14 Graphic Design Myths Debunked

Team Pepper
Posted on 19/01/225 min read
14 Graphic Design Myths Debunked

Table of Contents

  • What Is Graphic Design?
  • 14 Common Graphic Design Myths Busted 
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Graphic design is a craft, and graphic designers are magicians. Whether you need a poster or business card, a birthday invitation, or anything under the sun that requires visual creativity, you turn to a graphic designer. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding graphic design. Here, we bust 14 common graphic design myths.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design encompasses a lot of visual and textual elements. From eye-grabbing illustrations in magazines and advertisements on billboards to your favorite animated movie, graphics on a website, or an attractive design on a newsletter, a graphic designer’s role is challenging, dynamic, and exciting. Sounds interesting, right?


Here’s a fascinating graphic designing fact: you require a graphic designer for a successful marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a reputed brand, having a graphic designer who will bring your ideas alive with visuals is a must. 

14 Common Graphic Design Myths Busted

Even though graphic design is one of the most popular career choices today, there is a lot of misinformation around it that people still believe in. Let’s explore some common graphic design myths. 

1. You need a degree to become a graphic designer

Trust us, there are so many successful graphic designers out there who have not studied graphic designing formally. In this field, your creativity and perspective are all that you require to thrive (and, of course, your designing skills).

2. Graphic designing is easy

We wish we could tell you it’s an easy job, but it’s not. Graphic designers across domains spend hours glued to their screens, making and editing designs, and we feel their pain.

3. Graphic designers work on content creation too

We’re glad to bust this graphic design myth here. No, a graphic designer does not work on creating or producing content, they are a content creator themselves. Graphic designers are solely responsible for the design part of your content.

4. Graphic design is only for the aesthetics

There is more to graphic design than simply aesthetics. Aesthetics are just one of the many elements of graphic design. The field is also about clear communication, creative thinking, and building a brand image.


5. Graphic designing is inexpensive

You need to set a budget for graphic design, just like other areas. Graphic designers are paid well, and you should pay the right amount for their work.

6. Graphic designers know video and photo editing too

Some clients expect graphic designers to edit their photos and videos as well. In fact, most people burden graphic designers with other responsibilities that are not a graphic designer’s job.

7. Graphic design is only required for online mediums

You need graphic design for both online and print mediums. The design you see on the glossy pages of a magazine, and the advertisements in a newspaper, are all done by a graphic designer.

8. Anyone who can design social media posts can be called a graphic designer

Honestly, there are too many tools today that have made the task of a graphic designer easier, and at the same time, made a lot of people self-proclaimed graphic designers. Graphic designing is not only about designing social media posts; it encompasses a lot more than that.

9. Graphic design is required only for trendy content

You can take the help of design for trendy content, but you need a design for everyday activities as well. For instance, you may require a well-designed brochure to send to your client, or adjust your logo for your brand.

10. There is no plagiarism in graphic design

Plagiarism exists in graphic design as well. You cannot rip off a design from another brand and pass it off as your own. If you do so, the original creator can take legal action against you.

11. You need to have an expensive setup for designing

Most people think graphic designers work with an expensive computer setup. It is not true. You can require a basic setup to run software that doesn’t lag, in order to do the job just as efficiently. 

12. Graphic design can make your post go viral

Graphic design alone cannot make your post go viral. You need to work closely with the content team and have a great content marketing strategy in place, in order to make a post go viral.

13. Good design is timeless

While good design should be timeless, the sad reality is, it is not. Your design has a purpose and will stay afloat as long as the purpose exists. However, if your design goes viral and becomes the next big thing on the internet, it surely will be timeless.

14. All design jobs are the same

No, graphic designers do not perform the same job every day. They work on a variety of projects, with different designs serving different purposes. For example, a designer may create a brochure today and design graphics for a landing page tomorrow

Key Takeaways

  • Graphic design is not an easy job. 
  • As a profession, graphic design requires certain skills and abilities. 
  • Graphic design is an important aspect of your marketing strategy.
  • This field requires creativity and patience. 
  • Graphic design is more than just designing social media posts.
  • Graphic designers are not photo or video editors, content writers, or social media marketers. 


Since graphic design is an evolving field, it offers a lot of scopes. Whether you are planning to explore this field or wondering if you need this service, you should have all your misconceptions cleared out. Instead, look up interesting facts about graphic design. In a nutshell, we hope you won’t believe in these graphic design myths anymore.


1. What are the different types of graphic design?

The different types of graphic design include product design, website design, book design, branding design, etc.

2. Does my business need a graphic designer?

If your business has a content marketing strategy, it must also have a graphic designer. Even if you are not wanting to expand online, you might require a graphic designer in your daily offline work.

3. Is graphic design a dying industry?

Graphic design is anything but a dying industry. In fact, it is one of the most popular career choices today.

4. Is graphic design a stable job?

If you are a graphic designer looking for a stable job, you can join an agency or marketing firm as a permanent designer.

5. Do graphic designers get paid well?

Yes, graphic designers are paid well for their projects. There is a lot of scope for development in this field.