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The Top 6 Features of A Good AI Writer

Team Pepper
Posted on 18/05/237 min read
The Top 6 Features of A Good AI Writer
There are multiple AI writers in the market. But how do you know which one is the best? This blog helps you by outlining the 6 features of a good AI writer.

How often have you stared at the blank screen for hours and wondered if someone writes the first draft of your article in minutes whilst you take a break or a nap? How often have you scoured the internet studying, and reading new topics, including publications and books, to just write a small opinionated article?

Have you ever wished for a good AI writer as a sidekick who would help you with content creation with the same fervor and love as you do? Well, the masterminds of the AI technology world have heard you. This blog tells you more – read on. 

AI Writers and Their Significance in 2023

2023 is the year of automation. Long gone are the days when you have to manually schedule your posts or track reports of ad campaigns, or check your sales. And automation means the turnaround time of work decreases, increasing work efficiency. But it means you need to create content at a faster pace.

Now, let’s be real! Creating content, like writing blogs or designing a poster, is not an easy feat. You need time and space to think and create. But this becomes a menace when you have to manage multiple clients of different niches single-handedly. From automobile and FinTech to lifestyle and apparel, you need to juggle all the time. In addition to this, you need to constantly create and deliver content fast, as per the trends, match up with algorithms, and so much more.


It’s not easy to be a one-man army in the content creation world, especially when you are wearing a wordsmith’s hat. So, you need good AI writer tools in your arsenal to create effective and high-quality content.

What are AI Writers?

AI tools, including AI article writers, have been in the market for a while, but the industry took a pique recently. With the rise of technology, AI article writers have become essential tools for many writers, from bloggers to content creators. From and ChatGPT to Jasper, there are so many AI-powered tools to help you in content creation.

But there are so many AI-powered writing tools in the market. Which one is perfect for you? How to choose the right one?

This can be a challenge. It is because not all AI content writers are created equally. So, let’s dive in and explore the types of features that you need to check for choosing a good AI writer.

6 Features of Good AI Writers

1. Easy-to-use interface

The design of any product or software is the key to customer experience and product usage. Nobody wants a screen with cluttered information where you need to spend several hours to understand how it works. In this fast-paced world, you need something easy to use and fast to generate a response.

The truth is that nobody wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to use AI content writers. Most of us would give up if it were complicated. So, look for AI content writers with a clean interface – one that is intuitive and easy to navigate., ChatGPT, and are some good AI writers. You do not need any extra classes or courses to understand how to use them.

2. Styles and formats

Recently, creators have expressed their concern about monotony while using AI content writers. Every type of content is unique. The style for an automobile vertical won’t be the same for a lifestyle article. Some need a sales perspective, and some need an informative approach. But all AI-writing tools are not built the same way. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that every AI article writer will give you high-quality style and format variations.

Before choosing any AI writer, test one or two prompts and read the types of responses it is generating.

Try if you have to create content for various platforms and niches. They offer multiple types of formats and samples on content ideation and creation. is another AI writing tool that is helpful if you are writing content for social media platforms.

3. The power of adaptability

A good AI writer should be able to write in any style and format. Whether you’re writing a blog post or a novel, you want a writing tool that can adapt to your needs. Look for a tool that offers a variety of writing styles, such as formal or conversational, and formats, such as blog posts or emails. The AI article writer should customize the writing to suit your specific needs.

Other than, and ChatGPT are some AI writing tools you can try that offer versatility to fuel your creative streak!

4. The grammar police

How many times have you clicked your tongue after finding a typo while reading an already-submitted article? Let’s be honest! We all have three bags of embarrassing stories, thanks to misspelled words or basic wrong grammar. 

And grammatical mistakes can cost you a lot. You do not want them while writing website copy or a newsletter. And these are the times when you need the grammar police more than ever. But drafting, writing, and editing a document for several types of content at once is quite a task.

What if the AI writer also offered you additional grammar checks? A tool with a grammar and spelling checker will save you from those moments of embarrassment. Plus, it will ensure that your writing is error-free, which is essential for producing quality content. would score high on the list.

