89 Facebook Ad Examples You Can’t Resist But Copy

Today, social media platforms have changed the way marketing is done, thanks to their various ways of direct and indirect advertising. Paid ads on platforms like Facebook can help you reach a wider audience, generate new leads, and convert more customers. If you are a company that has never explored Facebook as a medium, it would be wise to start now. Invest in well-organized campaigns with great creatives to stand out from their competition.

To help you out with the best ideas to showcase your brand on Facebook, we have compiled a list of 89 best Facebook ads to help you achieve success.

  1. This interesting Facebook ad for a Canadian Sports Apparel brand- Gymshark\ was featured during Black Friday Sale. The urgency is infectious as items are 50% off with free shipping with pay later options. Enough to get anyone running! 


  1. Topical and funky ads like Amul Butter are ever-popular. The cute mascot, the funny yet similar caricatures, and the one-liners all come together to achieve popularity for the brand. These are one of the great Facebook Ads ever created. 
  1. Captions overlaid on an image work great for a boho feel. The Pura Vida ad captured the audience’s attention with its bold font messaging and its assortment of products.
  1. This minimalist ad by Stone & Strand cleverly used the single image format with clear messaging as a caption right above the ad. The use of display URL, bold headlines, and a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) button make this ad fit for your campaigns if you want to spend less and gain more.


  1. CoSchedule, a project management software company, gets its message straight to its demographics with its no-frills ad. While keeping their messaging simple, they spark curiosity as well. Everyone would want to ‘Maximize Project Output’, and they will be compelled to know how. See how easy they made it look? You can now try something like that for your next campaign.


  1. You can spruce up your Facebook ad with a combination of static images, illustrations, and messaging compiled in a video format to get your campaign attention. The Airbnb Asia ad used that concept beautifully.
  1. The use of abstract images and figures grabs attention with their uniqueness just like this ad by Ellevest. Another good example of successful Facebook ads.


  1. You can use your brand to talk about relevant topics without being preachy or political. Coca Cola with its ‘Stay Apart’ ad, is one such example.
  1. Moonwake Yoga Co. gives a portion of their sales to a charity providing relief to those in need of therapeutic yoga, which gets the audience to trust the brand for social causes and gain engagement.
  1. Early last year, Burger King came up with a shocking ad that showed its flagship burger- the Whopper- getting moldy in 34 days. The purpose of the campaign was to promote its preservative-free burgers in the US market. The ad got a lot of buzz on Facebook and elicited several responses.


  1. The Hindu’s unapologetic ad on Parliamentary behavior is still being talked about. Publication houses should show their responsible side through their ad campaigns to get subscriptions and the proper attention.
  1. You can generate awareness about your social responsibility campaigns on Facebook to create engagement and loyalty of your audience. Case in point- the Lifebuoy India hygiene awareness ads on social media platforms.
  2. Understand the need of the hour and create interest surrounding that. Several Apparel sites like Myntra and Nykaa Fashion started creating awareness about their fashionable cloth masks with their ad campaigns.
  1. Indians share a sentimental relationship with Nestle Maggi instant noodles. Turning this nostalgia for their customers to earn freebies and a chance to feature on their Facebook page, Maggi started the campaign ‘Meri Maggi and Me’. The campaign received an overwhelming response when thousands of their customers- young and old- shared their interesting stories and recipes on their page.


  1. For gaming brands or brands that require an immersive experience, graphics and videos should be important. Brands like Playstation, Intel focus on that to target their audience.
  1. No-frills ads like this BankonFi ad that get straight to the point are ideal for businesses that show that they are serious about their brands.


