How to Create A Perfect Outline For the Content You Deserve
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How to Create A Perfect Outline For the Content You Deserve

Getting the best content from a freelancer isn’t easy. In fact, even writers struggle to communicate effectively at times. A content outline is great way to add story and structure to your writing. Explore more.

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Apr-9,-2021 3 min read
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The art of capturing your readers’ attention with unique and creative content can be challenging. Most readers will spend only a couple of seconds on an article before choosing what to do straight away. If they have an excellent first impression of the content, they will stay and follow you. If not, they will bounce to the next website. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the meaning of content marketing and how a perfect outline can improve your content.

Perfectly outlined content can captivate your reader at the very first glance. It can also help your article rank higher on Google. 

We will, therefore, look at some fantastic tips on how to achieve a perfect outline that can help you attain your content marketing goals.

What is an outline and why do you need it?

No matter whether you are new to content writing or an established professional, whenever you start writing an article, you need to work on the outline. Without a good outline, your article may not have the right direction and you may end up losing your reader. 

What is a content outline?

Simply put, a content outline is the skeleton of your article or blog. It is an intelligent and systematic way to organize your thoughts and all your research in a manner that gives the article a flow or a story, answering the reader’s questions, before they can ask them.

The outline of an article will help you build a deeply logical, creative design for your blog, making it more straightforward for a reader to interpret your words. When your outline is finished, you’ll have a clear idea of how you need to write your article and how it would look once it is completed.


To make it simple, an outline is like a map that will guide you to your destination quickly and without many hurdles.

Benefits of using an outline

  • Gives a proper structure to your article
  • Gives a proper flow for your readers
  •  Helps you to organize your thoughts for an article
  •  Helps you manage your time and effort while writing an article
  • Helps you to stay focused  

How To Create A Perfect Outline

1. Know your audience

It sounds easy. However, many people start writing before understanding who they’re attempting to reach out to. It would be better if you ask yourself these questions before drafting your article:

  •  Who are my target readers?
  • Will, any secondary readers can influence my primary audience?
  • How might they discover my blog on the web?

Let’s say you’re writing an article for a law office. Your primary crowd may be potential clients and existing customers. But your secondary crowd can be a lot more extensive and can incorporate law journalists, lawyers, or any individual or businesses that may require your services later on.

It is crucial to understand your audience to know what they will be looking for on the Internet. You can then use that to structure your article with specific keywords and optimize it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Brainstorm on a good topic and do a heavy research

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write: a man will turn over half a library to make one book.”

Samuel Johnson

Coming up with an interesting or relevant topic is one of the most essential parts of drawing a perfect outline. The objective here is to brainstorm on finding the right topic to attract a large number of readers to your blog. The best way to get good ideas is to look at some of the comments posted on your previous blogs. You can create a blog that can answer their queries in a structured way. You could also use idea generators like

Once you are done selecting the topic, the next step is to do heavy research on the topic. Make sure you go through multiple articles related to the topic, conduct some interviews with industry experts or watch some informative videos. This will help you to create a perfect article for your blog. 

3. Writing your content: Start with the headlines

The next step in creating a perfect outline is knowing how to structure and write your content. Begin with your main headlines. Using headline tags like H1, H2, H3, help give clarity and further structure your points. At this stage, you don’t have to go for fancy. The idea is to put down the key 4-5 ideas up top for the world to see and then let the sub-points flow from there. 

Blog creation is a longish process – especially if you want to create one that is authoritative and might actually rank on Google. Don’t rush through the outline phase – creating the perfect structure will make all the difference.


4. Show, don’t tell

When it comes to content marketing, it is crucial to understand that your article will not be all words and sentences. There are a lot of other things that give life to your article. Some of these are:

  • Real-life examples
  • Quotes
  • Statistics and Survey findings
  • Relevant visuals
  • Bullet points

Not only do these elements boost your SEO, they make the blog feel and read more wholesome and complete. These also help break the monotony of continuous, rambling text and draw the readers’ eye to specific parts of the article. When creating your outline, fill these elements into your blog beforehand and let it guide you!


Many people skip the process of creating an outline because it takes a lot of time and effort. They don’t see that in the long run, it can help them become more creative and save a lot of time and energy. Once you have fully outlined your content, all you need to do is write and market it.

Composing marvelous content is challenging. However, it becomes simpler when you create something that you’re enthusiastic and passionate about. The best part about posting your content online is that it stays on! You can create something today, and three years from now, it will, in any case, be out there being seen and shared. So, start writing and enjoy the whole process.

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