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10 Indian Content Creators Killing It on Instagram

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 4/02/226 min read
10 Indian Content Creators Killing It on Instagram

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  • Introduction
  • Who is a Content Creator?
  • 10 Indian Content Creators killing it on Instagram
  • Key Takeaways On How To Build Strong Presence In Instagram
  • FAQs

Instagram has recently gained popularity because it is extremely versatile and efficient. Furthermore, the platform keeps on coming up with new and interesting features, which attracts more users. One of the popular features introduced by Instagram is the Instagram Reel which is helping content creators to increase their reach. 

It is not surprising that myriads of Indian personalities, including celebrities, share reels to gain popularity. It has given a platform to several people to showcase their talent and connect with an audience. In this article, we will look at 10 of the most popular and influential Indian content creators on Instagram.

Digital marketing is all about promoting a brand online. Social media networks are the best platforms for building relationships with customers when it comes to businesses. This is because brands can easily get feedback from their customers on these platforms and further engage them with informative content. 

These days many brands are collaborating with Indian content creators on Instagram to expand their reach. With millions of followers, these top Indian content creators are also labeled as influencers who help their followers build opinions about a brand. Their brand tie-ups are done extremely creatively and subtly. In a nutshell, Instagram marketing helps strengthen a brand and keep its customers engaged with content that adds value to their lives.

Who is a Content Creator?

A content creator’s work is to create audio, visual, or written content on various content creation platforms such as blogs and social media. In fact, content can also be in video format like Instagram Reels. Such content coming from influential content creators works when you have an end goal in your mind. 

For instance, many Indian content creators on Instagram share photos and videos on their accounts by targeting a selected audience to increase the followers or increase website traffic of the associated brand. So basically, the job of a content creator is to create content to connect with the audience and market the associated brand’s products or services.

Top 10 Indian Content Creators You Need to Check on Instagram

This list of Indian content creators on Instagram comprises the best of the best. They create content on fashion, mental health, comedy, music, health, beauty, news, etc. These best Indian content creators on Instagram, through their talent and sheer hard work, have built a strong audience base that regularly consumes their content and eagerly awaits it. Read on to see the complete list:

1. Niharkia NM

The first Instagrammer in our list of best content creators in India on Instagram is Niharika NM. She started her career as a YouTuber, where she became popular for creating witty and comical YouTube content. In 2020, Niharika planned to shift to Los Angeles to pursue an MBA, which got affected due to the onset of the pandemic. Soon after, she started exploring Instagram reels, and within two months, her followers increased from 100k to 1M. Now she has 2M followers! Niharika has collaborated with many popular Instagram influencers and celebrities, such as Kusha Kapila and Bhumi Pednekar.

2. Komal Pandey

Having 1.5M followers, Komal Pandey is one of the top Indian content creators on Instagram who never fails to amaze her audience by sharing the latest fashion trends. Komal is famous for creating content on top fashion ideas and fashion statements that help her followers be in the spotlight. Known to be a fearless fashion vlogger, Komal creates high-quality content with a unique style. Initially, she started her career as a beauty and fashion vlogger in POPxo, and after one and a half years, she quit her job and created her own YouTube channel. The fashion vlogger has also endorsed renowned brands like Maybelline, Garnier, Vivo, and Honor.

3. Bhuvan Bam

The YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam has successfully made a strong presence on Instagram with his comical roles and interesting looks. Many Bollywood celebrities are also following the influencer. Other than being the brand ambassador of Beardo, he also endorses Pizza Hut, Lens Kart, Unacademy, MPL, Myntra, and Amazon. After releasing his new YouTube web series, Dhindora, he is being followed by 14M Instagram users. So he deserves to be on the list of best Indian content creators on Instagram.

4. Kusha Kapila

Having about 2.1M followers, Kusha Kapila always makes her audience giggle with her humorous Reels. Her videos on KOKO Aunty and South Delhi Girls always go viral. Apart from comedy, she also has a good fashion sense and is one of the best Indian fashion content creators. Kusha Kapila is the only Instagrammer invited to the Koffee With Karan talk show, which has a particular affinity towards high-flying Bollywood celebrities. She works for the online fashion portal iDIVA, where the audience adores her fictional character Billi Maasi. She has even worked with celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, and Karan Johar.

5. Ankit Bhatia

When it comes to travel, no one can beat the content of Ankit Bhatia. He has 1M followers and is engaged in uploading unique travel reels, photos, and videos on Instagram. His main goal for building a strong Instagram presence is selling his video presets and online travel video-making courses. Ankit has also endorsed many brands like Nike. He was also a famous content creator on TikTok, having more than 5M followers. However, after the ban on this video-sharing platform, he shifted his focus on creating Instagram Reels and is now on the list of top Indian Instagram accounts.

