Boost Your Sales With These Advertisement Tactics

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Posted on 25/11/219 min read
Boost Your Sales With These Advertisement Tactics
Customers are bombarded with millions of ads. Hence, it is essential to use creative advertisement tactics to grab their attention. Here are 12 ways to do that

With customers now being bombarded with millions of ads, it is essential to use a targeted and relevant approach using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) so that your ads are not ignored and produce incredible results.

When you get the right leads, sales conversions can take place; hence, SEO is the key to customer acquisition. Unlike traditional advertising, the success metrics for digital advertising are pretty straightforward, and you can immediately measure the RoI and take corrective actions as required on a real-time basis.

Digital advertisement tactics are designed to create an immediate response to a promotion, offer, or event. It has to be done distinctively with a unique brand voice and innovative ideas.

A Digital Context

Creative tactics in advertising are basically designed to evoke responses around key dates or situations. Normally, we would associate it with festivals that occur throughout the year in the form of festive promotions and offers. But, now the scope has increased. So, if an IPL (Indian Premier League) team wins the tournament, the social media posts of various companies congratulating the team would become a part of tactical ads. 

Shock Tactics in Advertising

While creating advertising campaigns, shock is an emotion that gets people to sit up and take notice of an ad. It is a disruptive strategy and always gets the desired eyeballs. But, the shock should be such that it is not taken offensively.

The recent Cred ad featuring famous cricketer Kapil Dev as Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh can be taken as an example of generating shock in advertising. Here, Kapil Dev is wearing an outlandish attire normally associated with Ranveer Singh and moving around on the cricket field. He exudes the kind of energy one normally associates with Ranveer.

Social media was overawed by the stunning transformation of the former cricketer, and the ad went viral with countless memes adding to the buzz.

How and when to use them

Scare tactics have been around for a long time. With the advent of the pandemic, more advertisers are using scare tactics to promote sanitizers, disinfectants, immunity boosters, etc.

One of the best examples of scare tactics in advertising was used by Ceat Tyres in their television commercial when they used still shots of people carelessly crossing Indian roads. This brought out the key value of Ceat Tyres, i.e., the ability to grip roads tightly, which helps in smooth braking.

12 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Different Advertisement Tactics

1. Ad tactics using Facebook social media marketing

Without a doubt, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world today. When it comes to advertising using demographic data, it is simply unbeatable. 

Facebook has around 30% of the world’s population hooked on its platform. It has already segregated its users according to its demographic data and consumer behavior. Facebook ads are a great way to build brand awareness and generate new demand for innovative products and services. 

You can target three types of audiences using tactical Facebook Ads:

  • Core audience: This is based on age, sex, occupation, education, interests, and geography.
  • Custom audience: These are previous consumers who have had positive experiences with your brand. They are kept updated about new launches, features, and services for repeat sales.
  • Lookalike audience: These customers have similar interests to your core audience. They are potential leads who are most likely to result in sales conversions.

Here is an example of a Facebook tactical communication by Indian Oil. On the occasion of BhaiDooj, they asked sisters to gift their brothers an e-Fuel gift voucher. They also attached the link to buy the voucher on the Facebook post.

2. Tactical ads using Instagram’s Call-To-Action strategy

Instagram has over a billion users globally. According to Instagram, 90% of its users follow at least one brand. Which makes it a great choice to target and acquire new customers.

What’s more, your brand can simply turn posts into ads. So, it’s a great way to feed users with content without the natural resistance they usually show towards commercial ads. On Instagram, links to landing pages are provided as CTR (Call-To-Action) and convert leads into sales.

Working with influencers is an excellent strategy for Instagram. You can work with them to create great video content, which can be boosted as ads. Some influencers have millions of followers who are also potential customers.

Instagram has a unique ‘ads with explore’ option. Every user’s explore page is customized based on their interests. There are 200 million active users who visit the explore page daily. This option allows brands to connect more with their users through more culturally relevant content.

Ads with product tags are another great innovation from Instagram. These boost visibility through tags and shoppability with direct links to landing pages. 

These ads also target your existing customers and shopping lookalikes with the same interests.

Kama Ayurveda recently created a visually appealing video ad for selling e-gift cards on Bhai Dooj on Instagram. They got thousands of views, comments, and likes and also had great sales. 

Kama Ayurveda Instagram ad

3. Promoted posts targeting professionals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has unique search criteria that are not found elsewhere. Here, you can target users based on specific job titles, job functions, and types of industry. 

For example, if you are advertising a service related to employee training programs, you can target HRM (Human Resource Management) director-level employees of various companies through LinkedIn. Lead generation ads can also achieve great results on LinkedIn. It also has message ads with CTAs (Call to Action), the effectiveness of which can be immediately measured.

Tata Motors put up an impactful LinkedIn post on Cancer Awareness Day. The post spoke about preventive measures to steer clear of cancer. The visual was of a road with signboards about things to remember for cancer prevention. In turn, this showcased Tata Motors’ image of a responsible automobile company as well.

Tata Motors LinkedIn Ad

4. Context-driven communication using Twitter

Twitter ads appear as promoted tweets, which other users and followers can retweet to increase outreach. The entire account can also be promoted, which will increase followers and brand engagement.

Twitter allows you to target users following a particular trend based on specific keywords. Video ads are very popular on Twitter, and you can promote in-stream video ads, which will play before the videos of Twitter video content partners such as news networks, sports networks, etc.

Here is a tactical advertising example placed on Twitter by SBI on Diwali to promote digital security. It correlates safety issues related to bursting firecrackers with digital security.

