How to Choose the Best AI Writer (+ 9 Key Features)

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Posted on 15/06/235 min read
How to Choose the Best AI Writer (+ 9 Key Features)
AI content writing has become the fastest way to meet content requirements. Here are 9 features that the best AI writer must have.

In today’s competitive market, churning out relevant, high-quality, and value-adding content regularly is a must. While writers may fall behind because of writer’s block, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help you cover the distance. AI content writers are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people realize the value these products can add to their content development process.

Given our expertise in content development, Pepper Content had previously published a blog on the Beginner’s Guide to AI Writing. In this article, we’ll help you determine how to choose AI writers for your business. But before we get into the factors to consider, here’s why you need the best free AI article writer.

Why Choose the Best AI Writer?

The best AI writer can add value to your brand by significantly increasing your content team’s output. Here are other reasons to integrate the best free AI article writer into your content development process.

1. They can help you create more content in a short period.

One of the biggest advantages of the best free AI article writer is that it can pump out more words than a content writer. Where a content writer would take days or weeks to create content, some AI tools can create articles within 5 minutes. This means that your organization can create and publish more content quickly.

2. They can cut down on staff requirements.

If your agency caters to different industries such as IT, BFSI, Telecommunications, etc., you will need content writers and editors that have industry experience. Oftentimes, these skill sets do not overlap, and agencies must hire a large pool of writers to meet the content requirements. However, the best AI content writer can solve this issue. Since AI can generate content for all industries, there is no need to hire a large staff to meet client requirements.

3. They can help you overcome writer’s block.

Writer’s block affects all writers at some point. Thankfully, AI writers can help you overcome these. They can be used as substitutes for actual content writers, while the content writer focuses on other projects, or they can be used to ideate, research, and create outlines. Since AI content writers research through high-ranking articles, they can provide relevant ideas and outlines.

The tools of the best AI writer can help you create online content as per your requirement. However, this is only possible when you select the best AI writer.

How to Choose the Best AI Content Writer

Here are some things you should consider when you choose an AI writer.


1. Choose an AI writer that provides quality content.

You need an AI writer that provides consistent, high-quality content to establish your position as the market expert. Google’s algorithm penalizes AI-generated content. However, if your content meets the three E-A-T requirements (expertise, assertiveness, and trustworthiness), it may be ranked. 

AI tools have integrated natural language processing (NLP) that ensures the content is human-like. NLP helps AI understand human opinions, cues, behaviors, and responses and produce an article that sounds like a human writer. Therefore, assess the quality of content provided by the AI tool.

2. Choose an AI writer that is easy to use.

You are integrating AI to simplify the process of content development. Therefore, you should select a tool that can be easily integrated into your existing environment. Furthermore, it should be in line with your employee’s skillset to ensure there is minimal or no learning period. Different tools have different levels of expertise and technical requirements. Therefore, before you choose the best AI content writer, look at the technical knowledge and tech-savviness of your employees.

3. Choose the best AI writer that fits your pricing.

The best AI writers generally provide multiple subscription plans. However, in most cases, your spending is equal to the words you generate. Under each subscription plan, you receive credits used when creating an article. For example, offers a $35/month plan, which includes access to 50,000 words and 40+ content types. You can compare multiple plans before selecting one that suits your needs best.

4. Choose an AI writer that supports languages and translations.

The best AI writer should be able to detect different languages and provide translations. While this feature is not required for all businesses, it is worth considering. Most international companies produce content in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc., to appeal to a wider audience. 

As your company grows, you can provide personalized and translated content to appeal to a local audience. However, this may not be successful if your tool does not support multiple languages or provide accurate translations.

5. Choose an AI writer with a swift TAT.

The best AI writer will have a swift TAT; after all, automation reduces the processing time. Therefore, when you choose an AI writer, look at the TAT offered per content type. For example, offers email generation in 30 seconds and landing page generation in 30 minutes. Both of these would take hours or even days with a content writer. Therefore, evaluate the TAT offered before you choose an AI writer.

6. Choose an AI writer that supports various content forms.

Your firm may have to develop a wide range of content: reports, blogs, articles, meta-text, alternative text for images, emails, newsletters, and many more. Therefore, your AI writer should provide templates for most or all of these requirements. If you choose an AI writer that focuses on one or two content types, it may not have a lot of utility, and you will automate only some of the processes in your organization.

Content types


7. Choose an AI writer that supports SEO-friendly content.

SEO is the backbone of any content you create – whether it’s a cold email or a blog post. Therefore, your AI writer should be equipped to develop content following current SEO guidelines. Most AI tools don’t come equipped with SEO tools, which is especially why you should check the feature beforehand. Some, like, have been designed for SEO managers and integrate SEO features that allow you to create content that aligns with SEO guidelines.

As a content marketing agency, any content that Pepper provides its client goes through two stringent checks: grammar and plagiarism. Therefore, here are two additional tools you can’t compromise on.

8. Choose an AI writer with a good grammar checker.

One of the main selling points of an AI writer is that it provides high-quality content in the first draft. However, this draft’s quality mainly depends on the grammar checker integrated into the AI writer. Furthermore, a highly accurate grammar checker will also help you evaluate the quality of your subsequent drafts and allow you to accept grammatical changes on the fly.

9. Choose an AI writer with a plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism is one of the fastest ways to lose your market position and readers’ trust. Integrated plagiarism checkers will allow you to fix the errors or copies before publishing the content. An added advantage of an integrated checker is that it helps you save time. Using an integrated checker, you don’t need to copy-paste the content into another tool and verify authenticity.

Wrapping Up

Several of the best free AI article writers are available online. But if you consider the 9 factors above, you will be able to choose the best AI content writer for your business. You can review our article on the 12 best AI content generators to look at some options.


1. How do AI content writers work?

AI content generators work by scrolling through large online content libraries and finding relevant information. The information is then organized according to the topic, and the final content is provided. You can learn more about how content generators work in our previous article.

2. What type of content can AI writers generate?

AI writers can create all types of content, including meta tags, blogs, articles, manuscripts, testimonials, listicles, stories, outlines, summaries, etc.

3. Can the AI content writer consider SEO?

The best AI content writer scrolls through large high-ranking content. Therefore, it can recommend high-performance keywords and evaluate competitors’ content.