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The Ultimate Guide: How to Write a Travel Blog

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Posted on 19/04/229 min read
The Ultimate Guide: How to Write a Travel Blog
If you’re planning to write travel blogs, this article will help you with all the details that you are looking for.


If you’re passionate about traveling and travel frequently, you could actually monetize if you write travel blogs. Some people travel the world and make a living out of it. They visit new places, make new experiences, share information, and get paid for it. However, blog writing on travel starts way before you begin to write.

When you think of visiting a place, you have to research the famous places you are going to visit, where you are going to stay, new experiences that you can try there, etc. Doing your homework beforehand about the place can save you a lot of time and energy while exploring the location and getting a better experience.

How to Write Travel Blogs?


Create a list of ideas

The ideas should focus on specific destinations and the places you have visited. The process of blog writing on travel must start by preparing a content plan that has a list of ideas and topics that suffice for a month minimum.

Creating content requires brainstorming and finding topics that will drive thousands of readers and ensure that there is something new for the writer to talk about.

The content should be fresh but different from what readers might find on the internet. You should use analytical tools and their insights to choose the trending topics that work well for your blog.

Pick your niche

Research and choose the type of blogs you would like to write and what the readers would like to read. You could do listicles, write travel blogs, and guides, write about your city, things to do in lists, suggest itineraries, travel blogging tips, interviews, etc. There are many options when it comes to the kind of content you would want to put out in your travel blog.

Prepare an editorial calendar



An editorial calendar for content marketing purposes helps you research, write and publish blog posts according to the timeline prepared by you.

This will help you set a frequency of blogs you will publish and ensure consistency. Irrespective of how frequently you publish a blog, always provide your readers with quality over quantity. Good quality blogs and consistency will always help you expand your readership.

Keyword research

Keyword research is very important before you start blog writing on travel. Various tools can help you research relevant keywords, related keywords, and topics for a blog.

You have to include these keywords in your blog so that they rank high on search engines. These tools help you with search engine optimization for your blog posts and help you draw the right target audience for your blog pages. The benefits of using keyword research tools are:

● Competitive analysis

● Improves SEO metrics that include web page traffic and search engine ranking

● Create personalized keywords for your blog

● SEO development

● Build an engaging audience

Prepare an overview of the blog

Prepare an overview of the blog before you start writing. It must include an introduction, subheadings that express the subjects that the blog covers, and a conclusion that summarizes the important aspects of the blog.

An overview of the blog’s main points not only helps the writer write better by segregating ideas but also helps the reader understand the context of the blog before reading the entire bit.

There are times when a reader is looking for specific information, and instead of reading the full blog, they might just want to jump to the section that provides them with the relevant information.

From a writer’s perspective, creating an overview and writing section-by-section can help them focus on individual sections instead of the whole blog. This way, the blog focuses on the topic and does not include any fluffs in writing.

Always proofread and edit before you publish

Always proofread and edit your content piece before you publish it online. At times, take a break and come back to the blog with a fresh perspective to understand if there is any scope for improvement. No reader will stay on your blog page if they notice spelling & punctuation mistakes and inconsistent grammar.

These could be reasons for you not being able to connect with the right target audience. You must take care of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, and formatting before you finally publish it.

Several online tools can help you evaluate and refine the content you have written for your blog. Always produce, review, edit, and publish content.

Be sure to use only good quality pictures

Good quality pictures matter a lot in a travel blog. They speak a lot about the location, the surrounding, and the little elements in the picture. The pictures help attract the audience, make them more interested in knowing about the place, and hence, read your blog.

Use appropriate images according to the content that narrates the intricate details of what you are talking about. It is best to click the pictures yourself or collaborate with a professional photographer. You also can use stock-free images, but it might be difficult always to find the right fit with the content.

Write for the reader

Write the blog keeping the reader in mind and not yourself. You have to make sure that you provide relevant information in your blog and keep them interested throughout the blog your writing.

Ensure the content is 100% original

Avoid plagiarism in your blog. There are tools available online that can check the plagiarism percentage of your blog and give you details about the sentences that are plagiarised and from which websites.

Other than that, when you’re writing, write your unique thoughts and ideas and give the readers something original that they can appreciate. When you have to pick a quote, image, statistic, video, etc., you should give credits to the source by mentioning them and giving their link.

Tools That Will Assist You in Write a Travel Blog

We’ve mentioned using several tools to help aid your writing in the previous section. Let’s briefly talk about these tools and how they can benefit when you write travel blogs.


Grammarly is a tool that will ensure that there are no grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, sentences that are easy to understand, and more. It analyzes your writing, gives it an overall score, and measures the blog’s correctness, clarity, and engagement.


Canva is a free and customizable design tool that will let you create professional-looking creatives and videos for your travel blog and other platforms where you would like to promote your blog. It offers you a library of various templates, designs, elements, fonts, etc.


SEMrush can be used to find the relevant keywords to understand and reach your audience. It also helps you find trending topics that will do well on the search engines. Moreover, it provides you with a detailed analysis of your competitions.


MailChimp is a marketing platform that provides you with audience data, insights, and marketing channels to help you achieve your business goals.

