10 Best Designers to Follow on Instagram

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Posted on 21/01/2212 min read
10 Best Designers to Follow on Instagram

Table of Contents

  • What Is Graphic Designing, and What Are Its Applications? 
  • How Does Instagram Benefit Graphic Designers? 
  • 10 Best Graphic Designers on Instagram
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Have you ever imagined what goes into designing a magazine? Mesmerizing photographs, typography, and artwork are all carefully created and blended by a design team or individual graphic designers. Graphic design is a form of art that is used to convey information through visual aids. In order to help you know more about this field, we have compiled a list of the best designers to follow on Instagram. However, let’s first understand graphic design closely. 


What Is Graphic Designing, and What Are Its Applications?

Graphic designers combine different forms of visual art, such as typography, text, shapes, and illustrations to achieve the goal of communicating an idea. It is, therefore, a form of art that has its application in different areas of the visual world around you. Graphic design is everywhere: from the clothes you wear to the box of cereal on your table and the user interface of your landing page or game. Graphic design serves the purpose of communication in all the areas it is applied. The fields in which graphic designing is important are almost innumerable. Here are some areas in which graphic design is used widely. 

1. Books and magazines

Books and magazines are important applications of visual art. People read books to stay updated and entertained. Graphic designers are tasked with making these interesting by using elements, such as typography, images, illustrations, and colors. Although it is said that it is unreasonable and rude to judge books by their covers, book or magazine covers are what attracts a person, compelling them to make a purchase in the first place. Hours of research, trials, and brainstorming go into the creation of book and magazine covers (and even the inside pages), and that is what makes a well-designed book or magazine noticeable. 

2. Promotional content

Content that is used to promote products or services to a group of potential customers is an essential application of graphic design. Imagine a world in which movie posters were never invented. Posters have a huge impact on the people who watch a movie. The same applies to trailers. These are intended to grab the attention of potential viewers by disclosing just the right amount of content. In the field of marketing, brand image is of great importance. Graphic design helps create bespoke content such as logos to communicate everything that a brand stands for.

3. Product packaging

Let’s imagine a scenario. Cornflakes of identical quality are packed in two different boxes. One is a dull, white box, and the other is a brightly colored box with illustrations and lettering. Based on your preferences, you would choose either one of the boxes. If you are someone who is drawn to minimalistic designs, you would pick the first box. On the other hand, if bright colors and illustrations appeal to you, you would choose the second box. The job of a graphic designer is to help manufacturers sell products with packaging that appeals to different customers.

4. Environmental design

The ambiance and aesthetics of a room can have an impact on people. A classroom that has dull or drab wall paint along with improper ventilation and lighting would result in students and teachers feeling uninterested in being in that environment. Consequently, the teaching and learning process becomes mechanical, as either party will try to get out of that classroom as soon as they can. Environmental graphic designers use their calling to enhance a given space using all the artistic tools at their disposal. 

5. Apparel and accessories

Some people like to dress up in bright-colored clothes with designs that catch the eye. Some people wear clothes that are simple and minimalistic. The goal could be either making a statement or just covering themselves. Therefore, the market cannot be saturated with either of the two. Designers have a job of creating clothes and accessories for everyone. With printing and stitching becoming faster and easier, it is easier to create new designs that have not been created before. The purpose of graphic design in this field is to create products that will appeal to the end-users. 

6. User experience

When it comes to using applications and websites, people prefer user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate and understand. While programmers can only do so much to make websites and applications look user-friendly, graphic designers choose the right color schemes, animations, and fonts that will make the interface look and feel easily navigable and comprehensible, whilst maintaining certain artistic and aesthetic standards.

How Does Instagram Benefit Graphic Designers?

Instagram has come a long way from being a platform to share photographs and videos. It is now a networking tool with integrated features to market and sell products and services. The following features make Instagram a powerful tool for graphic designers.

1. Wide reach

The sheer number of people using Instagram is enough reason for graphic designers to showcase their best work on this platform. Graphic designers could post their content from any one corner of the world and be seen by audiences all over the globe instantly. The wide reach, along with the option to post content in different formats, is another reason to get your designs out there. You can also control the visibility of your posts and decide who gets to interact with them. 

2. Networking

Established graphic designers from all over the world have their Instagram pages, on which they post engaging content and also interact with other graphic designers on the platform. This feature is beneficial for budding and aspiring graphic designers, as they can follow the best designers on Instagram, draw inspiration from them, and even contact them for inputs or assistance. 

3. Analytics and marketing

Follow the top designers on Instagram and you will see how they leverage this app to further marketing goals. Instagram helps you market your content to potential customers. Not only this, but it also provides great tools for analyzing how your content performs on the platform. 

