The Ultimate Guide to Email Banner Design With Templates

Team Pepper
Posted on 29/03/225 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Email Banner Design With Templates
Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most impactful forms of marketing to date. Nailing your email banner template design will elevate its results.

A renowned survey confirms that nearly 31% of B2B marketers entrust their faith in email marketing and newsletter campaigns as the best way to nurture leads.

But crafting a great email or developing an effective strategy is incomplete without elements that directly hook your prospects or urge your leads to open the emails. That is why you should concentrate on designing the perfect email with an impressive email banner template that fulfills your email marketing campaign’s objective.

Since a great email is incomplete without an equally good banner, let’s check out some of the stunning email banner sample variants that boost the success of email campaigns and increase email open rates.

What Is an Email Banner and What Is Its Significance?

In simple terms, an email banner is like your house’s nameplate. The nameplate of your house signifies the name of the house or that of its owner. The email banner, also known as the email header, is an image at the top of the email introducing your company or business and establishing the email’s tone.

An email banner template is a pre-made design that includes all the relevant elements used to curate the email banner sample and create the comprehensive image that dictates the name and purpose of the business. 


The above is an email banner template of an e-Commerce business solution. You could simply play with the elements and tweak them a little to create a custom email banner sample for your e-Commerce business.

The above template also contains a particular number that signifies the newsletter editor of the e-Commerce business for which the email banner template can be used. 

However, an email banner or an email header is starkly different from an email signature banner, which resides at the bottom of the email. It generally consists of your signature, the physical address of your business, the Unsubscribe button, etc.

The purposes are different too. While an email banner sample is used to introduce a business to the lead and amplify the click-through rate, the email signature banner is like the ‘end credits’ – which talks about the proprietor, the address, and holds a CTA button. 

When to Use Email Banners?

If you are sifting through email banner template designs, you should be clear about the usage of the email banner sample. The email banner sample could be used for several purposes, as stated below.

  • Introducing the newsletter of a brand

The email banner could simply signify the name of your business or your newsletter, which is often different from your brand’s name. 


  • Signifying the brand name or logo of the company 

An email banner template can often be created to include the brand name and logo provisions, introducing the business to the readers. Although the email template banner above carries only the brand name, a company can also include its distinct logo on its banner. 

  • Announcing a product launch 

Another big reason for using an email banner is to launch a new product or a service. Such email banner template ideas should have product photos to lure customers and tell them what to expect through visuals.

These email template banner designs should also consider snippets of the promotional offer or discount to capture the reader’s attention in one go.


  • Encouraging the customer to take action in case of a sale, discount, or any other offer

One of the biggest reasons for using an email banner is to introduce your readers or your customers to some of the most attractive offers, discounts, sales, etc., that your business offers.

In that case, the email template banner might contain a particularly enticing image about the product or service you are promoting; it could also have CTA buttons to encourage clicks. Often, the email banner template could contain a direct link to the landing page in case of a special promotion.


The Significance of Email Banner Positions

The position of an email banner should always be at the top. An email banner is also called a header, as it aims to capture the reader’s attention before they even find the contents of the email.

While going through email banner sample ideas, remember that they will be placed ideally for conveying the rest of your brand message and the detailed pieces of information. It could be a product launch or a promotional offer; your objective is to attract the reader before they even go through the email body.

Color psychology is a significant component of your email banner template, as colors define our moods. Hence, the layout of the email banner should be appropriately coupled with the color scheme so that your reader or customer takes the intended action.


A successful email marketing campaign is defined through the click-through and the email open rates. Although people quickly discard email marketing from their list of marketing channels, it can prove to be quite as effective as others.

Nothing is better than email marketing when tied with a specific purpose – lead nurturing. And how to urge your readers to wait for your newsletters and open them eagerly?

The answer lies in a brilliantly crafted email banner. Since designing an impressive email banner is quite a hassle, you can go with a tried-and-tested email banner template and use it at the top of your mail to boost open rates and urge your customers to take action.


1. What makes a good email banner?

Keep the design template clutter-free and straightforward to make your email banner sample perfect and enjoy maximum conversion rates. Focus on the brand colors, name, and logo, and keep all distractions aside. Create multiple email banner template designs for different types of campaigns you want to execute for your brand.

2. How do you make an email banner?

To create an email banner sample, you can visit Pepper Content and try out our emailer design services, as it helps you create a customized email banner.

3. What is a good size for an email banner?

The ideal email template banner size should be 650 pixels to 700 pixels (width for desktop screens) and 350 pixels to 500 pixels (height for desktop screens). On the other hand, the ideal size for a regular mobile screen is 200 pixels (height) by 350 pixels (width).

4. What does an email banner look like?

When it comes to an email banner sample, it should include an image at the end of the email signature with a custom size of typically 100 pixels (height)X700 pixels (width). It ideally enables you to add details to promote your company or advertise its brand.

5. What should be included in a banner?

When creating a striking impression with your email banner template, ensure picking the perfect layout that stands out as a frame on which you can play with the right mix of colors and typeface.
The well-balanced layout should have smart background choices in terms of color psychology and not more than three to five lines of text. The text’s typeface should be large and easy to read and a relevant image to convey a single, focused message.