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Which Type of Creator Are You?

Team Pepper
Posted on 22/04/222 min read
Which Type of Creator Are You?

The other day, at the Pepper HQ, a few writers were discussing their writing habits. They were struck by how different each person’s style was. This made us think just how many types of creators exist out there! 

Content creation is a field that requires nuance and diversity. Each creator may have something unique to contribute to any given project. This is exactly why it is imperative to be more in touch with your habits and what makes you tick. So join us as we marvel at how every single one of us transforms the act of creation in our own ways.

7 Types of Creators 

We’ve created a rather fun list of the common types of creators there exist. 

1. The Formula One driver

These are the types that can write 1,000 words in under 30 minutes. We don’t know how they do it, because we’ve watched them and there’s no AI involved. It really is just their hands and brain.

2. The procrastinator


This person starts working only 30 minutes before the deadline. They really, really, want to be more punctual, but it just doesn’t seem to work. 

3. The overprepared hero 

This person has everything on hand. iPad, pen, paper, laptop, colored pencils: you name it. They are prepared even for the apocalypse (that may be an exaggeration, but you get the drill.) 

4. The investigator 

They collect everything from scandals and secrets to rare research, in the hope that it will enhance their content: be it social media posts or ad copy. When it comes to content, it means they leave no stone unturned when looking for data. 

5. The tortoise 

This is the person who takes their own sweet time to complete each task. You may even get the impression that they’re lagging behind. But the tortoise did eventually win the race so, we know these creators will too. 

6. Shashi Tharoor’s prodigy

If you can fill up your articles with the kind of erudition made famous by Shashi Tharoor, that’s amazing, provided your target audience can handle it. Let’s be real: how often does that happen?

7. The copy artist 


Before the internet entered all our homes, we happily copied everything. Now, we have plagiarism software that the copy (here, “copy” refers to plagiarizing) artist has made their life’s mission to beat. However, we sorely hope there aren’t too many of these in the world!

Now, this is where you come in and tell us about the kind of creator you are, and your most memorable story of meeting anyone who fits into this list. Also, tell us about the categories we missed. We’ll share your stories on our social media platform.