10 Best Graphic Designers on Instagram

The importance of Instagram as a platform that benefits graphic designers has been established. One of the most crucial factors that make Instagram beneficial for graphic designers is the fact it is a huge knowledge resource for both established and aspiring graphic designers. There is a vast number of international graphic designers and artists who post inspiring content on Instagram. If you are into design, you should follow the best graphic design Instagram accounts, in order to feel inspired and generate perspectives that could change the way you approach graphic design.

1. Steven Harrington (@s_harrington)

Based in Los Angeles, California, Steven Harrington uses bright colors and iconography to stand out. He’s earned the title of a leader when it comes to creating a contemporary form of psychedelic-pop aesthetics. Steven is extremely fond of his home state and draws a lot of his inspiration from what he calls the mystique and the eclectic landscape of California. On the commercial front, his portfolio includes large-scale plaster and stone installations, limited-edition books, skateboards, and so on. 

His satisfied clientele includes Coachella, Nike, Lacoste, Converse, and Coca-Cola, among many others. Although playful, his designs have a contemplative nature, which sparks a conversation between himself and the people who view his art. These are the qualities that impart timeless beauty to his work. 

Steven’s Instagram handle is filled with over 400 posts and an almost-limitless number of story highlights. It is a vast storehouse of design inspiration. What makes his Instagram page different is that there is inspirational material for everyone. Whether you design graphics for apparel or footwear, or if you do digital art, or sculpting or street murals, Steven Harrington is one of the best designers to follow on Instagram for that daily dose of inspiration. Steven also has several international art exhibitions under his belt.

2. Leta Sobierajski (@letasobierajski)

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, this artist creates truly stunning art and graphics by using her gift to combine traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and even styling. There is no single category to put her work into. Her portfolio, which is a mix of conventional and contemporary elements, has been described as brilliantly bizarre. Leta uses bold and bright colors, along with diverse shapes that are sometimes as tall as 10 feet. This gifted artist even uses the human body as a canvas to create stunning pieces of live art. 

Leta has been an independent artist since 2013, and has created breathtaking designs for clients including Adobe, Gucci, Renault, Google, and Target, among many other well-known corporate giants. Leta has years of work experience behind her. She also dedicates a section on Instagram to giving out tips and tricks to budding artists and graphic designers. Leta manages a second Instagram page called @wadeandleta along with her husband and collaborator Wade Jeffree. Here, they post images and videos of their art that can only be described as awe-inspiring and otherworldly. Follow both Instagram accounts to feel inspired each day.

3. Mira Felicia Malhotra (@kokumkohla)

From the city of Mumbai, this extremely creative and talented graphic designer, illustrator, and digital artist bases her work on multiple aspects. Her art is diverse, and is inspired by feminism, Indian history, Indian folk art, do-it-yourself (DIY) culture, and music. Mira puts a good portion of her artistic efforts into zines, which are commonly small, self-published magazines. Mira’s Zines focus on women empowerment, mental health awareness, and several other topics of great importance in this era. These zines feature her original artwork and texts, which are published on her Instagram handle. One of the best graphic design Instagram accounts, her handle is sure to impress and inspire you.

4. Will Patterson (@willpat)

Will Patterson is a hand-lettering artist, logo designer, and author from the United Kingdom. He uses his skills to create bespoke logos and systems, such as business cards and logotype designs, for promoting brands. Will may not be known for catering to famous brands, but he is known for the quality of his work. He is also passionate when it comes to guiding budding artists in the domain of logo designing.

His Instagram handle is a treasure trove of content that guides artists through tips and tricks. There are posts that help with design aspects, and even those giving insights into marketing and gaining clients. Following this top designer on Instagram will go a long way in inspiring you to create better designs.

5. Morag Myerscough (@moragmyerscough)

This designer and artist from London strives to create a sense of joy and belonging in anyone who consumes her work. Morag understands how color patterns and words transform urban environments, and the effect these factors have on people. She uses bright colors, shapes, and text to create art and designs that enhance the context in which they are placed. Morag’s style is effortless and energetic, and resonates with viewers, creating a sense of belonging that goes beyond culture and geographical boundaries. Morag collaborates with local artists and draws inspiration from shared culture and heritage. Most of her work features explosive colors, letters, and shapes to drive home the message of belonging.

Morag’s Instagram posts are inspirational. This is especially true for designers who focus on interior designing, apparel and accessory designing, and typography. The designs posted on her Instagram page are minimalistic and complex at the same time. Follow Morag on Instagram for a different perspective and unparalleled inspiration to create stunning and robust designs.

6. Velvet Spectrum (@velvetspectrum)

Velvet Spectrum is a design venture managed by Australian 3D and typographic designer Luke Choice, along with his wife Morgan Reid Choice, who is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist and designer. They are based out of Astoria, Oregon. Luke Choice specializes in the creation of art and design that pushes the boundaries of reality through dreamlike environments and colorful compositions. His diverse portfolio contains work ranging from 3D typography to virtual and augmented experiences and mural design. Luke has a passion for storytelling, which he incorporates in his creations that are dynamic and colorful. He also has a love for comic books and cartoons, from which he draws inspiration.

