6 Tips to Improve Your Skills as a Motion Graphic Designer

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Posted on 3/08/225 min read
6 Tips to Improve Your Skills as a Motion Graphic Designer
Motion graphics have been taking the marketing world by storm of late. While designing motion graphics, you must keep in mind the tips mentioned in the blog.

Have you seen those Instagram Reels with moving text bubbles or illustrated characters? They are examples of motion graphics. Simply put, they are graphics that move. Motion graphics come in a lot of shapes and sizes.


However, bringing any design to life by adding motion graphics can be a tedious task. But don’t worry! In this blog, we will give you useful tips to work your way around motion graphics.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics or motion design entail graphics in movement. It can be said that motion graphics are a type of animation that creates the illusion of movement or rotation. The idea behind motion graphics is to add movement to abstract objects, text, and other design elements. Another important aspect of motion graphics is that they are dynamic, and can be used in everything from posters and websites.


Motion graphics can be used for the following things:

● Explaining a complicated topic

Promoting a new product or feature

Establishing brand awareness

Standing out from competitors



If you want to create good motion graphics, you must focus on the storytelling part. Remember, it does not matter how long or short your content is. You must have something compelling to communicate to the user. Unlike in other animation types, in motion graphics, there may not be specific guidelines about shape, typography, or how grids move. Therefore, a motion graphic designer has to study all types of movements to craft an effective design.

6 Tips for Getting Motion Graphics Right

The demand for motion graphics is increasing every day. But getting the perfect motion graphics animation is the real challenge here. That is why we bring you a list of tips that can help you improve your motion graphic design skills to a great extent.

1. Learn the design principles

No matter what medium you are designing for, you must have a good grasp of the different design principles. Understanding the basic design principles will give you a good command over the visuals, and you will be able to bring your imagination to reality in a better way. There are many elements, such as balance, contrast, scale, visual hierarchy, etc., which a good motion graphic designer must be aware of.

2. Work on your illustration skills


an illustrated motion graphic



The better illustrator you are, the better design you can put on the table. Therefore, experiment as much as you can. Don’t just limit yourself to basic shapes; there is a lot to explore. Improving as an illustrator is about drawing as much as you can. Remember, continuous practice is key to being a successful motion graphic designer.

3. Practice animation

Animation is a key part of motion graphics. As a motion designer, what you need to understand is not just the detailing and expressions, but how they work in each frame. Here, your goal is to train your eye to understand the timing and movement of every frame. You can take up an animation course online, if you want to sharpen your skills.

4. Use the right tools

Digital art is dependent on technology. You must pick the right software to learn and practice motion graphics. It’s always a great idea to understand the software thoroughly, so that you can create masterpieces by unleashing the full potential of the software. A good motion designer needs to be tech-savvy in order to serve their client and team better.

5. Draw on experiences from outside

So, you are efficient in creating illustrations and are well-versed with the software. But is that enough? Certainly not. A good motion graphic designer is someone who doesn’t just remain glued to their screen, but also takes inspiration from the outside world.


It is also a great idea when you are facing creator’s block, a condition when you are not able to think of any great ideas. In such cases, just take a break from your computer and look for inspiration around you. You will find a lot of positive things that you can utilize in your motion graphics design.

6. Keep learning


 the functions of motion in design



Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Regardless of the failure or success, you must keep going. Getting disappointed or disheartened is not the solution. Hone your skills, learn from the different courses available, and channel your knowledge in the right direction. Putting too much pressure on yourself will block your creativity, which will reflect poorly on your work.

5 Skills Needed to Become a Good Motion Graphic Designer

Designing motion graphics requires a lot of attention to detail. That is why it is important to master some skills. A good motion designer must be able to bring graphic features to life through animation. Here are some skills you require.

1. A good understanding of animation


12 principles of animation


As a motion designer, your job is to add life to 2D objects, and animation can help you achieve that. Animation gives you the liberty to bring anything into motion by adjusting keyframes. Timing and movement are important concepts of animation, and you must understand them well.

2. Basics of sketching

Art is the best way to communicate your emotions to the audience. The easiest way is to sketch your idea roughly on paper first, before making the final piece. Since you can make as many changes in sketches, reaching conclusions is easier with traditional art skills.

3. 3D design skills

3D elements are the new addition to motion graphics, and are in demand these days. You might have seen TV commercials, Instagram videos, etc., implementing 3D design. Therefore, limiting yourself to just 2D design won’t help.

4. A strong sense of color and typography

Typography and a solid sense of color are important for designing motion graphics. You need to understand what fonts your viewers can easily understand, and which colors can enhance or dampen the look of your motion graphic. Different colors portray different emotions. Therefore, it is important to understand the value of each of them. These are important skills you must imbibe, whether you want to freelance or want to join a design service.

5. Creative thinking

Finally, if you are not creative enough, you stand very few chances of being successful as a motion designer. Having a creative approach and mindset to work and life is important. Never stop seeking inspiration, and keep experimenting. That is the only way to grow.


Motion graphics right are a work of art and technology combined. Also, there is no shortcut to becoming a master of the craft. It’s all about the efforts and dedication you put into your work. With the above-mentioned tips, we hope you will be able to improve your motion graphic skills, and become the best possible motion designer.


1. What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics create the illusion of motion or animation, and are generally combined with audio to be used in multimedia projects. Basically, they are graphics in movement.

2. What are motion graphics used for?

Motion graphics are often used to outline facts or illustrate a point one is trying to make.

3. Is there any difference between motion graphics and animation?

Yes, motion graphics and animation are two different things. While animation deals with using cinematic effects and storytelling to create a narrative, motion graphics are more about adding motion to abstract objects, text, and other design elements.