What Can SEO Cost For E-Commerce Websites

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Posted on 17/05/234 min read
What Can SEO Cost For E-Commerce Websites
E-commerce SEO can be expensive and complicated. This article will delve into exactly what factors to consider while accounting for SEO costs.

Digital success for any company takes time, persistence, and a lot of work. A collection of optimization methods known as e-commerce search engine optimization (SEO) can help any company looking for a presence online to rank higher in search results. 

Businesses, especially e-commerce, can’t endure in the long run without a strong SEO foundation. It aids appearance in more pertinent search results, which helps increase website traffic which is one of the most important metrics in an e-commerce business since this traffic eventually brings in leads and sales.

The last several years have seen a rapid expansion of the e-commerce industry. Also, consumer demand is shifting, so companies must monitor internet trends. To achieve this, hiring a dedicated e-commerce SEO agency with technical knowledge in the field has become the need of the hour.


Why SEO for your E-commerce Business

  • Increased website traffic

Organic traffic is the website visitors you receive from unpaid appearances on search results pages. These internet visitors typically visit your website on the first page of a search engine while looking for goods or services that your company offers. These ideal clients then click through your pages. To gain more website clicks, SEO is a non-negotiable factor. And for that, you need cost-effective SEO services.

  • Sustainability

In all honesty, the majority of digital marketing methods used by most organizations are not designed for immediate or short-term outcomes. One such tool is SEO. Although the effect will not be apparent right away, it should eventually provide steady organic traffic.

  • Budget-friendly

A fantastic approach to saving money and earning money online is offering products and services through e-commerce. Your business will develop if you provide your target audience with an option to buy your products wherever they are. 

E-commerce SEO is essential for achieving your target audience’s attention online. You do not need to worry about raising marketing costs if you use a successful e-commerce SEO agency because your website already serves as a constant salesperson for your goods and services.

  • Improved user experience

The first page of search results on search engines like Google indicates that your SEO strategy is effective and that your website is user-friendly. Google recently declared that it would give priority to mobile-friendly websites. Given that more than 60% of consumers access the internet through their mobile devices today, this is one of the most crucial business considerations.


How Much Does SEO Cost for E-Commerce Websites?

You can choose from several SEO pricing packages in India. The price can change significantly based on the precise services you need. The cost of SEO for an e-commerce website in 2023 will start at INR 10,000 per month and can go as high as INR 80,000 and more. The price of SEO services varies according to the difficulty of the targeted keywords, the e-commerce SEO agency involved, and the kind of e-commerce SEO services you select.

Several elements can affect how much an Indian SEO campaign can cost.


  • Campaign objectives

The campaign’s aims and objectives will determine the first stage in calculating the SEO cost for your e-commerce website. You need to be aware of your objectives before choosing an e-commerce SEO agency. For most business owners, increasing website visibility, enhancing search engine rank, and expanding organic reach are among the most popular goals.

  • Deliverables and scope of work

Some of the strategies used in a specific SEO campaign include:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO

SEO services pricing will vary depending on the number of tasks and deliverables outlined by you and agreed upon by the SEO agency.

  • Duration of contract

You must define the length of the service when you contact an SEO service provider or a freelancer for e-commerce SEO costs. Long-term collaboration typically costs less, but you will be locked into using a particular service provider for a long time.

  • E-commerce SEO agency profile

SEO experts with better skills and experience might bill at a higher rate. But the chances are that they produce better outcomes that justify the SEO cost.

It is not easy to quote a specific cost for e-commerce SEO since it depends on several factors. It is always a great idea to get in touch with several service providers, compare the services offered and then decide.

E-Commerce SEO and its Inclusions

So, what kind of SEO services should you look for when choosing an e-commerce SEO agency? To make the most of the SEO services pricing, most agencies offer a combination of the following services:

  1. Auditing SEO
  2. Competition research
  3. Custom Approach
  4. Optimizing external pages
  5. Optimizing a page
  6. Recurring reports
  7. Gradual optimization

These services are offered by the majority of SEO service providers. You should go for services that meet your needs based on your requirements.

It is difficult to implement SEO strategies for your e-commerce website today considering that every business wants to go online now. Brands should never undervalue SEO’s enormous potential. It assists in increasing website traffic apart from increasing your brand’s visibility. 

In summary, investing intelligently in an SEO service provider for your brand is important because SEO is a great revenue generator for e-commerce businesses.


1. What is e-commerce SEO?

Making sure your product pages show up in the top 10 organic search results is the main goal of e-commerce SEO.

2. How to learn SEO?

The greatest method to learn SEO is through practice in addition to understanding the theory.

3. What is the process of e-commerce SEO?

When prospects come across your products via search, they take the time to investigate them and determine if they are a good fit. You can attract leads that are more likely to become customers for your company by appearing in relevant search results.

4. Why is keyword research important in e-commerce SEO?

It’s crucial to properly select your keywords so that search engines can match and show your website in search results for the most pertinent keyword searches.

5. What factors determine the performance of an e-commerce website?

Some metrics that are important for a successful e-commerce store include the conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, average order value, bounce rate, shopping cart abandonment rate, etc.