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How Ketto drives 6X organic traffic with premium content

Team Pepper
Posted on 21/12/223 min read
How Ketto drives 6X organic traffic with premium content

Ketto, founded in 2012,  is South East Asia’s most trusted crowdfunding platform, aiming to bridge the affordability gap. It helps people raise funds for healthcare, medical emergencies, natural calamities, education, and more. With a team of 200+ people, they’ve raised funds for over 2.8 lakh+ campaigns to ensure that everyone who needs help gets it. Their young, dynamic, and committed workforce is charged with the mission of harnessing the power of technology to make a large-scale social impact.


Previously, Ketto outsourced its content needs to an agency. Normally, it’s a great idea to outsource your content. There are some really good agencies out there, who can help you make sure your content is top notch and meets your motive. However, outsourcing your content is not always a cakewalk. In fact, it can sometimes be detrimental to your business. Exactly the case with Ketto. Outsourcing their content requirements to an agency worked well at first but soon they were faced with a mountain of difficulties. 

  • The content created was mediocre, generalized, and lacked quality as the agency would provide a fixed set of creators, who had no subject matter expertise.
  • The speed at which the content was published was affected due to slow turnaround time, even with constant follow-ups with the agency
  • The content did not adhere to the brand or content guidelines, resulting in a disconnect between the content and the audience.
  • The absence of an efficient system led to a continuous back-and-forth  
I loved how intuitive and easy-to-use the platform is. The content audit feature seems the most valuable as it lets me know the readability level, word count, etc. without having to remember it each time. Really appreciate how the team is always a call away to resolve any issues that we might encounter. Pepper is definitely our friendly neighborhood content partner.

Christopher Meyers

ORM + SEO Content Manager, Ketto

How did Pepper help?

Content Marketing is highly technical and not as easy as people perceive it to be. Although an entire world revolves around content marketing, creating a strategy that works can be hard. No one would blame you if you tried to outsource such a task. But finding the correct fit for this role, within your budget can be a tough nut to crack. 

At Pepper, we have a Creator Network of over 100,000 qualified and vetted creators, who are put through rigorous tests and training before being onboarded to work with our customers on their projects. Hence enabling us to have the top 3% talent pool which consists of creators from 60+ industries, writing in 50+ languages, and are subject matter experts in their niches.

Along with our premium talent pool, the access they get to our proprietary tech-savvy tools like Pepper Docs which comes built-in with a content audit tool, a plagiarism checker, a fact-checker, an AI-writing assistant, unspalsh integration, and more has highly increased their work efficiency. 

Just like Ketto, time and again we have seen that one of the key problems that businesses face while outsourcing content is non-adherence to their brand guidelines. We don’t blame the brand or the freelancers here. The process of knowledge sharing in itself is so scattered and disorganised that oftentimes agencies or freelancers feel overwhelmed and drowning in a pool of resources they have no idea how to use. To solve this we use something called a Brief Builder. A hassle-free guided flow of a bunch of relevant questions that a potential creator (or freelancer) would need in order to create the perfect piece of content. Without missing the brand guidelines, without forgetting the target audience, without forgetting the objective, and without forgetting the call-to-action. These briefs helped our writers always adhere to Ketto’s brand guidelines without missing a beat and avoiding the constant back-and-forth. 


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Impacts and Results

Ketto experienced a significant rise in website traffic as a consequence of the continuous supply of high-quality content, and their blogs began to gain momentum and move up the search results rankings. Our proprietary AI-writing assistant was able to clearly identify topics on which content was needed to be developed and our team was able to pick up the right creators for this exercise after Ketto gave Pepper complete rein to not just create content for them but also to ideate it.

Our access to premium talent in abundance paired with our tech-first platform, helped us create content at speed and scale, without compromising on quality. Creating and publishing grammatically correct, non-plagiarised content for Ketto’s website thus became a byproduct of our coherent approach towards content-marketing.