7 Presentation Design Agencies You Should Bookmark

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Posted on 3/08/226 min read
7 Presentation Design Agencies You Should Bookmark
A successful business pitch relies on high-quality presentations. Here’s our guide to the best presentation design agencies, and how you can benefit from them.


Imagine that you have a crucial business partnership pitch coming up. If your meeting is successful, your company could benefit from it multifold. In such a situation, you would likely want to give your best in every way possible–gather all the relevant data, practice your speech, dress well, and be punctual. However, most of your company will be judged by its presentations. So, why not give your all to excellent presentation design?


Hiring a presentation design agency is the perfect way to get your hands on creative, professional, and high-quality corporate presentation design solutions. Presentation agencies offer you their team of experts for every aspect of your presentation–from captivating graphics to great copy and a brand-oriented design.


So, we made this guide to help you with the best presentation design agency– actually, 7 of them. But before we get started, let’s see what kind of a difference a good presentation makes to your company.

The Importance of Impressive Presentations

As compared to text documents or tedious PDFs, high-quality presentations have multiple benefits. Especially if you are a corporate company, neat and professionally made corporate presentations can uplift your company’s reputation. The following are the benefits of good presentations:


When it comes to the corporate world, well-designed presentations have a higher success rate.

According to a study, average, text-based presentations have a callback value of only 10%-20%, while visual representations help people remember 65% of the information.

Companies get judged by their presentations in the first instance. If you meet with investors or other companies, well-made presentations can show sincerity, professionalism, and intent.

Top 7 Presentation Design Agencies in India and Abroad

Here is a list of some of the finest presentation design agencies that can help you elevate your corporate presentation design.


1. Graphi Tales

Graphi Tales is a presentation design agency based out of Jaipur, India. Their services include multimedia presentation design, infographics, animated videos, and social media graphics. They claim to bring a 467% increase in impact through their presentations.


presentation designs by Graphi Tales




GraphiTales claims to have delivered more than 30,000 thousand presentation designs, with over 200 clients so far. You can explore their presentations on brands such as Airbnb, Adidas, and Pfizer on their website to understand their work quality.


2. Big Fish Presentations

Their expertise combines design, copy, and presentation training to deliver your brand message effectively. Their work is varied and adheres to your brand’s visual language, thus making your presentations customized.



Big Fish claims to turn presentations into experiences. The design service provides a holistic solution to brand presentations through attractive designs, witty copywriting, and professional videos. They also offer creative direction for training, workshops, and conferences. So, if your company is looking for a one-stop solution for all your presentation needs, Big Fish Presentations is a good choice.



As one of the industry leaders, Big Fish has worked for several reputed global companies. These include Ted Talks, Pepsi, Paramount Studios, General Electric, and even NASA.


3. Fully Decked Up

Fully Decked Up takes the corporate PowerPoint design to the next level. They offer packages for presentation prepackaging, a full-blown visual makeover, and even PPT touch-ups.



Fully Decked Up is a known name for preparing presentations for sales or financial PPTs. However, their services also extend to preparing powerful presentations for fundraising and conferences, which makes them apt for both start-ups and more prominent companies.



Fully Decked Up has worked with giants across varied industries, thus showing that its team is skilled at making presentations for brands, businesses, and companies. Their clients so far feature names such as Sleepwell, KFC, Microsoft, and Kotak.

4. 24Slides

24Slides is an agency that helps with corporate PowerPoint designs and offers multiple presentation design solutions. Their highest selling point is that instead of spending hours on PowerPoint, they enable companies to focus on solving other challenges, thus saving them time and bringing efficiency to the business.


a presentation slide by 24Slides



You can opt for their automated templates, which can be quickly reviewed and adjusted. Alternatively, they offer dedicated teams for you to collaborate with.



The easiest way to get professional presentations with 24 slides is by directly uploading your PPT, opting for one from their many packages, reviewing the design, and downloading it.


On the other hand, their dedicated teams treat your project as their own. You can hire these designers, writers, and presentation professionals to take up your bulk presentations.


Merck, Carlsberg, and DSV are some of the many companies that have opted for the dedicated design service offered by 24 slides.


Their automated presentations are valuable to companies that cater to healthcare, finance, consumer, and business services. Some of their past clients include Loreal, Cognizant, and CVS Health.

5. Ethos3

Ethos3 believes in engaging, energizing, and empathizing with your audience. This principle reflects in the presentations they create. Their services for corporate presentation design include content, design, and custom training programs.



Ethos3 works with all the major PPT platforms, including PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Prezi. They offer both templatized presentations and custom services for content and storytelling development.


Ethos3 also offers presentation training programs that industry experts conduct. It helps businesses achieve presentation greatness and further escalate their growth.



As an award-winning agency, Ethos3 has worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Google, eBay, and Nike. Their solutions have impacted the hospitality, technology, healthcare, and entertainment-sports industries, among others.


6. Synapse

Synapse offers storytelling solutions to businesses. Their offerings range from creating a brand’s design and voice to content creation, sales/marketing, and creating presentations.


Synapse offers holistic solutions that amp up your company’s marketing and sales. With a team of content writers, designers, and storytellers, they do everything from the ideation and strategy of presentations to their fruitful execution.


The agency has clients from all over the world, including four of the world’s top 10 technology companies, two of the world’s biggest fast-food chains, and two of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


7. Buffalo7

Buffalo7 works towards “getting big ideas heard that your competitors probably don’t know about.” Not only do they rethink the art of presentations, but they also customize all your presentations from scratch to offer uniqueness and authenticity to your company. They cater to some of the world’s biggest companies.



Buffalo7 offers presentation creation, PowerPoint templates, infographic design, and print design services. Their presentation types include pitch decks, investor presentations, marketing presentations, conference presentations, finance presentations, and product presentations. The agency also offers training in virtual presentation skills, PowerPoint templates, and storytelling.



When it comes to high-profile clientele, fewer presentation design agencies can compare to Buffalo7. Their clients include Cartier, Unilever, Discovery Channel, Formula1, and Epson, among other industry giants.


 a financial presentation by Buffalo7




Making great presentations can be a healthy investment for your company, especially if you are in a business where you regularly collaborate with other companies. And with this guide, you are now ready to take the first steps into scouting the perfect presentation design agency for your brand. We have tried to keep our recommendation list as comprehensive as possible. So, select a presentation design agency per your needs, industry, and budget.


Key Takeaways

Well-designed presentations can increase your chances of success.

Expertly made infographics and captivating content can substantially impact your pitch decks and investor presentations. Similarly, your marketing and finance presentations can benefit from concise messaging, neat figures, and exceptional storytelling.

While selecting a presentation design agency, refer to their packages and check whether they fit your budget.


1. What makes an excellent corporate presentation design?

Corporate presentation designs should be concise, professional, and highly informative. Avoid using flashy colors, fonts, slide effects, or slide transitions. Simplify the design and limit the number of words on your screen. Keep the overall content short and simple, without making the corporate PowerPoint design too lengthy, bulky, or repetitive.

2. What is the cost of corporate presentation design services?

If you hire a reputed agency or a freelance designer, the charges for corporate presentation design services usually start at Rs. 500. The prices may vary depending on the amount of work required and the expertise of the company/freelancer.

3. What should be included in an interior design company profile PPT?

An interior design company’s PPT should have the following information:
● The company’s mission statement and vision
● A brief history of the company
● An overview of their interior design work
● Development and growth of the firm over the years
● A detailed section on their interior design services
● Any industry recognition they have received
● A strong client portfolio with testimonials
● Essential case studies