10 Ad Banner Design Tips That Will Get You More Clicks

Team Pepper
Posted on 15/06/226 min read
10 Ad Banner Design Tips That Will Get You More Clicks
The success or failure of your web advertisement depends on the ad banner design. Learn how to make ads that work with the users and get you more clicks.

Have you ever wondered how often you browse websites these days? You could be researching for work or reading up on the new gossip in Hollywood. Looking up anything on the internet means you will open one website or the other. And when you open a website, you are likely to see a third-party advertisement on it.

This is the magic of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, one of the most cost-effective ways to get traffic to your website. So, if you want to increase your website’s reach and visibility, you can run a banner ad on the internet. This is where ad banner design comes in.

What Are Ad Banners, And Why Are They Useful?

If you run a business online, you know the struggle of reaching out to new users daily. This is where ads come into play. Nearly every website you visit, be it a travel blog or an internet company, you are likely to see a handful of ads on it. These ads are usually paid for by the company running them for higher visibility and clicks. And the ad designs you see and click on are called ad banners.

The image below shows a banner ad by Zomato.


Here are a few important points about banner ads:

Banner ads are a popular form of advertising. An ad banner helps you promote a brand and attract traffic to your website.

Typically, an ads banner design consists of text, images, other graphics, and sometimes, motion graphics like GIFs.

The ads follow a PPC or pay-per-impression model. When you advertise your ads banner design on a website, you pay the website for every click or view, depending on the option you have chosen.

● Most companies use ad banners because they are affordable and effective. Promoting a business banner design also comes with the benefit of being able to track your results. You can quickly analyze the number of views, clicks, and conversions of a banner ad.

10 Tips to Enhance Your Ad Banner Designs

As you start to understand banner design services and how they can impact your click rate, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Use standard banner sizes

Banner ads are third-party ads, meaning that you will be publishing them on some other company’s website. To make this process seamless, use a standard banner size that most websites use. This will help you optimize your design and use it on multiple websites at a go.

The most common sizes for designing a banner are as follows:

728×90px for a leaderboard

300×600px for half a page

300×250px for a medium rectangle

● 336×280px for a large rectangle

The image below shows more ad banner sizes, and their placement is marked in pink.

ad banner sizes


2. Focus on the logo, copy, and CTA

Every good business banner design is a combination of the logo, ad copy, and a call-to-action (CTA) button. The image below shows how Audi has used these three elements to create an aesthetically striking advertisement.

 a banner ad by Audi


While using these images, it is essential to:

Keep the logo prominent but not overly large. If you are using a banner design service, share all the versions of your logo with them for more freedom in design.

Highlight the promotion.

● The CTA button is a game-changer with ad banners, so always keep them prominent.

3. Follow the ratio rule

The ratio rule for designing a banner is that the ad should have 80% visuals (images and other visuals) and only 20% text. This golden ratio of banner advertisement works like magic, as you can see in this captivating ad by Coca-Cola.


 a banner ad by Coca-Cola


When you target ads on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, ads that do not follow this ratio get rejected instantly. This is another reason to follow the 80-20 ratio.

4. Use engaging text

a banner ad by SEMrush


With a digital ad, you have about two seconds to win your user over. Hence, it is pivotal to use text that is intriguing or relatable. It is equally important not to clutter your ads banner design with too much text. Always restrict yourself to one headline and one strap (only if needed). And keep it as concise and engaging as possible.

5. Play with colors

Colors beautify your advertisement as nothing else can. On top of that, different colors instill different emotions in a user. For example, red is usually related to passion, energy, and confidence, whereas white is used to showcase purity and simplicity.

While designing a banner, use colors that resonate with your brand. If you are using an ads banner design service, share your brand colors with the company when briefing them on the ad.

6. Use buttons appropriately

While reading an ad, the user subconsciously wants to know what they are supposed to do next with that information. The advertiser must redirect them to the correct page. So, always use a button in your ads banner design. Keep these points in mind:

Make the button easily accessible—most brands prefer to keep them at the bottom.

Choose the right button size. Don’t keep it too large or too small.

Use bright colors to attract a user’s attention, as shown below.

The text on the button should be simple, direct, and easily readable.



7. Animate your ad

A moving ad is likely to attract more eyeballs than a static one. Therefore, you can experiment with an ads banner design by using a GIF or other form of motion graphics. This format also helps your showcase more than one product at a time.

a banner ad with a GIF


However, make sure that the GIF is simple and audience-appropriate, and that the file is not too heavy to load.

8. Keep a check on your file size and format

Google Adwords recommends that all banner ads have a file size of less than 150 KB. Smaller file sizes help the ad load efficiently, even with a poor internet connection. And when it comes to file formats, stick to JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5.

9. Keep it simple but eye-catching

a banner ad by iPhone



Simplicity is always elegant. Make your content simple but compelling, like this iPhone ad. It uses minimal text and a standard image. In it, the product stands out, and so does its feature of privacy.


10. Position the ad correctly

Once you have followed all the rules, you want to see your ad come to fruition. The final leg is to choose where to place your ad. We recommend that you purchase dedicated space on a website close to the page’s main content.


ad banner placement on the Times of India


This ad by Netflix is placed right on the homepage of the Times of India, right above a list of their recent news updates and blogs.

These ten tips on ads banner design are enough to get you started with making third-party website ads. The next step would be to find a banner design company that does justice to your ideas and product promotion. Refer to our FAQs below for more information.


1. What is the cost of a banner design service?

You can professionally make banner ads by recruiting an expert. In this case, the cost of a banner ad is proportional to the size of the ad. An experienced designer or company would charge anything upwards of Rs. 6,000, depending on the size.

2. Which is a good banner design company?

If you are looking for a banner design service to design customized banner ads for you, ensure that the company specializes in making ads for your industry. Trusted banner design companies include Annexorien and Bo&Mitchi in India. Yellow Moose and Activeoo are among some highly rated banner design companies internationally.

3. How to make a business banner design?

The best way to go about it is to hire a professional. But if you don’t have the budget, you can make one online, using Canva, Photoshop, PicMonkey, and other software. These advanced design tools offer free templates that you can use with customization options to align visuals and content as per your needs. Another way to get a business banner design made is by hiring a freelancer or a banner design company on a project basis.