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Importance of Instagram Reels [+Tips to Create One]

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 24/02/225 min read
Importance of Instagram Reels [+Tips to Create One]

Table of Contents

  • What Is the Instagram Reels Feature?
  • What Are the Different Types of Instagram Reels?
  • What Is the Importance of Instagram Reels?
  • What Are the Benefits of Instagram Reels? 
  • Steps to Make Catchy Instagram Reels
  • Tips to Increase Your Reels Views
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Instagram Reels was introduced back in 2020 as an alternative to TikTok at a time when the latter was struggling to stay in the market. And this cool new feature took the world by storm, with millions of users making the most of the lockdown time at home using this unique feature. 

It has become a hot favorite of influencers and brands all over the world. And the importance of Instagram Reels has only increased over the last couple of years, with more and more social media marketers resorting to this feature. One of the main reasons why Reels has become so popular is because it allows you to portray who you are through short, catchy videos. 

Instagram Reels allows you to create short videos of up to 30 seconds to highlight a current trend or launch a brand or promote a product. You can increase your reel views by adding cool filters and music. 

What Is the Instagram Reels Feature?

Instagram Reels is a special feature on the Instagram app that allows you to create short videos of 15 to 30 seconds. And we’re not just talking boring, drab videos. You can add music, visual effects, and even remix images and songs. There are additional features like easy-to-use text, augmented reality (AR) filters, and multi-clip videos that allow you to make different types of Reels. 

What Are the Different Types of Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are primarily of three types.

1. Informative Reels


The importance of Instagram Reels is not limited to just entertainment. Typically, informative Instagram Reels are created to make people aware of certain topics or trends. You can use text or record your own video to share important information with your audiences. 

For example, you can create a Reel to spread awareness about causes like climate change, talk about the benefits of a keto diet. There’s an endless pool of topics you can create Reels on, from educating people about saving trees to creating mental health awareness. 

2. Entertaining Reels

As the name suggests, these Instagram Reels are created purely for entertainment purposes. So, you can dance, sing, act, take up a challenge, or do anything to strike a chord with your audience. 


3. Remixed Reels

If you want to add someone else’s Reel to yours, you can create a remix Reel. An example is given below. 


What Is the Importance of Instagram Reels?

In December 2020, with the ban on TikTok, people were in for a rude shock, as they could not figure out how to make catchy and crisp videos without a lot of effort with minimal effort. Instagram, an already popular app at the time, jumped onto this opportunity and introduced its own video-making feature, Instagram Reels. And it became popular overnight. People found a quirky and fun alternative and got back to making entertaining and informative videos. 

Today, Instagram Reels is used extensively by celebrities, influencers, and common people. The feature also gained popularity, because it opened the doors for many upcoming and budding artists, who found a platform to make themselves seen and heard. In a way, it became a launchpad for such individuals. 

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Reels?

According to a report, fashion brand Louis Vuitton has an average of 7 million views across its Reels. So, what makes Instagram Reels so popular?

1. Short videos increase Reels views

Short, 30-second videos are much more captivating than two-minute ads. You can easily capture the viewers’ attention and keep them hooked. The importance of Instagram Reels lies in the fact that they are crisp, appealing, and deliver the objectives, all at the same time. 

2. Increased chances of being featured

The greater the number of your Reels views, the more your chances to be featured on the “Explore” section of Instagram. And why is this significant? Because even non-followers can watch your content, and get to like, comment, and share it. They may even end up becoming followers of your page.  

3. It can help you save money

Since you can directly use the app to record Instagram Reels, it doesn’t cost you any extra money. This is unless, of course, you rope in a celebrity or influencer to promote your product. Other than that, no cost is incurred when it comes to using the feature itself. 

4. Content can be reshared easily

Instagram Reels’ importance also lies in the fact that it can be shared across platforms. You can always repurpose your own Reels and reshare them periodically on your own Stories. If they are informative, feel free to share on other social media platforms to spread awareness. 

Steps to Make Catchy Instagram Reels

Now that the importance of Instagram Reels is clear to you, let’s dive right into how to make one. 

  • Step 1: Click on the “+” sign in the top left corner of your Instagram page, where it says “Your Story.”
  • Step 2: On clicking, a page will open up, where you can select “Reels” at the bottom.
  • Step 3: On selecting the “Reels” option, you can either select upload or record your Reel. This page will also give you options to add features like filters and music. 
  • Step 4: Now, click on the Reel icon and start recording. You can either set a timer ranging between 15 and 30 seconds, or press and hold the record button to record and create your Reel. You can also upload pre-recorded content. 
  • Step 5: Once the recording or uploading is complete, preview the Reel to see if you want to make any edits. In this step, you can add text, voice-overs, or stickers to your Reel. You can even experiment with different font styles.
  • Step 6: If you are satisfied with the content, you will be prompted to add relevant hashtags and a cover image. Remember to tag the relevant people to increase Reels views. 

And voila! Your Instagram Reel is now live and ready for viewing. If you have a public account, make sure to share your Reel widely for non-followers to view it as well. 

Tips to Increase Reels Views

Instagram Reels is an extremely popular feature among millennials. Here are some of the most effective tips to increase the reach of your Instagram Reels. 

  • Try to engage with your audience through your Reels. 
  • If possible, upload more than one Reel on a single day.
  • Promote your Reels on other pages to increase visibility through what is called a shoutout.
  • Follow profiles that are relevant to the genres you make Reels about. It will increase your visibility in their networks.
  • Always use hashtags while sharing Instagram Reels.
  • It has now become a common practice among influencers to post Reels to Instagram Stories.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Reels was introduced back in 2020, to give an easier alternative to TikTok.
  • The feature allows you to create short videos of up to 30 seconds to highlight a current trend, launch a brand, or promote a product.
  • You can add music, visual effects, and even remix images and songs through Reels.
  • The three common types of Instagram Reels are informative, entertaining, and remixed. 
  • Instagram Reels are important to increase visibility, save costs, and repurpose content
  • You can increase Reels views by engaging with your audience, using hashtags, and cross-promoting on other pages. 


By now, you must be clear about the importance of Instagram Reels. And if you are still in two minds, try making your own Instagram Reels to test just how powerful it can be.


1. What are Instagram Reels?

An Instagram Reel is a short, 15-to-30-second video that you can create on the app to promote a brand or product, take up a challenge, or speak about a trend/cause. 

2. What are the different types of Instagram Reels?

The three common types of Instagram Reels are informative, entertaining, and remix.

3. How to create Instagram Reels?

You can create Instagram Reels on your Instagram account by clicking on “Reels” on the “Your Story” page.

4. How can Instagram Reels help promote my business?

Instagram Reels can be effective marketing business tools that can help you promote your product and services through catchy videos that instantly appeal to viewers.

5. How is Instagram Reels different from ads?

Instagram Reels are short, 30-second videos, created by Instagram users. Ads, on the other hand, are professionally designed videos that are always attached to a brand.

6. Why should Instagram Reels be posted on my public account?

Posting Instagram Reels on your public account increases your viewership.

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