  1. Showing growth metrics of your brand in a dynamic video attracts audiences and grows engagement. Hostinger uses these concepts in their ad campaigns.
  2. Similar to the Urbanic ad, for carousels, adding different CTA for each product helps the audience make an informed decision and trust the brand. 
  1. A strong benefits-driven copy with CTA on the image along with what you want your audience to understand at the bottom (like this Hotstar Marketing Platform ad) is a great way to garner interest with your target population.
  1. Big brands like Nike offer discounts to retain their loyal customers and attract new ones. The simple messaging with just the logo is enough to get people interested. You can take inspiration from the easy communication and discount method to get your customers to know about you. 
  1. Bikayi is a relatively new shopping platform ad, but with their proper use of text space, bright colors, and targeted marketing, it is one campaign idea you can get inspired from!
  1. This Oreo ad was published last year on 21st June, the longest day of the year. With simple graphics showing a stretched pack of the cookies. A unique hashtag and being relevant went a long way to create brand awareness and audience engagement. 


  1. With remote meetings being the norm last year, brands like Lifesize and JioMeet focused on the situational angle to gain an audience.
  1. A metaphorical minimalist design, focus on action, action-focused CTA, and details of the services make this ad by Boat Creatives stand out.
  1. Ladystrategist is a Design platform that offers 950+ readymade Canva designs for small businesses. The introductory issues and the lure to get instant access as CTA works well for the brand. This is another very best performing facebook ads of the year.
  1. Black and White imagery adds an extra allure and luxury to your brand and helps stand out from the pops of color from the other ads. Brands like Mango, H&M and Zara constantly use this to their advantage.

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  1. For simple products like shoes, you can always use a colorful background and an attractive copy for effective audience engagement, just the way brands like Reebok or Puma does.
  1. Your brand should be congruent with your image in your campaigns. P&G’s #touchthepickle or #likeagirl campaigns have always encouraged women and girls with their sanitary napkins range.
  1. Pop arts or interesting silhouettes behind your product in different combinations of colors can attract an audience without burning a hole in your pocket if you are just starting. You can see most eyewear brands like Titan and Lenskart using this strategy.
  1. This Tata CliQ ad gives the audience a chance to understand their options and explore more. This also increases your audience base by offering various options across different categories.
  1. User-generated content showing images of the products is a great way to engage your audience. 
  1. Timing of ads is important, and you can use them to your advantage to bring in customers as Faasos has done.


  1. Heads up for Tails focuses on their niche audience and caters to them with a relatable copy and an attractive image. If you have a focused niche business, you can try this idea for your next campaign.
  1. If you have a fashion or apparel brand, you can take a leaf out of the ad campaign idea by The Bewakoof Store that redirects their audience to their entire new collections pages to buy more products.
  1. Shopify helps entrepreneurs start their online shopping business with their platform. Their simple targeted messaging, prominent logo, and encouraging headline form an attractive ad for the intended demographic. 
  1. If you know your brand has more features than your competitor, you can go bold and use that USP for your campaign, just like what BigCommerce did in their recent campaign.
  1. Several streaming apps such as Reverb Nation use inbound statistics like trending albums, most popular artists, etc., to bring in audiences to their pages.
  1. Beardo for Men is an exclusive men’s grooming brand with funny taglines that resonate with the male population without being offensive or sexist, making them popular with men and women looking for gifting options. The ad campaigns are examples of how to tread the fine line and come up with a winner!
  1. Zomato ads are minimalist yet successful in sending the message across- delivering food safely at any hour. Their witty one-liners and infographics make them eye-catching and encourage audience engagement as well.
  1. Calm is a mobile app that promotes meditation and sound sleep practices. Messaging that makes you stop scrolling for a second while offering a solution for wellness makes for a great ad campaign strategy in this busy world. 


  1. If you are a small brand integrating with a popular one, you should leverage that in your ad campaigns to get more audience—Ameyo, a business platform that has integrated with Truecaller for verified business calls to customers. 
  1. Word-of-mouth niche brands like Oye Happy promote customer satisfaction stories to help retain customer loyalty and gain the trust of new members. 
  1. Focusing solely on the product image with the perfect lighting and with no copy can attract the audience’s attention as well, the John Jacobs Eyewear ads are examples of that.
  1. Sephora India has a string of offline shops and an online shopping site for its beauty and personal care products. Relatively new, this international brand offers an ‘invitation’ to live life lavishly, generating a buzz and curiosity among its audience. The CTA and the overview of a few scrolling products is the perfect way to engage and bring in customers.


