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15 Tips For Freelance Writers To Find Work Online

Team Pepper
Posted on 16/05/226 min read
15 Tips For Freelance Writers To Find Work Online

Are you someone who loves to work at your own pace? Do you like to be your own boss? If yes, then freelance writing is the best way for you to achieve your professional writing dreams and yet feel free from the constant hustle of a full-time job.


Whether you are a newbie in freelance content writing or are a seasoned writer, everyone needs to find work online. Today, there are numerous options for exemplary writers to find substantial work and earn from the comfort of their homes. Thousands of companies, websites, and individuals are constantly looking for talented freelance writers.

To find the right clients, you need to do proper research so that you don’t end up being disappointed. Most writers are aware that it is not easy to find freelance work. You face challenges and struggles when you start out on the freelance writing path. But once you start landing the desired work and trustworthy clients, it becomes the best decision you could make.

This blog outlines 15 tips for freelancers to find content writing work online.

15 Tips Freelance Content Writers Can Use To Find Work Online

Finding freelance writing jobs online can be challenging for beginners as most of them are unaware of the common tips and tricks that can help them reach their goals better. So, if you are well-prepared in the beginning, you have won half the battle.


Because even though it can be pretty overwhelming when you receive your first assignment, it can also lead to self-doubts when you sometimes have to face rejections and reworks. It can bring about disappointment and dejection and lead to you questioning your professional choice.

Therefore, to avoid such situations and find freelance writing jobs online, here are a few points for you to consider:

1. Find the genre that best suits your writing style

Be it content writing or copywriting, you need to find your calling. You must choose a genre that matches your writing style. Freelance writing projects are available in almost all industries, such as IT, education, media and journalism, advertising, FMCG, construction, retail, real estate, etc.

Although you can choose to write for any or all industries, you must develop expertise in what you decide to write on. The better your grasp on a specific industry, the more likely you will receive high-paying freelance projects.

2. Determine the type of writing you wish to pursue

Content writing is not just about writing for any one medium. There are different types of freelance writing which you can consider pursuing. You can choose from website content writing, article writing, blog writing, press release and newsletter writing, technical writing, social media writing, etc.


Keep practicing your writing skills and ask yourself which writing style you are good at. Only then can you enhance your writing skills and excel at your job.

3. Create your portfolio

Building your portfolio can help get clients or land big projects and enhance your creative skills. The more creative your portfolio, the more likely you will get high-paying projects in the freelance arena. Creating your portfolio lets you highlight your best works and helps attract clients.


4. Use social media to highlight your skills.

Being a free and high-reach medium, social media is the best way to let your writing skills do the talking. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some mediums through which you can publish your work and let the world know that you are a potential candidate “for hire.”

5. Cold pitch your services

Cold pitching is a great way to let companies and clients know about your services and how you can help their businesses grow. You can pitch these companies and prospective clients through their social profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also use social media to connect with various bloggers, freelance companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups and pitch your work to them.


6. Find local clients and job boards.

Finding local clients is the best and easiest way for beginners to get some initial writing gigs. Finding website development agencies can be pretty beneficial in landing the content writing work you have been looking for.

If you succeed in finding work locally, it can boost your morale and help you enhance your portfolio.

7. Follow the Twitter handles of job boards and other freelance writing service providers.

Social media is a haven for freelancers and is a great way to find which companies are on the lookout for freelance content writers.

You can also contact them by tweeting and tagging them. This can surely land you some freelance gigs.

8. Learn fundamental SEO skills

It would not be too much to say that SEO and content writing go hand in hand. Most companies are on the lookout for freelance writers who have basic knowledge of SEO as it helps them rank their website higher on the search engine.


If you happen to be an SEO expert, it is an added bonus and improves your chances of finding clients.

9. Gain thorough knowledge of various style guides

Since content writing is a vast discipline, one needs to be updated on the popular writing styles. One such way is gaining knowledge of various style guides that define how to utilize correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


As per your client’s requirements, you need to follow a definite writing style that complies with their needs.

10. Register on popular freelance websites

Many high-paying clients are looking for your services. Some popular websites like Pepper Content, Upwork,, PeoplePerHour, Unigigs, Fiver, etc., are some that offer well-paying gigs.

All you need to do on these websites is just register and complete your profile, and you can start bidding for projects right away. These are great platforms for finding high-paying and trustworthy clients.

11. Learn, learn and learn more

Continuously learning new things every day is pertinent to becoming a successful freelancer. The famous quote goes, “The day you stop learning is the day you start dying,” which holds true for a content writer. The field of content writing is an ever-evolving one, and one needs to stay abreast with the latest writing trends.

Follow popular freelance content writers, agencies, and social media channels to keep updated and learn new things.

12. Networking is the key.

Networking is an important aspect of today’s world in any field, and freelance content writing is no different. Making contacts with other freelancers who are constantly active can help you learn the nuances of content writing and help you get some freelance projects.


13. Become a member of pioneer Facebook groups and pages that pay

Numerous groups and pages on Facebook pay you for your write-ups. Pages related to freelance writing also conduct several contests and competitions, and if your story or article is selected, you can earn a specific amount of money. Such gigs act as a great catalyst in boosting your freelance writing career.

In addition, you can also send your stories to online libraries, and if your work is selected, you get paid a certain amount.

14. Start guest posting

Guest posting on different public blogs, websites, and social media platforms is crucial to freelance content writing beginners. Even though writing for these platforms might not give you any income (though, in some cases, you can earn, too!), it can help you reach prospective clients or employers.


You can even create your own blog or website where you can write on the topics that interest you the most. This is a great way to showcase your writing prowess to the clients.

15. Always ask for referrals.

When you complete a project and receive positive feedback on your work, it is the right time to ask the client for a referral. This way, you might get more work from other clients, and it can help you expand your portfolio.

In Summary

There has been an evident boom in the freelance content writing sector. Hence, there is enough work for almost everybody. The only snag is the challenge of finding the right client. Therefore, by following the tips mentioned above, you can accelerate your freelance writing journey and make it smooth and effortless.


1. How do freelance writers get new clients?

– Cold calls and emails 
– Collaborating with other freelancers 
– Getting in touch with old clients 
– Searching for work on Twitter and LinkedIn

2. How do you increase clientele on online platforms?

It is important to speak to existing clients about spreading the word about your work to their contacts. Ensure that they also give you testimonials to post on your website or portfolio.

3. Is freelance writing in demand?

With content marketing at an all-time high, freelance writers are very much in demand and will be for the years to come.