Top 15 Free Wix Themes You Can Use

Team Pepper
Posted on 16/05/227 min read
Top 15 Free Wix Themes You Can Use
This blog looks at a few free Wix themes curated from the hundreds available. Whatever your industry, you can find your match here.

People judge books by their covers.  If a prospective customer encounters a poorly built website, the vendor may lose their business. An online presence is as effective as the website’s UX and functionality. 20 years back, creating a website was a tedious process. Along came WordPress. Going online got easier. 

Then came Wix. It simplified the web design process. Wix themes are constantly being upgraded to stay on top of the game. Your website can be online in minutes with these free themes. Although Wix website themes don’t cost a cent, they can help you get more traction. 

15 Best Free Wix Website Templates

Let’s explore some of the best free Wix themes below. 

1. Coaching Professional

If you are a consulting/coaching professional, this may be the theme for you. This bright, enlivening template can make a superb first impression on the visitors of your site. The homepage showcases the services you offer. Clients can schedule sessions with you via the “Book Now” button that is displayed on the homepage itself. 

Ideal for: private instructors, motivational speakers, and life coaches

2. T-Shirt Store

Your products are trendy, and your clientele is suave. You want a website that is in tune with your brand. This superb Wix theme may be exactly what you need. Let customers shop with ease. They can add items to the cart, create wish lists, and add discounts. They can also chat with you in real-time. This superb Wix e-commerce theme is sophisticated and simple at the same time.

Ideal for: clothing shops, fashion boutiques, and apparel stores

3. Cocktail Delivery 

Cocktails are fun, and so is this theme. This stylish template would be good enough for James Bond himself. Put your brand out there. Focus on stylishness and exclusivity with this theme. Customize it as you please. This theme is sure to strike a chord with cocktail lovers around the world.

Ideal for: culinary professionals and restaurants

4. Marketing Agency

Set yourself apart and shine with this creative, attractive template. Showcase your projects in a unique gallery. All you need to do is add images and customize the text. Then watch as your brand-new marketing website pulls in the clients.

Ideal for: creative agencies

5. Real Estate Firm

If you are looking for a design with panache, this Wix website theme may be the one. Modern, sleek, and chic, it will elevate your real estate business’ reputation. Designed for real estate agents, this free Wix website template showcases all your properties cleanly. Add a media gallery of your properties. If you want your properties to sell like hotcakes, this is your gateway to the world.

Ideal for: real estate agents and property management groups 

6. Investment Company

This free Wix website template shows off your investment horizons. It works great for both private equity and venture capital funds. This fantastic Wix website theme features a state-of-the-art design. Proudly display your past and current investments. It will help set your investment business up for success.

Ideal for: private equity, venture capital, and investment companies

7. Mechanic 

This Wix website theme positions you as honest and affordable. Send out a message with this extremely sincere design. Customers will trust you as you highlight your certifications and services with this superb design. 

Ideal for: car repair services, auto shops, and mechanics

8. Dentist

This professional Wix website template is sure to spread smiles. It works superbly for health and medical clinics. Personalize it easily by changing the text and images. This is an easily editable website template for medical professionals.

Ideal for: doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals

9. Retreat

The design is clean and spells health and wellness. If you are looking to attract an audience for your health and wellness offerings, this may be the template you are looking for. With this theme, you can highlight upcoming events and track them too. 

Ideal for: fitness instructors, including yoga and Pilates professionals

10. Hostel

This engaging and fun Wix theme works great for guests who want to book a hostel stay. Display your amenities through catchy photos that capture the feel of your hostel. Highlight the fun visitors can have when they choose to stay at your accommodation. 

Ideal for: BnBs, guest houses, and hostels

11. Graphic Designer

This clean, uncluttered Wix website theme lets your creativity shout out loud. If you are looking for a Wix template for your design portfolio, this may be the one. The interactive features are great for visitors to explore your projects. The contact form brings website viewers easily in touch with you. The Wix theme builder makes it easy to customize this site just as you want it.

