10 Funny Gifs for Designers To Make You Laugh

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Posted on 25/01/225 min read
10 Funny Gifs for Designers To Make You Laugh

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From slogging for hours in front of a computer, correctly aligning objects that seem to hate being straight, to dealing with exploitative and disrespectful clients, being a graphic designer is not without its difficulties. Despite burning the candle at both ends, you might need to make a great number of revisions and edits. Sometimes, you might have to do away with a beloved design. Yet if you have a zeal towards graphic designing, all these experiences can be rewarding by themselves. You learn to face and deal with challenges as a designer.

Gifs are a great way to break the monotony while also relating to something funny related to an actual incident. We have consolidated a list of hilarious gifs for designers to appreciate in this article.

10 Funny Gifs For Designers

Here is a highly relatable list of gifs for designers to blow off some steam. 

1. You have forgotten how to operate without coffee.


The day you start drinking coffee to focus on a project, you’re doomed to get addicted. In fact, a new word, “Procaffeinating,” gained traction earlier. It stands for delaying or putting off doing something until you have had coffee. The same stands true for graphic designers across the world. Once you finally wake up in the morning after snoozing your alarm for an hour, nothing can wake you up like a cup of warm coffee. 

2. You don’t like to work for exposure or experience.


This entry among the gifs for designers is relevant for all graphic designers, especially beginners. While bargaining with clients who expect you to work for much less than your price is a pain, nothing beats the disrespect of clients who expect you to work without any pay at all. Expecting a doctor to perform a surgery without payment is considered immoral but trying to exploit a designer who has to slog for hours is, unfortunately, “perfectly acceptable,” according to some.

3. When you learn something new after watching a random design tutorial online.


Being in a creative profession like graphic design requires you to keep your eye on all trends and be up to date with the industry. The Internet can be a great source of new ideas in the form of the numerous tutorials available. There is no dearth of designing tutorials, and you will likely learn new things whenever you want.

4. When you finally get to see your designs printed


After slaving over a monitor for hours and hours, looking at your design printed is a happiness that can not be explained. To see a tangible physical form of your perseverance and hard work is a reward in itself. This entry of gifs for designers can perfectly encapsulate the feeling of admiration and pride you will feel. Every graphic designer will have a stockpile of their designs printed on various things all around their house.

5. When your file gets deleted or corrupted, and you have to make your design from scratch


This graphic designer gif is going to hit hard. Anyone who works on a digital platform can confirm that their greatest fear is losing all their work due to unforeseen technical problems. As a designer, you must have had the urge to hit save every 30 seconds after facing the inevitable trauma of losing your work. This bit from gifs for designers summarizes the agony of starting over.

Some graphic designers work on cloud platforms that auto-save their designs, while others manually save multiple copies of their designs in all levels of creation as a backup and a backup for the backup. Despite all the best efforts, your file might get corrupted due to the hard drive failing or your computer turning into a sadist for absolutely no reason; at this point, you will likely need to start over with your design. A popular suggestion is to use a cloud storage system like Google Drive so that you can recover your projects even if your device or hard disk crashes.

6. When you find high-quality free design elements


As a graphic designer, you probably have a habit of hoarding all sorts of things such as fonts, presets, icon packs, or other design elements. Naturally, if you find a bunch of free yet high-quality design content, you’ll jump with joy!

7. When you procrastinate on a project


Procrastination is part of the working process for most graphic designers. You must have spent hours thinking of how to design a particular project without actually starting it until an hour or less before the deadline. This graphic design gif is a hilarious take on procrastination.

8. When you see a terrible design in public


Being a graphic designer makes sure that your eyes are drawn towards the designs around you. While looking at great designs in public can improve your mood significantly, the opposite holds for awful designs. Overused fonts like comic sans and papyrus are all around us despite the plethora of better fonts available online. As shown in this graphic design gif, nothing will ruin your mood like spotting missed opportunities in a banner, business card, or anywhere in public.

9. When a client does not communicate properly


How are you supposed to satisfy a client with your design if you barely understand what they want? Some clients do not communicate their requirements clearly and keep sending vague corrections. The worst is when a client says something to the tune of “there is something wrong with this, but I don’t know what.” Of course, they don’t know how hard you are rolling your eyes on the other side of the screen over their absolute lack of communication skills.

10. When you get a client that communicates and pays on time


After dealing with awful clients that do not communicate well or pay on time, finally finding a good client feels like finding a water park in a boiling hot desert. Getting a trustworthy client that communicates their needs and corrections properly and pays you on time will surely restore your faith in humanity.  

Key Takeaways

  • Being a graphic designer is hard work, although the frustration decreases if you enjoy the work.
  • Graphic designers like to get paid for their work. Nobody likes clients who expect designers to work for experience or exposure.
  • Losing files while working due to technical difficulties is a problem many designers have faced before. In such cases, graphic designers have to recreate their designs all over again.
  • Graphic designers love free design elements that they can use. Most of them turn into hoarders who save every good quality font, icon pack, or element.
  • All graphic designers welcome clients who communicate properly and pay well on time.


Graphic designers are essential to maintain the aesthetics of what we see around us. Designers go through many challenges daily, but their love for creativity is evident in their work. We are sure that looking at these highly relatable graphic designer gifs made you smile and appreciate your job all over again.


1. What do graphic designers do?

Graphic Designers create layouts and presentation formats for different kinds of content.

2. Why is graphic designing a good career?

Graphic designing improves your creativity and helps you understand the general public’s psyche by being involved in marketing. 

3. What do graphic designers create?

Graphic designers create various content, such as brochures, logos, advertisements, reports, images, etc. They also graphic design gifs when required.

4. How do you become a graphic designer?

Good graphic designing courses are available online and offline. Alternatively, you can learn basic design principles and gain experience to be a self-taught designer.

5. What personality traits do you need to be a graphic designer?

Creativity and the ability to communicate are a must for graphic designers. Patience and perseverance are also required because working for clients can often be frustrating.

6. What kind of skills do graphic designers need?

Photo-editing, designing software, and similar IT skills are required for graphic designers. Attention to detail, networking, and time management will help designers manage multiple projects successfully.