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10 Secrets of Instagram Video Marketing

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10 Secrets of Instagram Video Marketing

Table Of Contents Instagram Marketing Tips For Business Importance of Video Marketing On Instagram Advantages Of Video Marketing On Instagram Key Takeaways Conclusion FAQs The eCommerce market is flourishing. But, as of now, it accounts for just 14.1% of total retail revenue. That means there is plenty of market share that businesses can capitalize on.… Continue reading 10 Secrets of Instagram Video Marketing

Table Of Contents

  • Instagram Marketing Tips For Business
  • Importance of Video Marketing On Instagram
  • Advantages Of Video Marketing On Instagram
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

The eCommerce market is flourishing. But, as of now, it accounts for just 14.1% of total retail revenue. That means there is plenty of market share that businesses can capitalize on. However, just opening a shop doesn’t guarantee you will generate sales. You will need to create a proper digital marketing plan to entice customers and drive sales. This is where social media marketing comes in. 

Social media marketing is a content marketing strategy used to distribute content on social media channels that a business’ customers frequent. Of this, Instagram is a key social media channel. 

Instagram video marketing should be an integral part of your plan if it isn’t already. But why Instagram, and why videos? Instagram is an excellent platform for brand promotion, and videos are more persuasive than any other type of content. Note that Instagram boasts of more than 1 billion active users and has a tremendous impact on people’s buying behavior. In fact, in a survey by Retail Dive, 72% of the respondents claimed that they purchased products after discovering them on Instagram.

What’s even more fascinating is that the average order value from Instagram is higher than all social networks, except Pinterest. So, this is a channel you can’t afford to ignore if you want to sell better.

To help you get started, we have listed out some time-tested and fail-proof Instagram video marketing tips here. 

10 Video Marketing Tips on Instagram

Before talking about social media video marketing tips, let’s understand Instagram video marketing. It is essentially a form of marketing that uses video content to create engagement and sales via Instagram. Although Instagram enables you to post photos and videos, the latter proves to be more effective as a digital marketing tool. Now, let’s discuss the tips and how they can benefit you.

1. Switch to a business profile


Be sure to have an Instagram business account before even thinking about an Instagram video marketing strategy. A business profile has clear benefits. Followers can click on the contact button to reach you directly from your Instagram page. This is similar to what they do on your website. With a business profile, you can easily create and publish Instagram ads without using Facebook’s advertising tools. You can also access Insights, which are Instagram’s analytics tools. They offer valuable statistics about your posts’ impressions and reach.

Once you have a business profile, you can use Insights to track metrics and understand your audience better.

2. Use Instagram tool


Instagram business accounts aren’t much different from Facebook business profiles. They allow access to statistics such as impressions and engagement data through Insights. You can also get information about your followers’ demographics including their location, age, gender, and most active hours.

These insights aren’t generalized. You can gain specific details about your posts’ performance. These include information on how many impressions your posts earned during a particular period, and which posts were the most popular. The best thing is that these tools are free. So, if you are looking for marketing tricks for Instagram that go easy on your pocket, using insights would be the best bet.

These tools can also be used to analyze how users interact with your content. You can improve your content’s engagement by learning more about your users.

3. Product teasers almost always grab attention


Can you sell more products simply by posting product teasers on Instagram? Yes, you can. And this is undoubtedly one of the simplest Instagram marketing tips we have here for you.

All that is required is to advertise your products on Instagram. But make sure your advertisements don’t annoy or distract users.

Even your most ardent followers will stop engaging if you try to be too pushy. Product teaser posts can promote your products and generate excitement among users without appearing too pushy. Try to inject creativity into your campaigns. Don’t try to sell products, but instead offer help or solutions to the problems your followers may be facing.

Ads that convey their message subtly or that refrain from being pushy almost always work. This is one of the best Instagram video marketing tips that any business can benefit from. Even top social media giants follow this trick. For instance, Starbucks teases its customers by announcing seasonal beverages with sharp imagery; but they do not force people to buy them.

If you talk to people about products they are interested in and don’t pressure them into buying, they will be more inclined to purchase them. If they don’t, they will interact with your post by liking, commenting, or sharing it with a friend.

4. Create sponsored ads


Instagram has made it easy to advertise on the platform. You can set a budget to

control how much you spend on ads. With the carousel feature, you can display one or more sponsored ads. This allows brands to target their audience in an entirely new way. Earlier, only users who were following you could see updates and photos. But with sponsored posts, brands can now promote to anyone fit to be their target audience, thereby increasing their reach. Sponsored ads are a perfect option for those looking for video marketing tips on Instagram.

5. Use Instagram Stories


One of the smartest Instagram marketing tips for businesses is using Instagram Stories. By posting your short promotional videos on Insta Stories, you can successfully put yourself in front of your audience and generate leads. Insta Stories are different from regular Instagram posts in that they are presented in a slideshow format. Although stories are only available for 24 hours, users can save them to their devices and watch them later.

Since Stories appear at the top of users’ timelines, they are regularly checked. This increases your chances of getting noticed.

