How Clients Can Smoothen the Graphic Design Process

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Posted on 2/08/225 min read
How Clients Can Smoothen the Graphic Design Process
A great graphic design process often involves the designer and client to work in conjunction. We detail how business can help designers create winning work.

Imagine that you’re surrounded by a group of artists. Ask them to draw a still life or landscape. The next thing you’ll see is a table full of unique, artistic interpretations. Each interpretation will have the artist’s own touch to it. Some might take inspiration from Picasso, some might create a minimalistic design, and so on. However, this proves a point: we all see the world differently; so each person’s design process will be different too. And that’s the beauty of art.


types of graphic design



Every process ever has its own roadblocks, but that’s where creativity steps in. If a graphic designer could read the client’s mind and see the desired end result, it would be no fun. The solution to overcoming these bumps is communicating with your designer. It sounds easy, right?


3 Key Steps in the Design Process

It’s important to know your market, marketing goals, and competitors. This thorough research will make the design process suitable for better implementation. Another key to an effortless design process is design thinking, which is a way to address and solve problems creatively. In order to create great designs, following the below steps is a must.

1. Collaborate effectively

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to execute it? Well, the right thing to do here is to share it with your designer. Then, you and the designer work in partnership, and teamwork is all that is needed for a winning outcome.


Whether you want to create an animated banner or a landing page design, convey your goals effectively to the designer. You must share with your designer every single aspect of the idea that comes to your mind and then leave it to the designer to work their magic.



2. Support your ideas with examples

Always supplement your ideas with examples. It doesn’t matter if it’s a page ripped out of a magazine or a screenshot from your favorite animated movie. Graphic designers appreciate it when you show them what you love and what is expected out of them. This makes their job easier, as well as yours.


The continuous back-and-forth can be exhausting, and can be eliminated, when you give them an example of your vision. Keep sending a file full of examples to the graphic designer. They’ll do the job faster and more effectively.

3. Set clear expectations

Don’t shy away from conveying deadlines and asking for regular status updates. Do not hesitate to ask for quicker submissions if it’s a priority project. Once you have the final design in your hand, don’t hold back from providing constructive feedback. It should be a safe space for you to voice your concerns. For example, if you don’t like the text alignment or if you find something off about the color scheme, convey it to the designer politely.


how to set clear expectations



By the end of this design process, you’ll be surprised at how good the outcome is. This is because you set a clear line of communication from the very start, while allowing the process to take its own course.


2 Crucial Tips for Getting the Best Graphic Design Results

The following are two key ways to get the best work done from a graphic designer or graphic design company.

Error-free copy

Keep in mind that graphic designers will use the copy as is. Design services are not responsible for proofreading your content. That’s what content writers and editors are hired for. So, make sure you provide them with copy that’s free of any mistakes or errors. The copy should ideally be rechecked for any grammatical, factual, or flow-related mistakes. Mark up the copy to convey where you want your headers, images, and bold text, among other elements.

Give your designer the assets they need

Your designated designer should have all the assets they need to get the work done effectively. These include your brand style guide, specialized software, and your company’s vision and mission statement, among others.


key design rules



When you have the right designer, you don’t have to worry about any mishaps. They will usually craft exceptional designs from the material given to them. You can focus on meeting your business goals while they generate the design your business needs.

2 Effective Graphic Design Examples

Exposing yourself to examples of graphic design is a healthy exercise, irrespective of who you are. Maybe you’re a college student taking into consideration the subsequent next step in life, or you’re a designer seeking inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are viewing the world from the peak of your career. Sometimes we all need a creative boost.


To deliver a great design is both a science and an art. We’ve specially curated a list of the top graphic design examples for designers looking for some inspiration.




logo of Coca-Cola



Think of the brand Coca-Cola. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Red. This is how the brand has cemented its place in the minds of people. This omnipresent brand uses red and white colors, and cursive typography to communicate that it is warm and welcoming. Through its exceptional logo design, the brand represents people rejoicing in life.



logo of Apple



If you’re of the opinion that branding and design don’t help boost sales, it’s probably time to reconsider your stance. Apple is a living example of a brand for whom simplicity and good design are core principles. Their design is what sells. They have a minimalist interior in their stores, non-exaggerated packaging, and even understated, meaningful ads. Marrying minimalism and top-notch quality, they manage to win the hearts of the audience every single time.


Remember: your intention is to talk about what you need, so your graphic designer can make it happen. A fluid design process helps measure your success rate, whether it is through lead generation, website visits, or even direct email responses. It is essential for designers and project managers to come together to produce a solution that best meets the needs of the audience.


1. What are the three most important elements of design thinking?

The design thinking process has three phases, i.e., inspiration, ideation, and implementation.

2. What are the five phases of the graphic design process?

The creative brief, research, brainstorming, review, and the final product are the five phases of the graphic design process.

3. What processes do graphic designers use?

Mood boarding, thumbnailing, concept development, and concept refinement are a few strategies graphic designers use.

4. Is graphic designing easy?

Graphic designing requires an aptitude for art and design. If you can learn the necessary tools and theories of design, and develop the requisite skills, you’re good to go.