Ideal for: creative professionals, artists, professional design services, designers

12. Copywriter

Tell your clients who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. This is one of the best Wix portfolio templates out there. It puts the focus on your work quality and samples. With a professional and vibrant feel, this template helps you display your most impressive work. You even have the option to add a short bio and a photograph of yourself on the homepage. 

Ideal for: marketing professionals, editors, and writers

13. Fast Food Restaurant 

Create a professional website fast with this tantalizing mix of colors and yummy design. This trendy template does more than just introduce your business. Simply click to add your menu and social links, and start selling. It’s as easy as A-B-C!

Ideal for: local fast food joints and restaurants 

14. Accessories Store 

Your business is trendy. You have the original stuff the crowd is looking for. Get yourself this great Wix theme. Brand yourself as modern and dynamic. Showcase your goods in the best way possible. It takes only a few clicks to get your online accessory store up and running.

Ideal for: fashion shops and apparel retailers

15. Home Remodeling Company 

This clean, classy design is sure to impress. Showcase pretty visuals throughout your site and highlight your past work. Let your remodeling service offerings shine. Turn potential clients into current ones with this beautiful design.

Ideal for: remodeling, contracting services, and home improvement.

Wix themes come with certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go through some of them. 

Advantages of Free Wix Themes

Here are some benefits of using the best free Wix templates. 

1. Intuitive and easy interface

Although the interface isn’t the best-looking in the market, it is one of the easiest. The intuitiveness ensures you can access every tool in a couple of clicks. Guidelines and tools for customization are available even in free plans. This makes branding a breeze. 

2. Easy to design even complex websites

Wix offers incredible drag-and-drop functionalities. Within minutes, you can have a modern site ready. Even big commercial sites can be made live without a huge upfront investment. 

3. Secure and fast

Wix websites perform at above-average speeds. In addition, they are hosted on Wix servers, so they are totally secure. So all you need to focus on is creating great content!

4. No long-term commitment 

Several website platforms lock you into 24-month or 36-month plans. This isn’t the case with Wix. You can upgrade from the free plan and cancel at any time. It can cost you as little as $5 per month.

5. Wix is a multipurpose solution

If your site runs into issues, just contact Wix. You don’t need to be a specialist. Wix’s support is available via email, phone, or the interactive FAQ page. It’s that simple.

Disadvantages of Free Wix Themes

Here are a few downsides of using free Wix themes. 

1. Ads in the starter plan

If you have a starter plan ($5), you will have ads displayed on your site. If you don’t want ads, you need to enroll in a premium plan. 

2. SEO is a problem

With Wix websites, SEO is a problem. The SEO wizard that comes with Wix is behind the times. This puts long-term players at a disadvantage.

3. Limited potential for creativity 

The drag-and-drop option limits a creative person’s potential. You may not get the exact functionality you are looking for. Often, due to this, it takes longer to create the website. 

4. No unlimited plans

Wix offers no unlimited plans. Even premium business and commercial plans do not offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Key Takeaways

  • Today, with the advancement in technology, it is easy, fast, and cost-effective to put your business online.
  • Wix allows you to create an attractive and effective online presence.
  • There are free Wix themes for practically any purpose. With these Wix e-commerce themes, it is easy to create an online presence that is in line with your brand.
  • Wix is not only a high-speed and fast-loading site, but it is also secure for your business. 
  • Whatever your vertical, you will find a range of customizable Wix website templates. Wix’s themes are tastefully created. 

It is an exciting time for online businesses. E-commerce enablers like Wix have leveled the playing field. All sizes of businesses now compete for customers online. 

With free Wix themes, you can create an attractive and highly functional website in a matter of hours, even minutes. It doesn’t take rocket science to make a great website anymore. You might be amazed at the possibilities. But hey! Nothing is shocking in the internet age anymore. 


1. Why should I use Wix to create my website?

The top reason why folks use Wix is the ease of use. Wix is a great DIY website platform. If you want to create a beautiful, functional website yourself, Wix, with its free themes, may be the answer.

2. I work as an educator. Is there a Wix theme for me?

Yes. Just head to the Community section, and you will see a host of free Wix themes made just for education.

3. Can I start a blog on Wix?

Yes. Wix has many free Wix website templates made for blogs of all kinds.