15 Memes for Writers That Will Crack You Up

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Posted on 25/01/225 min read
15 Memes for Writers That Will Crack You Up

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  • 15 Writing Memes That Will Leave You in Splits
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Not everyone is born with a passion to write. Writers are often faced with the struggle to write with the flow. The process of producing relevant content can be quite jarring. Anyone who has ever attempted to become a writer—or is a writer already—may be quite aware of concepts like writer’s block or the notorious distraction that is the internet. If you find yourself nodding to this, you will most definitely relate to the memes for writers we have included in this blog. They are hilarious, but they are also true. They speak of the sad truth about a writer’s life, which is typically quite far from the glamorous perception of it most have. 

With the freelance writing business being so much in vogue these days, the picture of a serious writer at their desk drowned in their thoughts, or furiously typing away at their computer, has become quite common. You all must be acquainted with a friend or relative who is a writer. Naturally, writing memes have also become a thing now. 

15 Writing Memes That Will Leave You in Splits

The 15 creative writing memes discussed in this article will surely resonate with the writer in you. It may also leave you in splits, making you picture yourself in that situation. So, go ahead and give yourself that much-needed comic relief through this curated list of funny writer memes. 

1. The secret first draft

The first draft of your writing is like a gold mine: to the reader. It requires polishing and refining to a level that only a writer can understand. And the pain associated with the process can only be felt, but not defined. 


2. The pull of distraction

Many memes for writers are centered on the common experience of being distracted by everything but writing. Some content writing memes specifically uphold this reflection of what is, in reality, the biggest challenge to writing.


3. Cancel your internet subscription

A huge source of distraction for writers is the internet. Because a lot of the writer’s research comes from this source, it is extremely easy to get carried away by a nice Tweet or an article on Facebook. And writing memes have really capitalized on this weakness. 


4. Hell hath no fury like a writer disturbed

Creative writing memes are a true reflection of why writers and creators should not be interrupted during their tasks. It can be an unpleasant experience for the one interrupting the writer’s flow and, of course, for the writer, who might end up experiencing their 20th writer’s block in a day!


5. Procrastination is the writer’s greatest enemy

A lot of writing memes focus on the arch-enemy of a writer: procrastination. Because writers are creators, their eureka moment comes every once in a while. The rest of the time, it is just planning and thinking about getting the work done, but not really getting on with it. 


6. Waiting for that one big gig

A lot of writers are self-doubters. They don’t believe in writing as a hobby or a means to earn money. For them, writing is a passion that needs to be respected and rewarded. Some creative writing memes capture this beautifully (and hilariously!)


7. When you’re tangled up in our own plot

Creative writing, especially if you are a fiction writer, takes its toll. You are constantly trying to tie together characters, but you keep getting lost in your own story. There are so many memes for writers that have tried to reflect this story of all writers’ lives. 


8. The voices in the head

A writer is a creative person. And sometimes, creativity can be heavy. Many writers are known to overthink and overanalyze. Sometimes, they are even more sensitive than non-writers. 


9. That eureka moment

You will find so many memes for writers that talk about their eureka moments. It feels especially celebratory if it comes after a prolonged period of writer’s block. 


10. Good old writer’s block

Writer’s block is considered a menace in the life of a writer. Every writer, living or dead, has had to deal with it at some point in their life. It’s nearly impossible for a funny writer meme to not mock writer’s block.


11. Dealing with perceptions

Funny writer memes are all about depicting the different aspects of a writer’s life or mind. It is said that a creative writer thinks differently from a technical writer. Similarly, a non-fiction writer thinks differently from a journalist. But what about the rest of the world? How do they perceive what you do?


12. Decoding the freelance writer’s mind

Memes on freelance writers are a different genre altogether. That’s because the domain itself is extremely different from regular writing jobs.

13. The dreadful editor’s feedback

Writing is only one part of the job. And then come the incessant revisions of the first draft. This is why editors are probably the biggest fear of a writer’s life. No wonder, so many memes for writers are designed around this equation.


14. Dealing with guilt

All writers need a break. However, many writers get carried away by breaks, and end up feeling guilty for wasting time. And you will find a lot of funny writer memes around this. 


15. Every writer ever

Writing means letting your emotions out on paper. It is the best way to express what verbal communication can’t.


Key Takeaways

  • The life of a writer is not always as fascinating as people make it out to be. 
  • Writer’s block is something most writers struggle with. 
  • Writers often struggle to concentrate on their tasks, as they are easily distracted. 
  • Writing memes can help provide comic relief, and give insights into the challenges writers face. 


Writing requires the creator to put forward their best effort to tell a story, which is not devoid of challenges. We can go on and on about funny memes for writers. They never get old or boring. And they are surprisingly close to reality: and that is precisely why they are considered so relatable. 


1. What are memes for writers?

Memes for writers are specially curated memes to encapsulate and reflect what writers go through in the profession.

2. What is a writer meme generator?

It is an online tool that lets you generate your own writing memes, using standard templates or by uploading your own pictures and text.

3. What is the most popular creative writing meme?

The most popular creative writing meme is probably the “You Should Be Writing” meme that reflects procrastination.

4. What are the advantages of using memes in writing?

Memes can be used to express a complex idea through simple imagery and text. They are eye-catching and precise.

5. What is a writer’s block meme?

Writer’s block or the unwelcome disruption to the flow of writing is often the most common challenge experienced by all writers. And meme-makers have tried to depict this through funny writer memes.