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7 Ways Writers Can Find Freelance Jobs Online

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Posted on 1/08/226 min read
7 Ways Writers Can Find Freelance Jobs Online
Are you new to the freelance industry? Are you looking for freelance jobs online? We are here with a detailed guide with insightful tips and tricks.

The burgeoning reach of the internet has opened up new avenues of income for those willing to work hard and consistently. Freelancing has become among the most important of such paths. Those who work freelance jobs online are not employed by a registered employer and are instead hired to perform a specific service for a specified duration of time.

Content writing has become perhaps the most coveted freelance service. Freelance content writers work on a variety of short- and long-form content. Everything ranging from blogs, articles, and instrument manuals to product descriptions and customer testimonials falls under the purview of freelance content writing.


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While some writers like to diversify and write for a large number of niches, others prefer specializing in a few. Freelance writing jobs are often remote, and do not require the writer’s physical presence at the workplace. Thus, communication with clients occurs over video and audio calls.

When you’re starting out or are looking for online freelance jobs for students, the industry and its functioning may seem a little overwhelming. So how do you really begin? Which websites should you use? What prices must you set? Questions like these can flood your mind. But fret not, as we are here with a step-by-step guide to acing freelance jobs online for beginners.

7 Tips to Find Freelance Jobs Online

Here are a few helpful tips for finding freelance jobs online for beginners.

1. Start strong

Foraying into freelance jobs online requires you to have some basic tools. If pens and papers get your creative juices flowing, then buy and store as many notebooks or diaries as you can find. Otherwise, use your laptop or a desktop computer. Download writing, task management, photo editing, and content calendar tools. Additionally, you must build a website that displays your contact details and samples. This will help showcase your work to potential clients.

2. Research away

Working in the freelance content industry with little insight into the field is akin to rowing a boat with no knowledge of the sea. Before you begin or even make up your mind, research the industry. Quite often, successful freelance writers also share their writing journeys on their pages. Read them for more understanding of the industry.

5. Get the basics right


factors that make a good writing niche


There are several facets you must decide on in the nascent stages of your search for freelance jobs online. And picking themes or genres that interest you is a good place to start. Moreover, setting a price is a difficult but important task. The price you choose to communicate to your clients must be based on your expertise and experience. Some research will help you determine an optimal hourly rate.

3. Sharpen your skill set

Before you begin to monetize your skills, you must recognize them, foremost among which is your talent for writing. Your ability to write long descriptions or use words in an impressive way is a bonus, but not the primary requirement. Instead, you must be in possession of clear communication skills that you can apply to create quality content that best conveys your client’s message.


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Reading more is the best way to improve your writing skills. Reading widely exposes you to new vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures. Read anything you can get your hands on, not just topics that relate to your preferences. To further strengthen your skills, write about the things you read. Engage with everything, from a minuscule caption to a novel, and watch yourself get better every day.


A flair for writing alone, however, will not get you far. You must develop organizational and time management skills too. Keeping track of pending and completed projects as well as payments will prevent cluttering your schedule.


4. Portfolios and proposals galore

There are the two Ps that will determine your success as a content writer. Showcasing a portfolio to potential clients is beneficial for those looking for freelance jobs online. A website that displays all the work you have been commissioned to do until now is a simple way to inform clients of your style and niche. If you do not have any work to show for yourself, worry not, because you can also upload samples that pertain to topics that interest you.


tips to create a writing portfolio

The task of preparing a proposal is upon you once you decide to work on a project. In essence, a proposal helps you market your services. Share with your client your vision for the project, as well as explain to them how you will meet their requirements.

6. Market yourself

It is delusional to expect work as soon as you set up a profile. Instead, you will have to reach out to businesses and clients. Finding freelance online jobs for beginners can be made possible by smart marketing. Firstly, find your own voice. This will instill confidence in the clients you choose to serve. A professional blog or website that is updated regularly with new content will help you stay relevant on the internet. Make sure your website is detailed and accessible, and can provide clients with an insight into your personality as well as portfolio.


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Next, use social media to up your freelance game. Post your work online, as well as collaborate and connect with clients and creators like yourself. Lastly, learn content marketing. Your ability to market your brand will guide your capacity to offer expert web content writing services to clients.

7. Develop ethics

Building a brand for your freelance services goes beyond marketing and increasing visibility. You must communicate your ethics to all potential clients. This helps build trust and cooperation. Picking your projects carefully is the first step on this ladder. Gaining insight into the project you choose before committing to it allows you to determine if it is the right fit for you. This knowledge will help you cater to clients’ needs.


After you have chosen to work on a freelance job online, set a deadline for yourself. Finish the task a day or two before the actual deadline. This will leave you with enough time to mitigate unforeseen challenges. Also, remember, being a pushover will not get you more clients. Be firm about signing a written contract. This will allow you to hold the client accountable in case of deviations and vice-versa, in addition to fostering a professional relationship.

5 Online Freelance Job Platforms You Must Check Out Today

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at some freelance websites you can visit to kickstart your freelancing journey.

1. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is among the most high-profile platforms that help find freelance jobs online. Even though the site posts limited leads a day, it ensures legitimacy by making all recruiters pay at least $70 to start hiring. Opportunities found on the website relate to the fields of editing, proofreading, journalism, and content writing, among others.

2. Freelance Writing

A job board that updates gigs daily, Freelance Writing displays jobs from across the internet. The website is a treasure trove of information, and has job postings relating to blogging, journalism, copywriting, content writing, and more.

3. Upwork

Upwork hosts over 12 million freelancers and lists over three million listings per year. It offers long-term and short-term contracts for works of all niches, including technical writing, blogging, and content writing. The website, however, charges a fee for new freelance writers.

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is a job board that provides freelance online jobs in the niches of editing, copywriting, technical writing, and content strategy, among others. It provides writers with a lot of opportunities that are regularly updated.

5. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a subscription-based freelancer platform that screens and verifies every job opportunity posted on the platform. It has ample resources to help you navigate the world of freelancing, and it can be used by just about anyone opting to work remotely.

This step-by-step guide provides you with a solid introduction to freelance writing and freelance jobs online. Solely sticking to it, however, will be of little help. Real success will come only if you start writing with zeal and a passion for learning.



1. How can I become a freelance writer with little to no experience?

The best way to start is by taking an online course that can familiarize you with the basics of the industry. You can also publish your work for free on websites like Medium or Contently to build a portfolio and attract clients.

2. Why does everybody keep talking about SEO writing? What is it?

The process by which high-quality content incorporates keywords, optimum headers, and meta tags to rank first on a search engine is referred to as SEO writing.

3. I want to be a content writer. Is the job in demand?

Yes, content writing is among the most sought-after jobs today, because corporations and businesses have understood the value of content.

4. How much can I earn as a content writer?

An amateur content writer can earn between three and four lakh per annum in India.