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Top 5 YouTube Gaming Channels [+Marketing Tips]

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Posted on 2/05/227 min read
Top 5 YouTube Gaming Channels [+Marketing Tips]
YouTube gaming channels are all the rage these days. In this blog, learn how to promote one, and look at a few top channels.

YouTube, with more than 2.1 billion users worldwide, is the second most-visited site on the web. YouTube gaming channels are a competitive niche, dominating the gaming space with billions of views. As per reports, users spend over 246 billion minutes viewing total gaming YouTube channel content every month. Some of the best gaming YouTube channels provide gamers with tutorials, insider tips, and updates on upcoming titles.

With the right game marketing strategy, these billions of views not only tell us about video consumption patterns but can also help marketers understand the consumer’s journey. Today, online video has revolutionized viewing habits, and gamers play a huge role in influencing these changing behaviors. Many gaming influencers on YouTube have risen because of the synergy between playing a video game and watching others play on the biggest gaming channels on YouTube. This blog will help you understand the reason behind some of the best gaming YouTube channels’ expansive reach, and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

The Growth of YouTube Gaming

Gaming channels essentially consist of a person playing their desired video game. In most cases, their faces are shown, and they usually interact with their audience while playing. YouTube gaming channels have a massive number of subscribers on YouTube, second only to music channels. Today, with a lot of popular YouTube game creators, gaming stands at the forefront of the digital platform’s growth. 

Some of the top gaming channels on YouTube create multi-dimensional content and are, in themselves, powerhouse brands. Gamers leverage multiple video formats, such as live streaming, video on demand, and Shorts, to tell their stories and create connections with their fans and viewers. 


With a dedicated gaming platform, viewers and gamers can share, engage, and watch trending videos as well as live streams. As per reports, two videos out of the top ten trending videos are gaming-focused and created by gaming influencers. Today, gaming tops millennials’ entertainment preferences and has become more interactive, social, and engaging. Gamers feel more connected to their audiences on YouTube. Due to the vibrant social communities surrounding gaming culture, engagement in the form of comments, likes, and shares is high.

The $300 billion gaming industry is continuously growing, and some top gaming channels on YouTube are capitalizing on this industry’s growth, reach, and engagement. The growth of YouTube gaming channels is proven by over 90 million hours of live streaming, and over 250 million uploads in the first half of 2021. 

Today, with different monetization features, from ad revenue to paid digital goods, gaming is becoming a full-time career option. And the best part is that this industry is not showing any signs of slowing down. As game creators can’t rely on ad revenue only, YouTube has added channel memberships, which allow creators to set up their own subscription rates.

5 Top Gaming Channels on YouTube

YouTube gaming is a global community that connects people with shared interests. Forming friendships online, while playing together and sharing gaming-related opinions, is one of the best aspects of YouTube gaming channels. Below is a list of the top gaming channels on YouTube.

1. PewDiePie

With 111 million subscribers, PewDiePie is one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube. It was created by Swedish content creator Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg in 2010. In the gaming community today, this page is considered one of the most iconic of all time. A combination of Felix’s Let’s Play videos, genuine gaming skills, and witty humor has led to the channel’s massive success. Each of his videos on YouTube gaming channels has touched at least a million views.

2. VanossGaming

The man behind this top gaming channel on YouTube is Evan Fong, a 29-year-old Canadian YouTuber. He is known for his alliance with other content creators. Evan’s signature has been his hilarious commentaries, ever since the channel’s launch in 2011. Most of his videos involve him playing a game with other YouTube gamers. Evan Fong is known not only for his comedic approach to gaming but also for his montage-style snapshots of different games.

3. Markiplier 


Markiplier, another top gaming channel on YouTube, was created by Mark Fischbach, an American gaming YouTuber, in 2012. His videos are mostly based on survival horror games, animated parodies, and comedy sketches. Today, Fischbach is among the leading entertainers in the gaming world. Mark is also known for his charity live streams, through which he and his subscribers are said to have raised over $3 million. It is quite easy to recognize Mark’s content because of the signature pink mustache that has been a part of his branding.

4. iHasCupquake

iHasCupquake, created by Tiffany Garcia in 2010, has made it clear to the world that gaming isn’t just for men. Counted among the best gaming YouTube channels, she is known for gameplay on Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Sims, among others. Today, Tiffany has turned her YouTube channel into a brand and company, with her own website (called the iHasCupquake Shop) that sells everything from bags and clothes to stationery.

