8 Famous Graphic Designers to Know About 

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Posted on 2/08/224 min read
8 Famous Graphic Designers to Know About 
Graphic designing is a vast field and takes a lot of time and effort. Here are eight famous graphic designers of 2022 who’ve mastered the craft.


We live in a world where visuals matter more than ever. The more aesthetically pleasing something is, the more likely it is to grab the attention of the user. There might be thousands of graphic designers in this world, but not everyone has the best knowledge and understanding of typography, colors, and symmetry, among other elements.


And, those who do, and practice it regularly, thrive in the industry and get exceptional results for their team and clients. After some research, we have come up with a list of eight famous graphic designers of 2022 you need to know about.


8 Famous Graphic Designers of 2022

Below, you’ll find graphic designers—both Indian and international—who’ve honed their skills, and are considered the best in the industry right now.


1. Mira Malhotra


a design by Mira Malhotra


Mira Malhotra is a famous graphic designer from Mumbai. She completed her master’s from the National Institute of Design, and now, is the founder of a design studio called Studio Kohl. It is a renowned design house that offers graphic design services with the aim of connecting art with design. The personality of almost all graphic designers reflects in their designs. And in Mira’s designs, you would observe a lot of cheerfulness through vivid colors, along with a touch of whimsicalness.


In the past, she also has been a trainer at Deloitte India and Sony India for the creation of high-quality designs. She often talks about environmental and societal causes through her designs.


2. Akshar Pathak

Akshar is an expert at designing fun, Bollywood posters. Later on, he branched out and created designs for many brands. His designs are so amazing and have received so much love that they have been featured in scores of publications.


a magazine cover designed by Akshar Pathak



He completed his bachelor of design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), which is one of the best design institutes in India. He had also created a pet project named “Tweetard,” which basically involved him creating posters of the funny Tweets he encountered. Having designed for several well-known brands, such as Nike and Happily Unmarried, he is now working full-time with Zomato.


3. Tara Anand


a Femina cover designed by Tara Anand



Tara is a visual artist from Mumbai, who is now living in New York City. Her preferred medium of illustration is gouache, and she likes portraying sentiments through her designs. Her work has been featured in many prestigious publications, such as Femina, The New Yorker, and Vogue, and children’s books and publishing houses form a huge part of her clientele. She has amassed over ten awards thus far, and her work has also been featured in a variety of exhibitions.

4. Jessica Walsh


design by Jessica Walsh



Jessica is a huge inspiration to a lot of people in the design industry today. She is a contemporary graphic designer who lives in New York City. Having worked with massive brands like Levi’s, Slack, and Jay-Z, her designs are modern, with a hint of retro. But of course, it will vary from brand to brand.


With so much experience and knowledge about design, she doesn’t just help brands, but also helps learners build their expertise in design (thanks to her experience teaching at the School of Visual Arts (SVA).

5. Sam Larson

This famous graphic designer stays in Missouri. One look at his designs, and you will easily spot elements related to the state, such as plants, mountains, wildlife, and much more.


graphic design by Sam Larson



A lot of people find it hard to shift to a full time freelance career, but Sam has successfully cracked the code. His designs are nature-driven at best, including lush landscapes that instantly spark wanderlust in you.


Larson’s design style is one that people admire. He also sells his custom designs through merchandise that includes T-shirts and notebooks, among other things.


6. Stefan Sagmeister

design work by Stefan Sagmeister



Living in New York City, Sagmeister is one of the best graphic designers in the world today. This Austrian designer has always aimed to create compelling and unique designs for multiple industries.


He founded his company, called Sagmeister Inc., in 1993. To date, he has worked with amazing brands and musicians such as The Rolling Stones, Jay Z, Talking Heads, HBO, Time Warner, the Guggenheim Museum, and many more.


Books are one of the best sources of knowledge, and Stefan has published two of his own, namely Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far and Made You Look.

7. Leta Sobierajski


a design for an Odd Pears campaign



Another famous designer on our list is Leta Sobierajski. She has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands like Google, Gucci, IBM, The New York Times, Adobe, and many more. In 2016, she started a design studio with her husband to help companies with installations and art direction. Leta’s work is vibrant and bold, and includes a mix of photography, styling, and art to create outstanding designs.

8. June Digan


June Digan’s design for a Toblerone campaign



June is a creative graphic designer based in Manila, Philippines. If you carefully observe her designs, you’ll see that she mostly uses cool colors, gradients, and pencil drawings. She uses storytelling in her work, and all her designs have a sense of delicateness about them. Watercolors, gouache, and acrylic paints are her forte, and her work has been part of several publications and exhibitions.


Graphic designers are artists at the end of the day. They are in a field that requires a lot of creativity. It’s time for you to seek inspiration from the above-mentioned list of famous graphic designers, and create work that impresses clients through and through.



1. What do creative designers do?

Creative designers bring the ideas of the managers (if they are working at a company/agency) to reality with their skills and experience.

2. Who is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer is mainly a person who designs graphics for marketing and advertising. They might be self-employed or be working at a company as a full-time designer, visual artist, or art director.

3. Who are a few famous graphic designers?

Mira Malhotra, Tara Anand, June Digan, Sam Larson, Leta Sobierajski, and Jessica Walsh are a few famous graphic designers.