5 Tips to Grow Your Tech Product Marketing Plan

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Posted on 22/08/226 min read
5 Tips to Grow Your Tech Product Marketing Plan
If you have just launched a tech product in the market, here are five tech product marketing tips to get you started to market it to a large audience in 2022.

You may have just launched new software that you believe has the potential to revolutionize the tech industry. The next obvious step is to introduce your product to its potential customers.

But did you know that tech startups have a high failure rate than other industries? Their failure can be attributed to poor marketing strategies or lack thereof.

Whether you are having trouble effectively marketing your product or have hit a dead-end for marketing ideas, we will provide tips on creating a tech product marketing plan.

5 Effective Tech Product Marketing Tips

Here are five effective and proven tips for technology product marketing.

1. Communicate how your product effectively solves a problem faced by potential customers

If your marketing message does not convey your product’s uses to the potential customers, it has failed. Chances are, they would not have even heard about your product.

Use the right mix of traditional and digital marketing mediums to grab your potential customer’s attention. Once you gain a spot on their attention spectrum, communicate how your product serves the purpose of solving their problem.

Follow a simple pattern to draw customer attention. Start by stating the problem and follow that up with your product’s solution. Using this approach will help the customer clearly understand what gap your product fills and its utility.

Regardless of your marketing medium, ensure that your message is crisp and concise. It should be easy for the customer to understand the benefits of using your product.

Moreover, the content should be compelling, especially for new technical product marketing. It is vital because your marketing message is what will spark that initial interest and trust in your product. So, use engaging and interesting content to drive sales. Besides, attractive, informational, and educational content creates value for your customers.

2. Educate customers on how to use your product

Generally, new tech products seem complicated to use. So, while marketing high tech products, you should explain how the product works to eliminate any sense of complication.

There are several effective ways to teach potential customers how to use your product. Some of these include:

Free trials

The best way to convince your potential customers about the product’s benefits is by allowing them to test the product by availing of a free trial. Note, that it is extremely effective for subscription-based products.


Product demo

Another option is to host a webinar or create a video tutorial that walks potential customers through how the product works.

Instruction videos

Record an instructional video to show how your product is to be used.

Product guides

Create a step-by-step guide that will help your potential at every step of the way while handling and using your product.


Any new product carries a bunch of questions commonly asked by customers. Instead of addressing the same question individually every time, create a FAQ section on the product website. Here, all your potential customers can get answers to any questions they may have.

3. Use content marketing strategies

Content marketing has become the latest buzz in marketing. It focuses on showing relevant content to potential customers.

It is also the foundation for inbound marketing, especially at the growth stage. In this, devise a strategy to drive more customers to your website. The objective is to put out content that will pique the interest of your potential customers. Content marketing can produce varied results, increased sales, improved search rankings, increased traffic, and engagement.

This brings you to the next question: What does content marketing include?

Content marketing uses multiple methods such as blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, and other social media activities. These strategies need to be applied over the long term. Here are some primary areas to focus on to get started:

Buyer profile

Create a buyer profile with the demographics, interests, persona, and more.


Utilize SEO tools to identify the keywords and incorporate them in all the content you post on the internet. Doing so will help your content rank better on search engines since it can understand the relevance of the content.


Social media

Identify which social media channels are the right fit for your product. Use only those to share your content and interact with potential customers.

Content marketing is critical and cannot be neglected by any chance. It takes time to show results, so efforts should be consistent from the beginning.

4. Social proof: leverage influencers

Influencers have taken marketing strategies by storm. They have proven that people buy what they see others use. It is also called social proofing.

What is social proof?


You will find a lot of influencers for technical product marketing who upload content. Working with influencers has become a must to boost your product’s visibility.

Find influencers who have a large follower base and a high engagement rate. Working with such influencers can tremendously increase your customer base as you get a chance to tap into their follower base.

Plan a campaign that is relevant to your potential customer base. Collaborate with an influencer, offer them your product for free and ask them to share an honest review. Influencer marketing is a proven technique for marketing high tech products.

Before you dive into influencer marketing, use SEO and influencer marketing tools to identify influencers that are well known in the tech domain. Once you have an identified bunch of influencers you wish to collaborate with, mail them a customized pitch.

Influencer marketing


Watching influencers use your product will convince your target customers that your product can be trusted and is popular.

5. Competitor comparisons

Audiences, on average, see more than a thousand ads a day. It makes one wonder how to stand out in a saturated market. The key strategy is to market your product different from the competitors.

But before that, it is important to understand one aspect of technical product marketing – highlighting how your product is unique compared to the competitor’s product. It is only possible when you provide a detailed comparison.

First, analyze the content the competitor is publishing and putting out. Secondly, conduct a study of the keywords and topics they use. This information will come in handy when using SEO to make you rank higher than the competitors on search engines.

When using a comparison to highlight your product’s USPs, include the features, ease of use, price points, and customer reviews. Do not be too biased in your comparison, as that may cause a sense of mistrust in the reader.


Wrapping Up

Marketing high tech products can be quite a challenging task. The initial technical product marketing efforts can make or break your product’s launch.

With the fierce competition in the tech industry, you need a terrific product marketing strategy that sets you apart from the competition. Now that you have learned these five tips for growing your tech product marketing plan, you must apply them to boost your business.


1. What is the best technical product marketing strategy?

Technical product marketing does not have a single solution or strategy that effectively boosts sales. Marketing activities are a collection of strategies that offer various benefits in each.
To successfully market your technical product, you need a mix of strategies ranging from content marketing, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, effective communication, and more.

2. What are the steps for perfect content marketing?

The perfect content marketing strategy begins with setting goals for your business. After that, you have to build a buyer’s profile to understand the demographics and persona of your target audience.
Once that is done, you have to create a brand message that piques the interest of your target audience. It also includes determining which social media channel you think would be best suited for your product. SEO is vital in content marketing as it ensures that your content is relevant and drives more traffic to your website.

3. What are digital marketing strategies?

Digital marketing strategies are applied while marketing your product on the internet. It starts with assessing your goals. Since the entire world has moved online, digital marketing strategies are crucial to your business’s success. They must be well-planned and well-executed for the best results.
Content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimized content, and more are important in digital marketing strategies.

4. What are the two best product marketing strategies?

The two best product marketing strategies include content marketing and influencer marketing.
Both these strategies focus on promoting your product message. They offer your target audience an insight into your product and how it works. While content marketing is more informational and educational, influencer marketing invokes a sense of trust in your brand.

5. How do I effectively market my tech product?

Strong SEO, social media presence, content marketing, influencer marketing, and informational marketing strategies effectively market your tech products. Given the potential customer base for tech products, these strategies would work well and give the best results.