  1. Using influencers for validating or leveraging their online presence to create awareness is another great strategy. Recently Skillshare collaborated with YouTube sensation Marques Brownlee for one of their masterclasses on how to make YouTube videos.
  1. Flatlays are an amazing way to photograph your products without investing much. Business workshops like Skillshare have done this beautifully to their advantage.
  1. If your product images are full of intricate designs or works, it is always advisable to use a solid background for your campaigns to rest the focus only on your product. Several jewelry brands such as Caratlane use this concept beautifully.
  1. Promoting success stories and showing that you put your customers first is a great idea for ad campaigns, something that the wedding planning site Wed Me Good has done.
  1. Brands like Fossil add urgency to their sales promotions with the lure of Limited stock. For your popular products, you can try this idea for more footfalls on your site.
  1. Offering sneak peeks, exclusive coupons while registering for your newsletter is a great way to grow your e-mail list. Miracle Mom is one such brand that offers such perks for its audience.
  1. Starbucks is known for their pricey coffees and their glam factor that pulls in millennials who are not worried about shelling out a few extra bucks for their coffee. Getting a chance to become a lifetime member would give your customers bragging rights for life. The CTA to download the app leaves no confusion on what the audience should do to win this opportunity.


  1. Step-by-step tutorials, like the Grammarly app ad, can help users understand the ease of access of your product and give your business more traction.
  2. Using sustainable products for your business? Promote your initiative via Facebook ads since with the increase in awareness for plastic waste among people; customers are gradually moving towards brands that work for good!
  1. While using images for your campaign, avoid using stock photos. Audiences are now smart enough to notice one. Put some effort and get some photoshoot done with your products and models to reel in audiences.
  1. Ads with attractive food videos are sure to grab everyone’s attention, just like this ad by United by Food (UBF) did to announce the opening of their store in Bhopal.
  1. Audible audiobooks app have done a great job of targeting different audiences with different genres of their books collection. Use the Facebook algorithm to your advantage and get them engaged.
  1. Rage Coffee has turned its average customer reviews into great ad campaigns by justifying its price point. Small businesses come across price hurdles, but if you can make an attractive copy and get your point across, average reviews could turn into great ones!
  1. Brands like Tanishq Jewelry uses gift-giving festivals to encourage giving gifts to oneself to encourage self-love. Several other brands are following this trend, and it would not be a bad idea for you to use this idea.
  1. Netflix uses videos, gifs, and static images of their popular movies and series to attract audiences on their new subscription plan for only INR 199, thus incentivizing their audiences to join the platform. Again this is one the most effective Facebook ads due to the popularity of ths particular series. 


  1. Free shipping offers work great for small businesses. Wow Skin Science Products started with this concept by offering free shipping coupons to their audiences on their first orders.
  1. The use of a mascot like Fido of 7Up gives a recognizable face for your audience to relate to and keep them engaged.
  1. Femarelle India, a female wellness site, uses ad campaigns with data backed by scientific studies. This credibility assures potential customers of their authenticity and helps in gaining trust.
  1. You can attract your audience with double entendres and witty one-liners. This ad by Durex condoms proves just that.
  1. Using exclamation marks and pop of colors add to the attractiveness level of a campaign. Amazon India’s Great India Sale is a great example of that.
  1. Niche novel book apps like the Novel House give you a sneak peek of their novels and end right at a cliffhanger in their ads with a Sign-Up or a Learn More CTA. The piqued audience is bound to download the app from the ad.
  1. Gifs are the new trend to try for your ad campaigns. They are short, interactive, and can send the message across easily with just a one-line caption like this ad by Spotify India.


  1. For dry subjects, adding humor can bring in the right engagement for your business. Duolingo perfectly captures that with their ads.