5. Rephrase, repurpose and recycle

Like the 3Rs of the waste management system, we have the 3Rs of the content management system. We follow this for old content to increase engagement and traffic and old documents that may contain outdated information. This is mostly seen in website content, product descriptions, brochures, features, etc. But repurposing, rephrasing, and recycling content as per the new norms, trends, and requirements is a difficult task.

You can use AI content writers to aid you with the 3Rs. does offer you an extensive feature for this process. You get real-time analytics of the content, including keyword usage, content reach, etc. Another AI tool that you can try is, which helps you rephrase existing content.

6. Wordplay like a wordsmith

Every niche has a special set of words, jargon, and syntax that makes the content more appealing, appropriate, and authentic. The words you use for a lifestyle blog can’t be used for a finance blog. Also, you need to use variations of words and styles to keep the ante of the topic throughout the doc. From hooks to the conclusion, every single sentence is essential. The lack of wordplay can kill your content and readability score. But, as humans, it is difficult to carry a dictionary in your head all the time. Some have less retention power; some have more.

Rather than berating yourself for the lack of vocabulary, you can use an AI essay writer that offers you a comprehensive database of words and phrases. It should be able to formulate sentences of various niches with appropriate words and phrases. Also, it helps you recover creative blocks. It should be advanced to generate ideas and phrases that you might not have thought of or missed on your own, especially idioms. Now, you can expand your vocabulary and create more engaging content like the Wordsmith you want to become.

7. Tonality and narrative

Tonality and narrative are two fundamental components that you can’t ignore while creating content. No matter how informative your content piece is, without the right tone and storytelling style, it won’t generate engagement. So, go for an AI essay writer that is adaptive and can adjust the tonality per the content and target audience.

P.S.: You may need to play around with prompts to achieve the tonality mark.

Before choosing any AI writing tool, test it and read the results.

  • Check how fast it generates results.
  • Check how many variations it can produce.
  • Check the style and narratives and if it fits the given brief. and ChatGPT are some of the best AI writing tools in the market, with a faster adaptability quotient. is another excellent tool for the same, but it is a paid tool.

8. Idea generation

Content creators often fuss about the lack of ideas because they need to ideate and create content constantly. And the process of ideation continuously is a daunting task. So, AI-powered writing tools can be incredible as sidekicks for idea generation. It takes less than a minute to analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns and relationships that might not be immediately apparent to a human.

  • Keyword suggestions: You can use them to generate a list of related keywords for brainstorming new ideas.
  • Content analysis: AI-powered writing tools can analyze existing content on a given topic to identify gaps in the content, opportunities for expansion, and possible new angles to explore. If you want to explore how it works, visit for a demo.

AI Content Writers: A Friend or a Foe?

Recently, AI content writers have been met with skepticism by content creators of almost all spheres. And it is the lack of information that has fueled the fears of the masses. Some might argue that AI content writers will steal jobs. But creators who know how to collaborate with AI writing tools correctly would thrive easily.

They help you overcome writer’s block by suggesting topics, generating content ideas, and even polishing your writing. So, let’s stop seeing them as foes and embrace them as our quirky, AI-powered friends that help us become better writers. You only need a good AI writing tool that helps you create better content quickly!


1. Which is the best AI writer?

There are many good AI writers available in the market. But every AI writer has their own unique features. It completely depends on the purpose of your work. If you want ideas for social media campaigns and tweets, check out and ChatGPT. If you want visual help, then DALL

2. How do I choose an AI essay writer?

 There are many factors to check for while choosing a good AI writer. But the three fundamental points are:
a. Easy-to-Use interface
b.Grammar check features
c. Adaptability

3. What are the benefits of a good AI writer?

a. Reduces the time to finish drafts by five times.
b. Helps with idea generation.
c. Does the grunt work like research in less than a minute.

4. Can AI essay writers be creative?

 Yes, but to a certain extent. It has NLP features that help it to present information in a humane manner. But it doesn’t have emotions. And creativity needs soul and heart. But, AI essay writers help you be truly creative.

5. Will AI-powered writing tools replace human beings?

 No. AI-writing tools are your friend, not your foe. They are here to assist you in becoming better writers. They won’t replace human beings.