5 Famous Brands That Use Moment Marketing

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Posted on 22/08/227 min read
5 Famous Brands That Use Moment Marketing
One of the latest marketing efforts being pursued by several brands these days is moment marketing. Let’s look at five brands doing it effectively.


Marketing is crucial for establishing and positioning yourself and reaching out to potential customers. Nowadays, new and innovative ways of connecting with the audience have emerged. One such interesting arm of marketing is called moment marketing. Moment-based marketing can help a brand increase its standing as well as connect with the target audience at the same time.

What Is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing involves using news, current affairs, latest trends, etc., to engage with the audience and make them a part of the marketing effort. The most important aspect of moment marketing is that it thrives on speed. Only when your marketing campaign reaches your customers at the right time, will it be effective for the reason it was designed and created.


In other words, moment marketing is about leveraging current or trending news or events to market to consumers. But the key here is not to jump on to each and every trend when pursuing moment marketing, as some events might be too sensitive to comment on or do hard selling with. Therefore, a number of times, some trends do not hold much relevance to a brand and may even spark controversy.

What Are the Advantages of Moment Marketing?

With moment marketing, your brand can leverage the power of quick and instant interaction with the audience. Since moment marketing harnesses the potential of trending events and current affairs, it gives the audience a chance to engage with the brand’s message in real-time.


Moment marketing is known to satisfy the audience’s needs instantly. It is a method by which a brand can immediately meet the expectations of the audience, by providing them with the information they might have been looking for at that very moment.


The biggest advantage of moment marketing is that it is a cost-effective method of marketing. With the knowledge of the right moment and the right message to be delivered to the audience, and the easy availability of more than just one platform to disseminate their message, brands can market themselves in a profitable manner.


Moment marketing can also complement a brand’s already existing social media marketing strategy. It can also be leveraged to create or raise awareness about a specific cause that the brand believes in or associates with. From the audience’s side, moment marketing encourages a quick response and an action following it. This marketing tool is all about harnessing the potential of intent-rich moments and making the audience feel included.

5 Famous Brands That Use Moment Marketing

Here are some of the best moment marketing examples that will help you learn the tactics of multi-moment marketing. Let’s take a quick look.

1. Netflix India

Netflix is one of the brands that has truly aced moment marketing. Whether it is posting the Sacred Games ad on Swiggy (thanks to the symbiotic relationship between food and watching shows) or the humorous crossover between Peaky Blinders and the catchphrase (which eventually became a viral meme) “Rasode mein kaun tha,” Netflix knows exactly how to make the most of trending moments. These posts by Netflix got their audience even more interested in interacting with their content.


a meme by Netflix


Netflix’s Tweets had been popular at the time of the jal lijiye challenge meme, rains in Mumbai, and many more incidents and topics. Especially during social distancing and the entire COVID lockdown situation, it is via moment marketing that Netflix remained relevant and popular among its audience via such Tweets and posts. Netflix’s style of moment marketing is now known as stiletto sarcasm. They avoid bluntly criticizing anything or making a sharp remark on any issue/event, but touch upon it enough to gain the audience’s attention.

2. Zomato

Another extremely good example of moment marketing can be learned from Zomato’s marketing campaigns. Way ahead of its competitors in crafting social media campaigns, Zomato harnesses the potential of special events and occasions well. Zomato’s #OrderForMom campaign was a successful one.


Zomato’s Mother’s Day campaign



With a crisp message crafted below the highlighted letters M and A, Zomato was able to strike an emotional chord with its customers. They have, time and again, been extremely innovative with their Tweets as well as social media ads and posts. There was another television ad, where a mother was seen approving Zomato’s packed and delivered food to her son, thus increasing the audience’s interest and faith in ordering food online from Zomato.

3. Amul

One of the most loved and trusted brands in the country, Amul can technically be called the pioneer of moment marketing within India. Its topical ads in the form of newspaper columns featuring the brand mascot, the Amul Girl, have been running since the year 1996. If someone knows what to do best with the latest news and current events, it would be none other than Amul. Their creativity with topical ads knows no bounds, and is done effectively each time.


a topical ad by Amul



How to capitalize effectively on the day’s headlines is something that should be learned from Amul’s topical ads. Some of the most memorable ads were those they launched when COVID-19 was at its peak. Their newspaper ads, and now the digital ones, are so well-timed and smartly crafted that the audience finds them relatable as well as extremely witty.


