30 Free Resources To Improve Your Writing Abilities
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30 Free Resources To Improve Your Writing Abilities

This course on WikiHow breaks down the rules of punctuation in a listicle format with fun examples.

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May-17,-2021 4 min read
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Looking to fast-track your freelance content writing career? We’ve put together a catalog of free resources to help you upskill.

Basic Writing: Grammar and Punctuation

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue OWL puts together free writing resources and instructional material that is useful for building a solid foundation for freelance writing. The course also has an extensive guide on avoiding plagiarism, which may be extremely useful for freelance web writers. You can also practice basic grammar rules using the exercises section.

  1. HyperGrammar

A free electronic grammar course from the University of Ottawa’s Writing Centre, this resource hub is great to look up common grammar mistakes that your editor may have pointed out to you. For example, if you’re unsure what a dangling modifier or dependent clause is, simply look up modifiers or clauses in this eGuide and make sure you know how to avoid the mistakes the next time on.

  1. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

This knowledge hub contains articles that can help you write effective web content. It helps improve sentence structures to create maximum impact and for learning how to improve the hierarchy of content.

  1. How to Use English Punctuation Correctly

This course on WikiHow breaks down the rules of punctuation in a listicle format with fun examples. Don’t forget to download the punctuation cheat sheet as a handy writing tool.

  1. Grammar Girl – Mignon Firty

For short, friendly tips on improving grammar, you can check out Grammar Girl’s podcast and blog. It’s ideal as an intermediary upskill workshop for busy professionals who can listen to the small tips on the go.

Creative Writing

  1. Alison – English Writing skills

If you’re still finding your voice as a creative writer or want to explore new avenues and mediums to showcase your writing talent, this course is ideal for you. It covers the basics of comedy writing, mystery & fiction writing, writing for an audience, and more.

  1. Hubspot Academy – Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing

Although this isn’t strictly a creative writing course, this resource tells you the importance of writing effective content that is powered by the principles of storytelling. It is specially designed for web content writers who wish to write compelling articles consistently.

  1. Stand Up!; Comedy Writing and Performance Poetry

This EdX course is a great headstart for those who wish to bring their creative skills to life on stage. It’s also a good tool for writers who want to incorporate a hint of humor into their stories/blogs.

  1. Creative Writing Specialization – Wesleyan University

This beginner-friendly Coursera series provides an in-depth exploration of three main forms of creative writing – short stories, narratives, and memoirs. 

  1. Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences

Curated by the University of New South Wales puts together a comprehensive guide for cohesive story experience across multiple delivery platforms. Whether you’re looking into multimedia content for entertainment, advertising, and marketing, or social change, this course covers it all.

Technical Writing

  1. Technical Writing Course – Google

Specifically designed for developers, this Google course helps you learn how to plan and author technical documentation. The pre-class material covers everything from grammar and tense to structural guidelines and editing.

  1. ClickHelp technical writing blog

Follow this blog for comprehensive information on web-writing for tech-heavy topics. Some interesting topics covered include how to write SOPs as well as managing backlogs.

  1. Writing READMEs – Udacity

READMEs are an unmissable document that you need to upload with every Git post. Learning how to be clever with READMEs can help you bring clarity to the reader and upsell other works by you. This is also a good resource for designers who give away free design tools and scripts.

  1. Technical Writing Strategies – Lumen Learning

From a comprehensive introduction to technical writing to the resources and exercises on white paper content and case studies, this technical writing resource hub is sure to become the bible for your content journey.

  1. How to Become a Technical Writer – A beginner’s guide

If you are new to the freelance opportunities available with technical writing, this course will help you realize its potential as a secondary income. Take this course if you are a product manager, developer, or software writer and expand your career opportunities outside of the 9-5 schedule.

Business Writing

  1. Business Writing Course – HubSpot

Business writing is an essential skill set for any professional, especially for those in the sales and marketing eco-sphere. Understand the process of business writing with this HubSpot course.

  1. Business Writing Techniques

This EdX course discusses the best practices of business writing with real-world examples and applications. It helps you understand the 6C technique to create better copy for business.

  1. High-Impact Business Writing – Coursera

From emails and presentations to comprehensive business reports and press releases, this course is the go-to guide for content marketers who work very closely with the C-Suites. It’s also an excellent guide for freelancers, solopreneurs, and influencers who wish to improve the outlook of their product/service offerings.

  1. Business Writing – Coursera

For non-native English speakers, business writing becomes all the more crucial in this global marketplace. Whether you are a web designer who wants to pursue a freelance career or simply want to understand how to write email templates for a global audience, this course has the answers.

  1. Email writing – how to write effective email

As email marketing becomes more prevalent in every industry, many companies are looking to outsource email campaigns to freelancers. If you specifically want to understand the dos and don’ts of email copy, this course is right for you.


  1. Copywriting 101 – Copyblogger

This free ebook from Copyblogger covers everything you need to know about copywriting for the web. Whether you’re a novice or specialist, skim through this guide to solidify your fundamentals.

  1. 155 Years of Copywriting Insights Taught In 1.5 Hour Course!

If you’re looking for a point-blank and concise course that condenses all the basics of copywriting into a quick summary, this course is a great start.

  1. Copywriting Foundations: Sell Using Your Words In 2020

This course covers the foundations and some intermediate to advanced topics that can help you understand how user-generated content works today.

  1. Copywriting: Improve User Experience One Word at a Time (Repeat)

Especially useful for SaaS content creators, this course for OpenSAP straddles the line between copywriting and UX writing.

  1. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Although not technically a copywriting course, Jonah Berger from Wharton School unravels the sociology of the internet – an insightful course for those looking to advance copywriting skills.


  1. CoSchedule

This headline analyzer can tell you how effective your title is for driving traffic, shares, and search results.

  1. HemingwayApp

Check how easy to read your blogs or articles are with HemingwayApp.

  1. Wordcounter.net

Use wordcounter.net to determine how often you repeat words or phrases. This vastly helps you improve the standard of writing as you can quickly replace frequently repeated words. It’s beneficial when you’re writing product and category descriptions.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly automatically corrects misspelled words as well as common errors like using affect vs. effect.

  1. Portent Idea Generator

Ran out of ideas for your blog? Simply type a topic into Portent’s Idea generator and get started with your next article or blog.

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