It has a content studio that lets you create engaging content with design tools and creative templates. It offers tools that help you get to know your audience better and enhance the customer experience.


Pinterest is a great platform that can help you increase referral traffic on your travel blogs. You need to use the right tools and strategies to create interesting pins that link to your travel blog. People widely use Pinterest’s visual search engine to find pins that could be ideas or solutions.

Pepper Docs

As a travel blog writer, you need a writing platform that provides you with all the essential tools to create engaging and informative content. Pepper Docs can be the perfect solution for you. With its amazing features and easy-to-use interface, you can focus on what really matters – writing!

Pepper Docs offers a range of customizable templates, and writing and collaboration tools that can help you create content that stands out. Some features of Pepper Docs include content rewriter, plagiarism checker, keyword researcher, and more.

Top Indian and International Travel Blogs for Inspiration

Inditales by Anuradha Goyal


Anuradha Goyal worked in the IT industry for more than 12 years and started Inditales in 2004. Since then, she has shared her travel stories with her readers through this platform.

Her writing shows her passion for traveling and experiencing new cities, which helps her readers choose their next destination for a vacation. She has traveled to 18 countries and received several awards for the content she has created over the years.

Romancing the Planet by Sai Karthik Reddy


Karthik loved traveling, trying new cuisines, experiencing different cultures, interacting with people, and making new friends. He gives travel advice, shares his travel stories, and offers travel tips and suggestions through his blogs.

He has been to 29 countries and visited several states in India. You can browse through his website and read the blogs categorized into themes, destinations, etc.

His blogs provide information that any traveler would require, and the list of categories makes it easier for a reader to find what they are looking for.

Dan Flying Solo by Dan


Dan worked as a restaurant manager in London and started his blog in 2014. He is now a photographer, a travel writer, a videographer, and a creative director at a media company in Portugal.

He is obsessed with exploring the world, as he says. He has a passion for photography and has used beautiful pictures of various destinations in his blog.

Dan has managed to turn his passion for traveling and photography into a job. He has used this platform to share travel tips, advice, and stories that can help other people explore the world.

He loves meeting new people while traveling alone and connecting with the locals to get an inside look at the destinations. He uses several social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to promote his blogs.

A Broken Backpack by Mel


Melissa Giroux is a long-term Canadian travel blogger and entrepreneur who helps other people start their travel adventures. Before she was a social worker and now runs an online business and travels.

She offers her readers great travel tips through her blog that can help them stay on the road longer. Her blog has a section dedicated to readers planning to move or travel to Australia, the UK, or Southeast Asia.

Other than that, the blog provides information on budget travel tips, travel items and gears one must carry for upcoming adventures, and all about the life of a digital nomad.

Tips to Making Blog Writing on Travel More Thoughtful

Here are a few tips that could be of some help.

● When writing a travel blog about a place you have visited, write about it as soon as possible while your thoughts are fresh and you’re still motivated by the trip.

● When talking about the frequency of blogs you post in a week, always remember it is more important to post quality blogs than to focus on quantity.

● A travel blogger must focus on consistency and ensure that they post the number of blogs they have decided upon. Once you build a fan following, they start expecting a post from you, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

● Always be honest about your experiences. If you did not like something, mention that because the readers care about your honest opinion, which is why they are reading your blog.

● Keep the tone of the content casual. Travel blogs are expected to be written by ordinary people like the readers, and the readers are likely to connect with this kind of casual approach.


Travel blogging starts as a hobby for most people, but only a few know how to monetize it. You can become a successful travel blogger if you have a passion for it and can write your experiences in a way that makes people fall in love with traveling.

Besides that, the above-mentioned steps and tips will surely help you understand travel content and create good travel content. Several online courses are also available that can help you get a deeper understanding of travel blog writing and how to make a career out of it.

Key Takeaways

● There are different kinds of blog types that you can choose from for your blog like listicles, write travel guides, write about your city, things to do in lists, suggest itineraries, travel blogging tips, interviews, etc.

● Prepare an editorial calendar for content marketing purposes that will help you research, write and publish blog posts according to the timeline prepared by you.

● Keyword research is important before you start blog writing on travel, and various tools can help you research relevant keywords, related keywords, and topics for a blog.

● Prepare an overview of the blog before you start writing.

● Good quality pictures speak a lot about the location, the surrounding, and the little elements in the picture and help attract the audience.

● There are several tools available online that will be great at assisting you to run your travel blogs, such as Grammarly, Canva, SEMrush, MailChimp, and Pinterest.


1. Who are the highest-paid travel bloggers?

Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt, Johnny Ward of, Dave & Deb of The Planet D, and Earl of are among the highest-paid travel bloggers in the world.

2. How do you make money writing travel blogs?

There are some ways to make instant money by writing travel blogs. Those could be selling your travel pictures, doing freelance writing, promoting blogs on social media platforms, affiliate marketing, and placing ads on your websites.

3. What is a travel niche?

A travel niche is something that you specialize in. It could be writing listicles, travel guides, clicking travel pictures, creating travel videos, etc.