The Amul Girl is pretty much a pop culture phenomenon now. What Amul harnesses well is the sociopolitical context of the events. They then craft moment marketing messages around them.

4. Burger King

Burger King has a reputation for bold and spontaneous ads. One of its memorable campaigns was the “moldy whopper” campaign. The ad featured a burger decomposing slowly. This ad was targeted at the industry trend at the time, which focused on using no preservatives in fast food.


the moldy Whopper campaign by Burger King



Another smart campaign that Burger King did well was promoting McDonald’s as they were raising funds for a cancer research project. This campaign was appreciated by their customers as well as by McDonald’s.

5. Faasos

Faasos is another smart brand that makes the right use of each opportunity that presents itself to the world. One of their interesting efforts at moment marketing was during Mumbai’s power outage in 2020. Faasos used this opportunity to craft a quirky ad copy: “Andheri or Andhera, we’re still delivering.” This not only promoted their delivery services, but also served as a light-hearted attempt at humor during a stressful time.

the #SacredWraps by Faasos



Faasos also got a lot of attention for what came to be called the #SacredWraps collection. All of their wraps were named after the characters from the extremely popular web series Sacred Games. This campaign witnessed an overall impression that crossed 47 million, and the engagement rate was 45,000 across all the social media channels.



If you want to make the most of your marketing efforts as a brand or a marketer, with the least investment in terms of resources and time, then moment marketing is a great tool for doing so. It is an extremely cost-effective method of marketing and designing campaigns.


With the help of moment marketing, your brand can create content that is likable as well as shareable. A number of brands these days are using moment-based marketing, especially on their social media channels, to connect better with their audiences. Moment marketing is also a proven tool to get traction and increase brand awareness. Brands get the chance to be part of an ongoing conversation, and make the audience understand their relevance in the market better.


While it might be an uphill task to constantly keep a check on the latest social media trends and events, it is all for the greater benefit of your brand.

Key Takeaways


Using news, current affairs, latest trends, etc., to evoke interactions with the audience is known as moment marketing.

The most important aspect of moment marketing is that the process majorly thrives on speed. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that sensitive events and news should be avoided when crafting messages for moment marketing campaigns.

Zomato’s #OrderForMom campaign on the occasion of Mother’s Day was a great effort at moment marketing, wherein they highlighted the letters M and A, establishing an emotional connect with the audience.

Amul is technically the pioneer of moment marketing. It is highly popular for its topical ads featuring the brand mascot, the Amul Girl, which have been running since the year 1996. You can learn how to capitalize effectively on the day’s headlines from them.


1. Why do brands do moment marketing?

Moment marketing allows brands to take advantage of the current events and trends all around the world. They can establish a rapport with their potential customers by creating a conversation around those trends and promoting their products at the same time. Messages crafted during such events can bring more relevance to the brand.

2. How can a brand stay ahead in moment marketing?

In order to make the most of this promotional technique and stay ahead of other brands, here are a few tips:
● Make good use of humor.
● Keep sales at the core of the campaign.
● Stay updated on the latest trends and current events.
● Stay in tune with the pop culture wave.
● Make sure your brand message is rooted in the moment marketing message.
● Create event-led or occasion-specific communication.
● Make use of existing memes or create some for your brand.

3. What are some of the brands that have used moment marketing for their campaigns and achieved success?

Amul, Burger King, Zomato, Uber, Ola, Oreo, Paytm, Flipkart, Fevicol, and Netflix are a few brands that have already tried moment marketing and achieved brilliant results.

4. How successful is moment marketing in India?

Moment marketing is highly relevant in the Indian marketing landscape. It is actually being used by a number of brands currently. But in order to pursue the course of moment marketing, a brand needs to enjoy trust and loyalty to a certain extent in India. Nonetheless, there are younger brands that are making successful moment marketing campaigns and getting amazing results.