Morgan Reid Choice’s career map has landmarks in a wide range of fields, ranging from modeling, illustration, basketball coaching, and 3D animation. Morgan also draws inspiration from her childhood heroes and comic book characters, such as Bill Russell and Batman. She draws from iconic moments in sports, favorite comic books, and her own adventures in life to tell her stories through her art and designs. Follow these top designers on Instagram, and watch as inspiration finds you every day.

7. Stefan Sagmeister (@stefansagmeister)

This Austrian-born graphic designer, based in New York, is known for his work in contemporary graphic designing and typography. Some of his work has been labeled as intriguing and provocative, redefining graphic design. His most notable work can be seen on the album covers of The Rolling Stones, David Byrne, OK Go, and Pat Metheny.

Stefan has often used objects that were considered inappropriate by many as a means to deliver his message through his designs and typography. His ideas are different: they are raw, and will definitely leave a mark on your mind. Stefan also shares his views and tricks of the trade to help designers, who aspire to make it big in the field of graphic design. Following him on Instagram is sure to provide you with motivation to defy the confines set by the conventional understanding of what is appropriate and what is not.

8. David Schwen (@dschwen)

This Brooklyn-based creative director and graphic designer uses his skills to create designs that stand out and have won awards. David Schwen believes that good designs start conversations. Through creative work, Schwen has kept people interested enough to make conversations about his art. Over the 18 years of his work career, David Schwen has worked with different businesses and companies, some of which include Target, Fallon, Mono, and Carmichael Lynch. Currently, he serves as the senior design manager for PepsiCo. 

On his Instagram page, you will find samples of his amazing work as a designer for PepsiCo, his personal projects, some fun content, and above all, limitless inspiration to create nearly lifelike designs, like nowhere else on the internet. 

9. Lauren Hom (@homsweethom)

Lauren lives in Detroit. Colorful and bubbly are two words that best describe Lauren Hom’s personality. She pours her personality into all her work through her choice of bright colors and bold letterforms. She refers to herself as a letterer and illustrator, with her specialty lying in playful typography and quirky copywriting. The media through which she expresses her art are many.  She does designs on digital media, apparel, paper, card, and even walls. Starbucks, Google, Tumblr, and AT&T are some of her happy and satisfied clients.

Lauren is passionate about doing her part in helping budding graphic designers who aspire to make it big. Her Instagram is filled with posts that show the uniqueness and grandeur of her work. Apart from that, she uses Instagram as a platform to take questions from people and create posts that contain tips and tricks that she applies to her own work. This is helpful for aspiring graphic designers. Following her on Instagram is sure to aid you on your path as a graphic designer and artist.

10.  Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh)

Discovered by Stefan Sagmeister, this artist was his protégé, Jessica blends painting and handcraft to make her designs stand out. Her work is not limited to one field: this dynamism has helped her successfully establish herself as a graphic designer, typographic artist, and website designer. She is also an art director and illustrator, who teaches design and typography. Her style of work is extremely unique, when it comes to delivering a message. She uses strong imagery, along with bold colors and words to deliver a message through her art. She has led many successful ventures, one of which is &Walsh, a creative agency in New York. Her design can be defined as influential at best, making her one of the best designers to follow on Instagram. 

Her Instagram is where she posts her unique work, along with content that is helpful for aspiring graphic designers. Creating designs that are a class apart, her Instagram feed can provide important lessons in branding and design. She also posts resources that could be useful for budding designers.

Key Takeaways

  • Graphic designing is a visual art genre that has applications in multiple areas of life.
  • Graphic designers use multiple visual tools to communicate with their audience.
  • Graphic designers use art, colors, text, typography, and illustrations to convey messages.
  • Visual artists can utilize Instagram as a networking tool, and even benefit budding designers by sharing their best content.


This blog discussed the ten best designers to follow on Instagram. As a field of growing importance, graphic designing requires more designers to create original content and take the industry to the next level. This requires a great deal of practice and motivation. Motivation in this field comes from seeing the kind of success other graphic designers have attained. Instagram is a platform that aspiring graphic designers can use to draw motivation from established designers, and enhance their skills to become better graphic designers. 


1. Why should aspiring graphic designers follow established designers on Instagram?

The best graphic designers post a lot of inspiring content on their Instagram accounts. Aspiring designers can draw inspiration from these posts or by interacting directly with established designers

2. Why Instagram?

Instagram is an extremely versatile platform with a wide variety of tools to fuel your graphic designing career. The wide reach, networking opportunities, and marketing hacks on this platform can help you excel in your career.

3. Who are some of the best designers to follow on Instagram? 

Steven Harrington, Mira Felicia Malhotra, Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister, Will Patterson, and Lauren Hom are a few of the top designers on Instagram. 

4. How are the different applications of graphic design? 

Website design, typography, apparel and accessory design, environmental design, product packaging, and user interface are some applications of graphic design.