Writing With AI: An Introduction To AI Writing Assistants

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Posted on 26/04/236 min read
Writing With AI: An Introduction To AI Writing Assistants
Read to know why you need an AI writing assistant to write with AI and different AI writing assistants that would help you create better content.

The world has now been taken over by artificial intelligence (AI). Now, before you jump to conclusions, hold your horses, while we explain to you how AI writing assistants are what you need right now to be truly creative. Many have already stated their opinions that AI has officially taken over the world of content creation and marketing. Well, it’s not completely false. But, they do come in peace.


Let’s start with the obvious without dilly-dallying anymore—these are fast! Lightning fast! By the time you are scribbling pointers in your notepad after researching for hours, your AI writing assistant has already generated a dozen of articles. Also, do you know that humans take at least 2.5 hours to write 500 words of polished, well-researched content? But when writing with AI, you can create content faster and even more efficiently. This is the first advantage of many when it comes to considering writing with AI.

AI Writing Assistants or Humans – or Both

According to recent studies, businesses using AI for content marketing have reported a 70% increase in productivity. Isn’t this number fascinating? AI writing software has proven its credibility to make you productive and get more done in less time. So, what do you do with the extra time that’s now freed thanks to AI? Either binge-watch your favorite shows you have skipped for a while or explore and implore further to be truly creative.

Now, does it sound like JARVIS to you?


We know what you are thinking right now. So, what it writes fast? Does it have emotional intelligence like humans? Okay, you got us there.

Let’s be real. The writing is not only fast, but it does deliver high-quality content. Indeed, it doesn’t have the same emotional depth as humans. And it’s not possible to have the same level of sentience as humans with any AI or machinery in the world. But it has not been designed to replace humans or creativity. The AI writing platforms have been designed to free your mind from doing ordinary, mundane things and let you be truly creative while allowing you to take the wheel of your creative thinking process.

But, most AI writing software has unparalleled, fascinating Natural Language Processing skills, allowing them to deliver content per the brand’s voice and tonality. One recent survey found that 61% of consumers couldn’t tell the difference between content written by a human and content generated by AI.

How You Can Use AI Writing Assistants & the Ultimate List

Think of them as your trusty sidekicks. They help you generate ideas, provide research, and even write the first draft, leaving you with more time to focus on the creative aspects of your work. And, with the help of machine learning, they can learn from your writing style and tone, ensuring that the final product is a seamless blend of human and AI-generated content.

The days of struggling with writer’s block, poor grammar, and spelling mistakes are over. With the help of AI writing assistants, writing has never been easier.

Here is a list of some AI writing assistants who have already started to change the world of writing. 

1. PepperType

This is the first platform that you need to check when writing with AI. If you need some spice in your writing, PepperType is your go-to assistant. It can generate content ideas for any vertical and niche! It’s so efficient that it’s like a jalapeño on steroids!

PepperType has generated over 5 million articles, saving writers countless hours and increasing their productivity by up to 50%. It’s like having a sous chef in the kitchen, helping you whip up content in record time.

2. Grammarly

This AI writing platform is perfect for anyone who struggles with grammar and punctuation. Grammarly offers suggestions on grammar, and sentence structure, and even offers tips on how to improve your writing style. Grammarly has helped users correct over 1 billion mistakes, which has led to an average of 30% improvement in writing skills. The platform boasts over 30 million users and has helped users correct over 1 billion mistakes.

3. ChatGPT

This AI writing assistant has sparked a conversation about AI writing assistants and their future in all platforms. With GANs and advanced NLP skills, ChatGPT has had over 500 million interactions with users, helping them generate ideas, answer questions, and even offer witty retorts. 

It’s like having a chatbot that’s smarter than your average Joe. From answering your simple dilemma about what to eat when you are not feeling well to helping you write a newsletter and website content as per given brand guidelines, this AI writing assistant is fascinating, to say the least.

4. ProWritingAid

This writing assistant not only checks for grammar and spelling errors but also offers suggestions on how to improve your writing. It can help with issues such as repetitive phrasing, vague wording, and cliches. ProWritingAid has helped over 2 million users improve their writing skills, with an average of 20% improvement in readability.

5. Copyscape

This writing assistant is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their writing is original. Copyscape checks for plagiarism and can help identify areas where your writing may be too similar to other content. Copyscape has helped millions of users protect their content and avoid copyright infringement which has led to a reduction in legal disputes.

6. Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 has created over 100,000 images, saving businesses time and money on graphic design. It has even been used to create virtual fashion models and 3D animations. This AI writing assistant can create stunning visual content from text descriptions. Simply describe the image you want, and Dall-E 2 will create it for you. It’s perfect for creating visual aids for presentations, blog posts, or social media.

7. Jasper

This AI writing assistant is like having your personal writing coach. It analyzes your writing style and offers suggestions on how to improve your grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Think of it as a virtual writing tutor that you can take anywhere. Jasper has helped thousands of writers improve their writing skills, resulting in an average of 25% improvement in readability and grammar. It’s like having an English professor at your fingertips.

8. Lumen5

This writing assistant is perfect for anyone who wants to create visual content such as videos or social media posts. Lumen5 uses AI to create videos from text content, making it easy for anyone to create professional-looking videos. The platform has helped over 500,000 users create videos that have generated over 150 million views, which has led to an increase in engagement and brand awareness.

9. Canva

This writing assistant is perfect for anyone who wants to create visual content such as infographics or social media posts. Canva offers templates, and design elements, and even suggests color schemes to help you create stunning visuals. Canva has over 30 million users and has helped users create over 3 billion designs.

AI Writing Assistants: Order in Chaos

But let’s be real, the best part about working with AI writing assistants is the cost savings. Hiring a team of skilled writers for a start-up or a small business is difficult. And to keep up with the trends, even a professional often needs a nudge to create better content. The AI writing software is cost-effective and can deliver you fast and efficient results when working in collaboration with human brains.

Businesses using AI for content marketing have reported a 30% reduction in costs. That’s a lot of money that could be put towards important things, like snacks. AI writing assistants have revolutionized the writing industry, making it easier for anyone to create professional-quality written and visual content. With their help, writing and content creation have become more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable.

In Summary

In conclusion, while AI writing assistants may be the future of writing, they will never replace the boundless creativity and imagination of human writers. We may rely on them for grammar, spelling, and structure, but when it comes to capturing the essence of the human experience, there’s simply no substitute for the weird and wonderful workings of the human mind. 

So let’s embrace the idea of writing with AI, but also remember to let our unique voices shine through, even if that means occasionally taking a detour through the land of the grammatically incorrect and the syntactically bizarre. After all, who knows what kind of literary gems we might uncover along the way!


1. What is an AI writing assistant?

An AI writing assistant is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help writers improve the quality of their writing. These tools can perform various tasks, such as suggesting edits, providing feedback on grammar and syntax, and even generating content.

2. Are AI writing assistants only useful for non-fiction writing?

No, AI writing assistants can be useful for both non-fiction and fiction writing. They can help writers identify errors in grammar, punctuation, and syntax, as well as provide suggestions for improving the flow and structure of a piece of writing.

3. Are AI writing assistants capable of generating content for SEO purposes?

Yes, some advanced AI writing assistants are capable of generating content based on specific SEO parameters and keywords. However, it’s important to note that while AI writing assistants can help writers optimize their content for SEO, the quality and relevance of the content ultimately depend on the skill and expertise of the writer.