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How and Why to Hire a Freelancer for Writing

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Posted on 16/05/225 min read
How and Why to Hire a Freelancer for Writing

Writing is a beautiful, understated, and niche field. Today, one can download many applications to edit, beautify and enhance an article. However, one still requires a level-headed and smart individual to actively contribute their words from scratch and create a blueprint that conveys the appropriate message to the audience. This is where and when the role of an able writer plays an integral role.

Freelancing as a profession feeds in perfectly to the needs of dominant industries wherein producing consistent articles is required to attract and maintain readership. It can be extremely time-saving to hire a freelancer in the longer run. They understand how to craft a well-written piece that follows industry standards and SEO best practices.


The 3 Merits to Hire a Freelancer


One can collaborate with freelancers for just one project or a series of them as pre-decided and part ways once the project is completed. The nature of work is very different compared to hiring a regular full-time employee.


Freelancers cost substantially less than hiring an employee full-time. Most good freelancers have access to the best web tools from the comfort of their homes and require significantly less assistance to deliver the required output.

Expert advice

Some freelancers have niche expertise who can deliver the answer quickly and can be let go than hiring an employee full time who may not serve the requirements in the future.


Why Hire a Freelancer?

If you’re contemplating to hire a freelancer or freelance developer, here are some easy strategies you could use:

Plan a rough sketch of what you’re looking for

Always write down the basic requirements that you believe the freelancer you intend to hire must comply with. The kind of writing, fresher or experienced freelancer, expected salary range, etc. must be finalized before searching for the concerned person.

Post your requirements on a professional job board like Linkedin

To hire freelancers online, one must post the criteria on suitable job boards and actively search for relevant profiles. Freelancers specializing in any specific field are usually mentioned in their job profiles.

Mention your contact details and reply to queries received

One must actively search for the required person, which can be noted by being active on job boards like Naukri and Linkedin. Freshers or even those with experience willing to fill the post tend to have queries or want to ask further questions. Do answer them and build relationships that could help you later in the future.

Post your requirements on a professional job board like LinkedIn

To hire freelancers online, one must post the requirements on suitable job boards and actively search for relevant profiles. Freelancers specializing in any specific field are usually mentioned in their job profiles.

Visit social media platforms or writer boards

Writing platforms connect writers with clients. Social media platforms help in connecting to people who have listed their profession. The methods can be very different, but such platforms are usually the opposite of job boards.

Instead of clients posting requirements, writers create profiles that clients can browse and read. The big advantage of this is that writers are usually vetted before being on such websites, so the samples noted are most likely authentic and of good quality.

Networking and asking for recommendations

Especially while networking with people in similar fields, ask for recommendations. Networking events are often an excellent place to hire freelancers. Always earmark the names and check their profiles and work, but screen them yourself. If their writing style and portfolio align with what you’re searching for, approach them with a proposal.

Get samples from prospective freelancers

After shortlisting the freelancers you intend to hire, always check their work by handing them an assignment. This motivates them to put their best foot forward, show their potential to you, and get a perfect platform to determine the quality of their work and decide who to hire.

Before sending out the official contract, have a zoom or team video call to assess the person and maintain clear communications about expected work/work hours and pay scale. Once you have found a writer who’s a good fit, you can send more assignments and continue your working relationship.

What Qualities Or Skills Must a Freelance Writer Possess?


A good freelance writer must possess the following skills/qualities.

  • The ability to focus and meet deadlines.
  • Have strong research skills and an understanding of SEO guidelines or trends.
  • To fit the brand’s purpose, the freelance writer must be adaptable with their tone and style of writing.
  • The writer must communicate well and edit the piece until it delivers what was promised. 

When to Hire a Freelancer?

Usually, hiring freelancers is a good option when the organization grows, and delegation of work becomes essential to survive and maintain balance. Though, hiring them is a beneficial step at any stage.

The possible scenarios when hiring freelancers is a good option are:

  • At the onset, when one intends to use the internet for advertising or conveying any message, freelance web developers and writers are apt components to taking care of the online social world.
  • Alternatively, when one cannot get time to write qualitative articles and be consistent, freelancers are apt to fill the gap.
  • When one has hit writer’s block and run out of ideas, it is a good solution to hire freelancers to introduce new ideas and styles of writing. 
  • When one is disinterested in writing but is aware of its power to hold the attention of their desired audience, hiring the right freelancer becomes essential. 
  • Hiring freelancers makes far more sense since most agencies have already fixed the biggest resistance point – remote work. The hesitancy regarding productivity is solved.


One must be willing to meet such kinds of freelance writers halfway. The flexibility and low costs could also translate to availability issues. As employers, when you hire a freelancer, you must give them the desired level of freedom and timely payments while simultaneously monitoring output quality.


1. Is hiring freelance writers worth it?

Yes, it is proven to be more advantageous to the employer. Detailed contracts are beneficial to both parties, and the work gets completed without any hassle.

2. Is hiring freelance writers online safe?

Yes, online communities and writer platforms are yielding good results for employers. Many new writers are joining the bandwagon of working freelance, especially during weekends.

3. How much must one pay freelance writers?

Freelance writers are usually paid per word, and the contract can be made post discussion and analyzing the sample assignment. Niche experienced writers usually charge more for a reason, proving to be worth it in the longer run.

4. Can freelance writers be offered a full-time position?

If the employer finds the work of a particular freelancer to be excellent, they can discuss terms to hire them seasonally or even on a full-time basis if the writer is on board with that too.