6. RJKarishma

Another popular Indian content creator on Instagram is Karishma Singh or RJ Karishma. Currently having 1.4M, RJ Karishma has gained popularity for sharing funny videos where she adopts a mother-in-law’s character and quirks. In fact, her content featuring ‘Mummy Ji’ went viral in which she sarcastically targeted the problems of patriarchal society. Her audience can easily relate to her videos. She has a strong bond with her Instagram audience, and she never hesitates to communicate with them.

7. Sahil Khan

With more than 10M followers on Instagram, Sahil Khan has created a strong audience base and has been included in the best Indian content creators on the Instagram list here. He consistently shares content based on workouts, bodybuilding, and fitness advice. Khan is a Rajiv Gandhi awardee for contributing to the fitness industry. He also owns a gym and is known as one of the famous fitness coaches in the country.

8. Faye D’Souza

With more than 1.2M followers, Faye D’Souza is one of the leading Indian content creators on Instagram. She has previously stormed the internet with her views against the male-dominated world. She pursued journalism, started her career at CNBC TV18, and joined The Times Of India. Her unbiased views have won the trust of her audience, and most of her followers are youngsters who feel that India needs more influencers like Faye D’Souza, who does not hesitate to raise her voice against the atrocities.

9. Sherley Setia

Born in India and brought up in Auckland, New Zealand, Sherley Setia is again on this list of 

best content creators in India on Instagram. Sherley has always been passionate about music and has made many cover songs of Bollywood. She was also invited by the leading music producing company, T-Series, for its popular Mixtape series. 7M people on Instagram follow Sherley. She has previously collaborated with brands like Venus India, Cadbury, and Vivo India.

10. Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli is famous for her funny ‘desi’ videos. Her YouTube channel ‘MostlySane’ is the third most popular YouTube channel. Recently, she announced her campaign #iPledgeToBeMe for spreading awareness on body shaming. Apart from YouTube, she also created short comic Reels on Instagram, and soon after that, she gained huge followers. With over 4.6M followers, Koli is one of the best Indian content creators on Instagram. She has also endorsed multiple brands like Amazon India, Breezer Vivid Shuffle, HP India, etc.

Key Takeaways on How to Build Strong Presence on Instagram

Now that you have come across the top 10 Indian content creators on Instagram, we will discuss the key takeaways on how they have gained such a huge follower base.

Inspire your audience

People start trusting when they are inspired. When the audience feels inspired, they follow the person who inspired them. Many Indian content creators on Instagram follow, and one of the best ways to do this is by posting quotes or sharing motivational reels.

Choose a proper time to post on Instagram

Although there is no specific time to post on Instagram to gain maximum engagement, there are certain ways to figure out an apt timing. For this, you have to go to Instagram insights and look at when your audience is online by clicking on the “Your Audience” button and then tapping “See All”. The platform will give you detailed insights.

Post regularly

Reports state that popular Indian content creators on Instagram post at least four times a week to maintain consistency. The users who post daily gain followers rapidly compared to those who remain inconsistent. But of course, you should not compromise on your quality. So try to make such content that can easily resonate with your followers.

Post selfies sometimes

The best part of Instagram provides a glimpse of people’s day-to-day lives- what they do and what they look like. Selfies are part of personal life in the digital era. Many celebs these days post selfies with their untidy look to entertain their audience. Even if you are not a celeb, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Click a couple of selfies and choose the best one.

Announce giveaways

The best and the most popular technique followed by the Indian content creators on Instagram is announcing giveaways. You can ask your followers to tag their friends in your post and ask them to like and follow. And finally, you can select a user and announce them as a giveaway winner.

Post lifestyle pictures

Many Indian content creators follow this tactic on Instagram. The audience always remains curious about how influencers live. So you being an Instagram influencer, can feature your lifestyle photos on your account, racking up bundles of likes and follows. You don’t have to click extravagant and appealing photos. Just a normal click is enough to entertain your audience.

These are not the only strategies; you can even plan your own strategy to gain popularity on Instagram. So look at the above-mentioned top 10 Indian content creators on Instagram and follow their marketing strategies.


1. Which Indian influencer has the highest followers on Instagram?

Currently, Virat Kohli is the highest followed account in India, having a follower base of 179 million. As per Hopper HQ’s 2021 list, the cricketer has been ranked 19th among the highest-paid influencers across the world.

2. Who earns the most money on Instagram in India?

Virat Kohli earns Rs 5,0467,560 simply by endorsing brands on Instagram. He has been endorsing brands like Unacademy, GreatLearning, MPL and the list goes on.

3. Who is the most popular teenage Instagram influencer in India?

Rajvee Gandhi has recently gained popularity as the teenage Instagram influencer by sharing her short video clip where she has been seen acting on the song ‘Teeja Mangu Kya Khuda Se’.

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