6. Partner with influencers


Now, let’s tell you about one of the most effective Instagram promotion tips: collaborating with influencers. Yes, you can reach your potential customers by collaborating with influencers who have an established Instagram following. People are increasingly buying products or services based only on the content they see on influential Instagrammers’ feeds. The basis of this behavior is trust. By partnering with influencers in your industry, your brand can be showcased to the right people.

7. Impress the viewer in 10 seconds


You have less than 10 seconds to impress your viewers. This is one of those social media video marketing tips that could change the way you view the world of digital marketing. If you thought effective ads drive sales, you couldn’t be more wrong; it’s effective and short ads that make the most significant impact on consumer behavior. Make sure your ads are short, preferably less than 10 minutes. Why do we say so? Because people are losing their ability to pay attention and have become overwhelmed with excess information.

8. Target your reach


You can target the people most likely to be your customers or those who take the desired action after viewing your videos. Targeting a heterogeneous audience with varying needs is nothing but a waste of your time and efforts.

9. Educate your audience


This is among those Instagram marketing tips that experts often give. Marketing experts believe in the power of educating an audience through campaigns. Your audience should learn something from your videos. This will help your videos stand out in a sea of digital content. The more people learn, the better it is for your brand.

10. Make your videos fun and interesting


Videos infused with humor always work. So, if you feature in your brand’s videos, do some light-hearted talking, and then subtly promote your brand. Your Insta videos are not the place to show off your professionalism. Instead, bring a bit of fun and energy to your presentations to hook users.

Importance of Video Marketing On Instagram

Instagram Stories, IGTV, and video ads have all contributed to the rise of Instagram’s popularity as a digital marketing platform. However, the company has now rebranded IGTV as Instagram Video. It consolidates all of its video formats within the app into a single feed, except for Reels, which continue to be in the old ‘snackable’ format. The purpose behind the move is to make it easier for users to discover new video content. In 2018, Facebook revealed that 20% of the total time spent on Instagram by users is in the Explore tab. 

Instagram is clearly the place where people seek out brands. And this is where brands should strive to be found. So, there’s no time like now to get started. Get your video campaign ready and go live! 

Advantages Of Video Marketing On Instagram

  • Your chances of being discovered on Instagram are incredibly high considering that the platform boasts more than a billion subscribers.
  • People love to watch videos on Instagram. According to a survey by Animoto, Instagram users consider videos to be their most favorite type of content from brands.
  • Your Instagram feed is the perfect place for you to post your videos and showcase who you are as a brand.
  • Instagram stories not just help you connect with your audiences but also convert them.
  • Videos ensure better engagement. According to a study by Quinty, videos receive up to 21% more interactions than images get on Instagram.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram video marketing should be an integral part of your marketing plan.
  • The average product order value from Instagram is impressive.
  • Some of the most effective Instagram video marketing tricks include switching to a business account, using free Insta tools, posting sponsored ads, using Instagram stories, and the like.
  • 20% of the total time spent on Instagram is in the Explore tab. This explains the power of Instagram as a platform for brand promotion.
  • Some of the most important advantages of Instagram video marketing are improved user engagement, brand awareness, high chances of being discovered by potential customers, etc.


Instagram is clearly one of the most popular platforms to promote brands. Hence, all the Instagram video marketing tips dished out above will be of great help to you. This social network has some truly amazing features like shoppable posts that allow businesses to sell better. Instagram checkout already facilitates the entire purchase process right within the app for some merchants.

If your goal is to engage customers and drive sales, spend more time and effort on Instagram video marketing to get the type of engagement that causes customers to buy. Although creating video campaigns takes longer than designing promotional images, the potential RoI of video engagement is well worth the effort. Remember, the only way to win over your competition is through aggressive marketing done using the most persuasive type of content: videos.


1. Is it better to market an image or a video on Instagram?

Although both images and videos are great for user engagement, sponsored Instagram pictures are more convenient and time-saving than Instagram videos. In this age of decreasing consumer attention spans, a picture is the most direct way for a brand to communicate with its followers on platforms like Instagram. However, as far as sales are concerned, videos offer better results.

2. What is the length of an ideal Instagram video ad?

Videos that last 10 seconds or more are broken down into separate Stories cards on Instagram. In case you don’t want your video to be split into parts, keep it for less than 10 seconds. As mentioned in one of the Instagram video marketing tips above, people also can’t keep their attention intact beyond 10 seconds.

3. How to promote IGTV videos on Instagram?

You can draw more attention to your IGTV videos by promoting them through Instagram Stories. You can include the IGTV link in your Stories post by creating a new story and tapping the link icon. Select the IGTV Video option on the next screen.

4. Do video posts engage Instagram audiences?

Yes, they do. A study on Instagram’s user engagement reveals that video posts receive twice the amount of engagement other types of content get.

5. What is a video marketing strategy?

A video marketing strategy is a marketing plan devised by marketing teams to create and utilize videos as a means of marketing products and services to their target audience. The idea behind video marketing is to keep viewers engaged with a brand through simple and easy-to-understand promotional messages delivered as videos.

6. How much does it cost to promote on Instagram?

You can promote your Instagram posts for as little as 36.69 INR– 146.75 INR.

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