  1. Free trials or sign-ups grab audience attention easily. Content assistance sites like Instoried address the issues they will solve and offer free sign-ups to gain customers and engagement.
  1. Instead of using rehashed and tired one-liners, you can try innovative copies like puns to sell your product—just the way Zomato has done it time and again.
  1. Stop Motion techniques are another great way to attract an audience, just like this MTS Blaze ad that uses bright colors and attractive copy.


  1. Using statistics and numbers make your campaign look more valid and reliable. You can take the example from this Hootsuite ad on how to attract an audience with statistics.


  1. Nykaa Cosmetics knows the art of leveraging freebies from different brands to bring in an audience. You can collaborate with a familiar brand to get an initial exposure for your business and get traction with this strategy.
  1. What drives today’s youth is the additional value props that a brand can offer, like fast shipping, cash on delivery, genuine products, etc. 
  1. Facebook Story Polls are a recent addition, and you can use them to create contests or curiosity for the audience. Dunkin Donuts did this to create a buzz for its new launch of the donut fries.


  1. Use clean-cut templates. Not all your ad campaigns need to have a custom template. Likeminds has used a simple Canva template with clear messaging for its audience.
  1. A clear CTA, smart copy and measures for customer safety are points that FMCG brands like ITC store are using to get audience engagement.
  1. Personalized ads like the Nykaa ad help retain customers as they feel that the brand is looking out for them. 
  1. Tell a story with your brand, use testimonials to get traction for your campaign. The University of Berkeley has used the testimonial of one of their Indian Cis Gay member to show their initiative towards inclusivity.
  1. Effective ad campaigns are those that are generic yet seem personal with their messaging. ET Medialabs has that perfect balance in its ad that focuses on an enticing end-result for its audience.
  1. Disrupt the market with your ad in the manner that Anouk, an ethnic clothes brand did with themes centering around the LGBTQ community and women equality.
  1. Ads with real customer reviews add authenticity to your brand. 
  1. Add motion graphics to your campaigns with bold font and relatable content. The Instories app makes that quite clear in their ad.
  1. This ad by builder.ai uses reverse psychology to attract the audience and lead them away from herd mentality. 
  1. A short video or an image with just the point of the ad copy, like this Ajio ad, attracts more audience than ads with long copies. 
  1. Country Delight is an online grocery store app that delivers fresh and cruelty-free products. To showcase that, they use influencers to stay relatable and provide easy recipes with their healthy products. 
  1. A great example of inbound marketing, Pepe Jeans has collaborated with Dua Lipa for their latest campaigns, where she shares her style tips over multiple short videos on Facebook. 
  1. To appeal to a new target audience, design your ad addressing their concerns directly and with a clear CTA. The Hindu, known for their serious journalism caters to the needs of the aspiring UPSC candidates with offers and clear messaging.
  1. Use emojis to make your brand relatable. Popitout, a phone accessories site that uses cute emojis on its copy to attract audiences.
  1. Offer value to your audience with your ads, and keep your branding consistent. LinkedIn ads are simple yet effective because of their targeted ads.


1. How do you write a good copy on Facebook ads?

A few ways to come up with the best Facebook ads are: 
– Understand your audience and create content accordingly 
– Be concise with your content 
– Always have a Call To Action (CTA) 
– Create or choose engaging visuals 

2. What is an ad copy example?

An ad copy example is something like, “Create Quality Content Faster With PepperType.ai”. 

3. What words are banned on Facebook ads?

Facebook has the right to ban your account if you end up building a pile of denied ads, or if your ads receive more complaints, ‘hide posts’ or angry reactions than average.

4. What happens if you copy someone’s Facebook ad?

When we say ‘you can’t resist but copy’, it doesn’t actually mean copy. If you copy an ad campaign, you will probably not see the same amount of success that the original creator did and you will also not be recognized as a trusted brand by your followers. So get inspired and try never to copy. 

5. Which Facebook ad is best?

One of the best Facebook ad formats is the carousel ad since it is more interactive than the single image or single video ad. It also helps increase engagement and the time spent that is on the ad.

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