5. Total Gaming 

The now-popular Total Gaming was created by Ajay in 2018. He has a good mix of content, from live streams and Shorts to tips and tricks, which keep his YouTube gaming channel interesting. Uploading engaging gaming videos every week has helped him gain popularity in a short span of time. Total Gaming is now being considered among the biggest gaming channels on YouTube.

5 Types of Gaming Videos

There are no set rules for making gaming videos. However, there are a few basic types of gaming videos to look out for.

1. Let’s Play videos 

Let’s Play videos let viewers watch you play the game. It is essentially a recording of the gamer playing the game, accompanied by a voice-over or commentary. Many times, it also includes the gamer’s face. 

2. Reviews

These videos offer a lot of interesting insights about a game. Review videos help buyers decide if they want to invest their money and time into a specific game.

3. Walkthroughs

These videos are structured in a way that viewers pass the game while experiencing events, and notice characters they would have missed otherwise.

4. Reaction videos

Reaction videos capture genuine reactions to an event in a game. As they are spontaneous, they also represent the user’s personality.

5. How-to videos


As some video games are hard to master, these videos show the moves, tips, and tricks to win those games.

7 Marketing Strategies for YouTube Gaming Channels 

The gaming industry has been growing year on year. The global gaming market has experienced a massive surge in both players and revenue.

However, promoting games is not easy, as this market is fiercely competitive. Just creating YouTube gaming channels isn’t enough. They have to be backed by a strong marketing strategy. Only a powerful marketing plan will get your channel noticed among thousands created every day. Once you have developed an addictive game, follow some simple marketing strategies to increase the chances of success.

1. Comment on other gamers’ videos

This is a great way to get your YouTube channel noticed. It not only helps you attract eyeballs to your channel, but it also helps you forge connections with other games and the YouTube gaming community at large.

2. Create your tags in line with SEO

Just like web pages, creating tags for your YouTube gaming channels is one of the best ways to get results. When making tags (keywords for YouTube), ensure you place them in the right category to get your YouTube gaming channel noticed.

3. Write a strong description for each video 

Create an effective description to rank among the top gaming channels on YouTube. The description should simply describe the contents of the video, helping get the point across. After the first line, add a slightly longer synopsis of the content.

4. Use an effective CTA

Find creative and unique ways to ask the users to like and subscribe to your channel, and share your videos. A strong call to action is a must in any video marketing strategy. 

5. Polish your channel’s appearance

Create a stunning YouTube gaming channel banner that shows off your signature. Also, get your content organized into playlists. Having a systematically laid out channel gives the impression that you know what you’re doing. 

6. Socialize with other YouTubers

As other YouTubers are part of the community, socialize with them and also ask them for feedback and advice. Collaborating with other YouTubers is a two-way street, benefiting both.

7. Make reaction videos

An occasional response video to an event or cause that you care about might get you a huge audience. To get greater traction, make sure you keep these videos as genuine as possible. 

Gamers love to upload videos to their YouTube gaming channels, re-create game highlights, and predict future matches. Gaming has been an intrinsic part of YouTube culture for a while now. Today, you can not only watch videos on the top YouTube gaming channels, but you can also thrive in this lucrative business. Being a top YouTuber gamer, after all,  is a full-time job. 

We hope this blog helps you harness YouTube’s potential and also promotes your gaming channel if you have one. You can increase your views, improve the ROI, and be listed among the top gaming channels on YouTube. Remember, gamers not only play but also watch to learn how to play. Gaming, which was once considered a solitary activity, is now a booming community.

Key Takeaways

  • Most gamers rely on online video as a key source of information and entertainment.
  • Gaming audiences are a relatively untapped market for brand advertisements. 
  • There are several types of gaming videos creators can consider. 
  • In order to thrive in the gaming industry, it is crucial to stay connected with other gamers. 
  • Through gaming, brands can advertise and access target audiences at various times of the day. 


1. Who is the most famous gaming YouTuber?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, more popularly known as PewDiePie, is the most famous gamer on YouTube, with more than 100 million subscribers. 

2. Do gamers get paid?

YouTube gamers, after reaching YouTube partner status, can earn by merchandising, sponsorships, and advertisements. They can also monetize their channel by offering services to other streamers.

3. How can you create the best gaming YouTube channel?

In YouTube gaming, the more you stream, the more likely you are to become famous. If your content is engaging and unique, you will attract more viewers. The more subscribers and viewers you get, the higher your chances of getting noticed.

4. What equipment do you need to be a YouTube gamer?

For becoming a YouTube gamer, all you need is a computer, a camera, a microphone, video editing software, and a screen recorder.