10 Apple Marketing Lessons to Learn From

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Posted on 21/03/225 min read
10 Apple Marketing Lessons to Learn From
Apple has taken the world by storm with its marketing endeavors. This blog lists 10 Apple marketing lessons to learn from.

Did you know that Steve Jobs was not always a techie, nor did he study at a prestigious business school? Jobs was a college dropout, but his one strength was marketing, and the entrepreneur extraordinaire has left behind several Apple marketing lessons to learn from. Today, Apple is one of the leading tech brands, a far cry from the impending bankruptcy it was facing for some time in the past.


10 Apple Marketing Strategies You Must Learn 

There are many things to learn from Apple’s marketing. We list a few of them below.  

1. Use simple marketing techniques 

Customers don’t like complex marketing techniques that are difficult to understand and follow. The company learned that early on and has kept its marketing activities extremely simple. They focused on core factors, such as features, prices, special effects, and professionally created voice-overs.

Apple’s products speak for themselves, and customers take the effort to discover and explore them. There’s only bare content highlighting the essentials, with a straightforward display of graphics that tell it all. Apple’s marketing team does not like to use technical jargon, as it only complicates matters and confuses the target audience.  Users look for value and prefer products presented realistically, without too much hype. It is one of the Apple marketing strategies you must learn to succeed as a marketer or entrepreneur. 

2. Try influencer collaborations


You may not have the budget Apple enjoys today. However, you can always start small by collaborating with influencers on social media platforms, such as Instagram or Twitter. Customers prefer to go by the recommendations influencers make, and it is easy to sell your product or service and establish your brand in the marketplace through this method.

3. Take advantage of reviews

Apple’s strength probably lies in the rave reviews it gets from its customers. You should focus on getting reviews for your product or service, and use them as testimonials on your website and social media pages.

Satisfied customers readily give positive reviews and may be willing to be your brand ambassadors. You may want to hand out some incentives in appreciation of their support. If you can add the reviewer’s name and a photo, you can authenticate the review better to convince your prospective customers. If you are a B2B organization, you may also want to add a link to add credibility to your claims.     

4. Focus on your unique selling proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is more important than the price you quote for your product or service. If you focus on the prices, you may have to look at your competitors’ pricing and lower yours accordingly, which is not too good for the bottom line. Apple products sell because of their USP. And frankly, few customers are bothered by Apple’s rates. No competitor has been able to come close to Apple, thanks to its strong USP that helps it sustain itself in this hyper-competitive market. 


Another factor Apple pays attention to is user experience. The company values its customers’ user experience, thanks to its feature-loaded products that are a class apart. Whatever Apple device a customer buys, they never feel they are paying too high a price. Therefore, it pays to focus on your USP and explain to the customer what sets you apart from your competitors.

5. Maintain your core values 

One of the crucial Apple marketing strategies you must learn is the significance of maintaining core values.  Apple believes in standing by its values, and when its customers see this, their loyalty becomes more profound. It’s not just the product, but the packaging and overall presence in the marketplace—along with other marketing collateral—that make the difference.

Brands can sustain themselves in the market by reinforcing their ideals. Customers strongly believe that a brand can be counted on for consistent quality because it maintains core values religiously. Replicating that for your brand may be a difficult act, but not impossible.

6. Create experiences rather than mere products


Making a product is easy, but creating an unforgettable customer experience is more challenging. A great customer experience entices customers to return for more. Apple has mastered the art of providing a memorable customer experience, which helps it retain its loyal customers despite the high prices. It is one of the most important Apple marketing lessons to learn for any budding entrepreneur. 

7. Speak in a language the customers understand

Apple believes in speaking to its customers in their language. This is one of the most crucial Apple marketing strategies you must learn if you wish to replicate even a small percentage of what this electronics giant has achieved.

Avoid jargon and complicated terms, which can only confuse customers rather than convince them. Apple studies customer behavior and acts accordingly, and it always frames its ad copy in a way that is engaging and easily comprehensible. 

8. Use powerful graphics

Apple uses visual content that attracts and engages consumers instantly. Its videos tend to go viral. What cannot be expressed in a few words is conveyed through short clips, having a memorable impact on people. Using videos is one of the crucial Apple marketing lessons to learn for all marketers.

9. Create a mood

There is something about Apple that people are in awe of, which the company capitalizes on. Their product launches are always grand events that are reported globally. Customers rave about them, which builds curiosity around their products. That aside, Apple’s branding is uniform across the board, which adds to its strong standing in the market.  

10. Leverage the power of emotions

Apple has a way of connecting with its users emotionally. The brand never speaks about battery life, memory, or any other technical details. Instead, it tells its customers how they can enjoy the experience that accompanies the product. It spreads a general sense of revelry and happiness, and it has an infectious effect on people. 


It pays to follow in the footsteps of a successful brand. Apple is a brand worth emulating, and the above points must give you the answer to your question, “What can we learn from Apple marketing?” Use these points to formulate a winning marketing strategy of your own.  


1. What can you learn from Apple’s marketing?

There are several Apple marketing lessons to learn, especially for budding entrepreneurs. 

The first point to remember is to keep things simple and use product placement intelligently. 
People go by reviews, so use them generously on your website. 
Every brand must have a USP to sustain itself in the market. 
You must stand for your values and create experiences rather than mere products.

2. What are the marketing strategies Apple deploys?

The two essential marketing strategies that led to Apple’s success are product placement, where they collaborate with celebrities and make hit events, and reviews on media. You may not have the resources Apple has, but what’s more important is resourcefulness.

3. What’s the secret behind Apple understanding customer needs?

One of the significant Apple marketing lessons to learn is the brand’s reliance on feedback surveys, which help gather customer insights. Apple is known to send emails to customers immediately after a sale, asking for their feedback. Customers rate their satisfaction level, which gives Apple an idea of what is lacking.

4. Does Apple use direct marketing?

Apple successfully uses direct marketing to sell its iPhones, iPads, and several other products. The company uses email as its marketing tool to reach prospective customers directly. The emails contain descriptions of the latest iPhones and the offers available at the time.