SBI Twitter ad

5. Creative tactics in advertising using Pinterest

Pinterest lets you showcase your brand, products, and services in a creative visual format. It is unique in the sense that most of its users are women. Brands from industries like fashion, beauty, home decor, luxury goods, lifestyle, and furniture typically advertise on Pinterest. 

Promoted pins are available to target a few European countries and the North American region. But, Indian brands are among the most followed brands on Pinterest. It is essential to create a brand following on Pinterest and grow organically till the option of promoted pins comes to India.

 Pinterest stats

Here is an example of a tactical pin from Livolla Granito, who makes high-end porcelain tiles. This was to wish their followers on Dhanteras.

Livolla Granito Pinterest ad

6. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement tactics on YouTube

PPC is every marketer’s favorite tool because you have to pay only when someone clicks on an ad. The key benefit of advertising on YouTube is demographic targeting based on age, sex, location, parental status, etc. Your brand can reach audiences based on their interests. Customer re-engagement with users who have previously expressed interest in the company is possible. 

YouTube also does a great Similar Audience Targeting to show your ads to users with the same interests as the users who engage with your content regularly. It also has video remarketing options, whereby you can reach out to users who have interacted with your ads or videos in the past.

Targeting Affinity Audiences is another unique option on YouTube, whereby your content is shown to users with a keen affinity and interest in topics related to your business.

YouTube Statistics

Here is a great example of an affinity audience tactical ad. When you watch a Sports Tak youtube video on the recently concluded T20 World Cup, you are shown a howzat ad, a fantasy sports gaming app. Both users have the same interests.

YouTube ad

7. Sponsored augmented reality advertising on Snapchat

Snapchat does not create finished ads. Rather it distributes ad tasks through sponsored filters and lenses. These filters and lenses are available to targeted users at a particular time and place. The users then use these filters to augment their selfies with brand paraphernalia.

These filters are usually embedded with digital make-up, influencing user engagements based on gender preferences. In this way, Snapchat has created a new-age digital advertising framework in which users participate in the task of making ads. For example, augmented reality may show a company’s pizza in a selfie backdrop, allowing it to go viral.

An example of this advertisement tactic is Nike, which already has a wide range of augmented reality filters for yoga, soccer, dance, surfing, etc. It also creates tactical augmented reality filters around sports events for the physically challenged, etc. Needless to say, the scope is endless.

Nike Snapchat filters

8. Opportunity-based OTT advertising

With the emergence of OTT (Over The Top) advertising, brands are reaching consumers when they are watching their favorite content. It is a great platform to launch emotion-driven ads as the audience is tuned for consuming engrossing content.

OTT advertising is a great option for newer brands that do not have the budget to invest in traditional advertising. OTT ads can be displayed on mobiles, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

9. On-demand in-app advertising

In-app ads provide better user engagement than mobile web ads. They are more attractive as they are scaled to fit mobile screens perfectly, unlike mobile web ads, which are compressed and can appear ungainly.

Location is a very important factor in delivering in-app ads. For example, if you are a runner between the age group of 18-24 and near a Footlocker store, you are likely to receive their ad when you are close to their store.

The main advantage of in-app ads that are correctly targeted is that you have a captive audience. For example, if you are a fashion brand advertising on a lifestyle app, then your ads are most likely to be relevant to the user.

10. Digital advertising tactics – benefits of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a digital marketing service offered by Google to advertisers with one simple goal: to reach customers instantly.

When someone searches for a particular term, for example, ‘flights from Mumbai to Goa’, Google will present a lot of options for you, but the top and bottom spaces are reserved for paid ads.

In addition to boosting conversions, clicks, and traffic, this is also a great way to improve brand awareness. Regarding SEO rankings, the number of times people search for your brand name is a key factor taken into consideration, which is why search ads play a big role in improving Google search rankings.

Google ad

11. Email advertising for captive audiences

Email marketing remains central to brand communication as it produces the highest RoI after PPC campaigns. As social media messages create clutter, email has again become a source of gaining a captive audience.

It has lower costs because you don’t need to pay anyone to transmit the email. The audience is also more relevant because they have subscribed to your email list and are interested in your content. Email targeting has also improved a lot, and now emails can be sent based on exact locations, interests, job professions, etc.

Integration of SEO and email marketing is crucial to lead conversion. When users who have searched for queries receive an email with attractive offers or discounts, they are more likely to convert to a sale.

Google has already integrated AdWords with Gmail ads. For advertisers with a small budget, Gmail ads are a great option. 

One of the best advantages of Gmail ads is that you can remarket to visitors who visited a landing page but did not convert. For example, if you had searched for a Mumbai to Goa flight on the Make My Trip page but didn’t purchase a ticket, you would receive a follow-up on Gmail.

Email Ad

12. Webinar production: the future of digital marketing

A webinar is the ultimate creative tool to communicate with your consumers, clients, and associates. It signals that you are not only focused on selling your products and services but also have the level of expertise to discuss all topics related to your industry. They signal that your brand is a thought leader in the industry.

They also provide long-term value as the event can be posted as on-demand content on your landing page, providing a continuing lead generation

10 steps to delivering a successful webinar marketing program


The Takeaway

Advertisement tactics have become increasingly prevalent in the age of social media. Marketers must be aware of all opportunities in various platforms to create tactical content that engages the user. Whether it’s sports, culture, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, or current social issues, it presents a great opportunity for tactical advertising.


1. What are the three types of advertising tactics?

Organizing ads around events, festivals, and awards.

2. When can you use scare tactics in advertising optimally?

When the product or service is related to public health issues. 

3. Which is the best social media platform for tactical advertising?

Every social media platform is unique and offers its own advantages. Decide which platform you want to use on the basis of what your customer uses the most. 

4. What form of tactical advertising gets a higher RoI?

Video format advertising offers a higher RoI.