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6 Reasons Why You Need Client Feedback

Team Pepper
Posted on 24/12/214 min read
6 Reasons Why You Need Client Feedback

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  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Client Feedback
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQs 

Quality content is what makes your relationships with your clients a better horizon. But how will you know if you’re doing it well? Feedback. While you may be still learning how to handle clients as a freelancer, we want you to focus on how client feedback can support your growth as a content writer

Let’s understand it a little differently. Suppose that you made a new dish for a party you hosted. All your guests tasted it but none of them took the time to let you know their thoughts. Maybe you liked it but what about the guest? Since the dish was supposed to satisfy them, you won’t know if it worked without getting feedback. Client feedback is as important for content writers. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Client Feedback

As a freelance content writer, your goal is to get consistent opportunities based on previous successful projects. Client feedback is proof of your reliable writing skills. More positive reviews mean better and consistent opportunities. Although this reason is enough to work on building strong testimonials, we have some more important reasons why most freelance tips and tricks revolve around collecting positive and genuine client reviews. 

1. It helps you stay consistent

As you segue into the industry, new clients will be visiting your profile, planning to approach you with their projects. What do you think will keep them hooked? Obviously, feedback from previous or existing clients. Positive feedback and reviews help in strengthening your profile as a freelance content writer. Therefore, whenever you take up new projects, ask your clients to leave their feedback.  


2. It helps you finish projects on time

Some projects can be lengthy and time-consuming. It’s crucial that your clients review your initial work and send feedback accordingly. This helps in keeping up with deadlines. Initial reviews are imperative, as they let you know if you are following the perfect approach for content creation. Your work should be in alignment with the client’s interests right from the beginning. Rectifications at the end moment can disturb your deadlines. 

3. You can use the feedback to improve

It’s undeniable that your writing skills require continuous improvement. Client reviews can give your skills a better direction and help you adapt to industry requirements. Subsequently, you will learn how to handle clients from varied backgrounds and niches. Feedback can play a major role in tutoring you for what is yet to come in your freelancing journey. A tip: always stay receptive to positive criticism. 

4. It can help you build your social media presence

Social media is an important gateway to more potential clients from different industries. Positive reviews from the past can secure your future by attracting lucrative opportunities. Featuring client feedback on your social profile is definitely a great decision and one of the important tips for freelancers. Make sure to read the FAQs below to know the best ways to leverage reviews via social media. 

5. It improves your credibility

Almost every content writer works on preparing an attractive profile. But only the ones with realistic reviews tend to grab the spotlight and ascend to clients’ top preferences. Regular feedback lets your potential clients know that you are not just words, but actually have something beneficial to offer. It’s one of the crucial tips for beginner freelancers who aim to go a long way. 

6. It brings in SEO benefits

While you may have never given it a thought, client reviews can help your profile or website rank higher on SERPs. Having a minisite for reviews along with featuring them on your web pages or landing pages may prove to be great. 


There are many instances where companies come across fake profiles, losing their interest in freelancers. Reviews from prominent companies will help you gain the trust of potential clients who may be interested in working with you. You cannot afford to let go of your clients without getting genuine reviews. We have discussed how important feedback can be in building your position as a freelance content writer. Make sure you ask for feedback from all your clients when you complete their projects

Previous feedback gives you an idea about how to deal with clients as a freelancer and turn them into assets for the long term. Pay attention to their suggestions and complaints (if any). Positive and genuine client reviews prepare your profile for exposure on the web and increase your chances of getting noticed by industry leaders. Client reviews will benefit you in the long run. Focus on the bigger picture and begin with gathering relevant reviews to strengthen your client base. 


1. How do you ask a client for feedback?

Asking for feedback should not be too difficult. Here are some common ways: 
– Send an email (maybe with a questionnaire).
– Create a social media poll.
– Ask for a third-party review.
– Post a feedback form on your website.

2. How can you leverage client reviews on social media?

There are three best ways to do so:
– Join social media groups and share your testimonial page when participating in relevant discussions or when someone asks for references. 
– Prepare a blog based on your testimonials, publish it, and share it on your social media account. 
– Share testimonial links from your website to social media platforms. 

3. How should you handle an unhappy client?

Excessively negative reviews can work against you. Make sure you act on the client’s complaints, rectify them, and ask them for a positive review when satisfied.

4. How do client reviews help a writer?

Reviews help in understanding flaws or necessary changes through references and examples, which ensures accuracy in future projects.

5. How do I deal with negative or unfair feedback?

First of all, take a deep breath. Then, 
Have a talk with the client and understand their requirements. 
– Resolve the issue. 
– Ask for positive feedback.