10 Portfolio Cover Page Templates [+Examples]

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Posted on 16/09/225 min read
10 Portfolio Cover Page Templates [+Examples]
A portfolio cover page provides hiring managers an idea of what they can expect from a candidate. A portfolio cover page template can help designers easily create stunning portfolios.

Portfolio cover page templates are an excellent option to make a stunning portfolio that stands out. It enables you to focus more on your work instead of thinking about its presentation. Portfolio sites are essential for freelance creators who want to attract more potential by effectively showcasing their work. 

Portfolio templates and website themes for photographers, artists, and graphic designers save time and budget. Simple CSS tinkering can make most portfolio themes unique.

Below are portfolio cover page design templates from major web platforms that you can consider to showcase your portfolio.

10 Portfolio Cover Page Examples

1.  Thomas

Thomas is one of the most stylish Adobe Portfolio website templates available. Simple and elegant, this portfolio cover page makes the work speak for itself. A scroll displays the project’s title and provides more images and information.

Existing Creative Cloud subscribers may prefer this template because it has Adobe Portfolio. Many creatives leverage Thomas to significant effect.

2.  Flatiron

Flatiron is a portfolio template from Squarespace. It has a visually appealing gallery display that integrates images of varying aspect ratios. Another option is to keep the site navigation unobtrusive and straightforward to ensure your portfolio reflects accurately. The puzzle structure maximizes the space available on the site for your work, while the menu is in the top left.

3. Helium

WordPress offers a lot of customization if you know a little coding. Helium is an excellent WordPress template for portfolio cover pages as it provides a broader range of features.

Helium provides an excellent user experience for anyone visiting your site, with three various portfolio layouts, a lovely blog, and a sophisticated AJAX navigation system. Helium’s full integration with Easy Digital Downloads makes selling digital goods or prints easy.

4. 3D portfolio design template

We adore the design of this template from Wix that works beautifully for a 3D artist. It’s suitable for showcasing any creative portfolio, but it works best for moving images.

You may showcase your top three images on the full-screen using parallax scrolling. You can leverage grid-style to show more work samples below. It’s a no-nonsense portfolio template to help you stand out with your 3D work.

5.  Malken-Hill

Cargo Collective provides a selection of outstanding portfolio layouts. A clean, white background displays your work and provides access to more images and info. The top navigation bar contributes to the minimalistic mood and sets the tone for less is more for portfolio sites.

6. Marta

Marta is an elegant theme from Adobe Portfolio. It is designed by an Amsterdam-based designer Marta Veludo. Visitors can always see your most vital information because of the fixed navigation feature that fluidity transforms colors while scrolling.

Navigation options are on the left side of the page, and the logo is positioned in the center. Responsive grid and fixed gutters are leveraged to build the entire site. This results in an eye-catching and slick option for a portfolio cover page.

7. York

York is a stylish Squarespace portfolio cover page template designed considering the unique needs of creative designers. It’s delightfully minimalistic in comparison to thumbnail-based alternatives. It focuses more on standalone projects with half-width or full-width images. Above the fold, an essential part of the Portfolio Cover Page is that it reserves an elaborate introduction.

You need work to support a straightforward portfolio template that positions the designer with complete confidence. It also offers the option to highlight a few of your genuinely outstanding projects.

8. Emma Brewer

Many of Wix’s portfolio templates are incredibly flexible regarding the kind of work they may display, although each one typically has a suggested discipline.

Art directors and graphic designers are the target audience for this Emma Brewer theme. The homepage features large, half-page thumbnails that link to expansive project galleries.

For projects with multiple touchpoints, this is ideal for displaying a hero image at the top, followed by a paragraph of information and a selection of secondary images.

9. Throne

Throne, another highly adaptable WordPress template, is apt for a full-fledged studio or a freelance creative. There are many options for customization, making it ideal for those with diverse portfolios that span multiple disciplines, as the navigation lets you search by category.

This portfolio cover design offers more video support, widgets, icons, fonts, CSS3 animations, and page layout options.

10. Snaps

This WordPress theme requires high-resolution images, but it’s worth it. You can also include social media links with this portfolio website template if that’s your thing.

Snaps is a portfolio template for portrait-oriented images, illustrations, and other works of art. The simple, basic design focuses on your tasks and fits any screen size.

3 Tips For Designing Your Portfolio Cover Page

1. Your portfolio cover page should stand alone.

Your portfolio page is so much more than a collection of projects! Design is always crucial, even if you can’t design your portfolio cover page. Fonts, colors, whitespace, layout, and visual hierarchy are significant factors. Not just your projects, but these elements can make a first impression.

2. Show some personality

When applying for a job, you should spice up your portfolio. Remember that most companies are looking for like-minded individuals. Why wait for a phone or in-person UX designer interview when you can leapfrog? 

Display it on your portfolio cover page, show your name, position, and contact information prominently where people can see them immediately. However, adding hobbies or activities can help you get ahead.

3. Your projects are the star.

Your portfolio design goes beyond your header and bio. Instead, it begins when you complete your projects. Your projects are vital in your portfolio; therefore, make them big. Grab all the attention now! Portfolios should contain three to five projects – your best work. Putting them in a single line or a carousel won’t work.

In Summary

A portfolio cover page records an individual’s achievements, skills, and abilities. Unlike a resume, which lists a person’s qualifications and recent accomplishments, a portfolio showcases a person’s past work and current skills and interests.

The portfolio cover page is a concise summary of that person’s work. The purpose of the cover page is to promote a person’s skills and achievements. It’s a way to attract prospective employers’ attention.

Employers rarely have the time to look through a candidate’s entire resume. The portfolio cover page is a savior for both the employer and the individual. The person can highlight their best work and abilities, and the employer can decide whether to hire or promote them based on their cover page.

Key Takeaways

  • Portfolio cover templates can save time and energy.
  • We can customize templates and add information.
  • A professional appearance would be an attractive feature for employers and meet their needs.
  • A portfolio cover page is a great marketing tool. The available templates can help simplify this process.


1. What is the ideal format for a portfolio?

You should include projects and significant pieces of work that you’ve managed or involved in your portfolio. Include any relevant outcomes and lessons you’ve learned and any relevant skills or methods you’ve used in the past.

2. Is the portfolio the same as the cover letter?

Physical or digital records of your achievements and accomplishments are formats for a portfolio. A professional portfolio can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs that don’t typically require a resume or cover letter.

3. What is the significance of a portfolio?

Portfolios enable you to show, rather than tell, about the skills you’d like to highlight on your resume or in an interview. When you’re searching for a new job, a portfolio is an excellent approach to showcase your abilities.