8 Best Landing Page Design Tools To Maximize Conversions

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Posted on 23/02/228 min read
8 Best Landing Page Design Tools To Maximize Conversions

Table of Contents

  • Why Should you Consider a Landing Page Builder?
  • 8 Best Landing Page Builders:
    • Unbounce
    • Instapage
    • Leadpages
    • Swipe Pages
    • Landingi
    • HubSpot Landing Pages
    • Lander
    • TARS
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Marketers rely on landing pages for generating leads and increasing email signups. Your landing page helps you promote several offers like case studies, white papers, e-books, discount coupons, checklists, and more. An optimized landing page also helps you get the most out of a PPC campaign and helps you capture leads quickly. However, even the best landing page builder is no use without the appropriate landing page design tools.

Your landing pages must be effective, and to make them so, you need a landing page builder that works speedily and effortlessly. To find the right landing page builder, look for basic features like predesigned templates, readiness to integrate with email marketing services, plus A/B testing accessible at affordable prices.


Why Should you Consider a Landing Page Builder?

A standalone landing page is where prospects land after clicking a call-to-action in an email or a Google ad in digital marketing. Unlike your other web pages that have many purposes, your landing page has a sole goal, your prospect clicking on a call-to-action. Such a focused landing page is probably your only best option for increasing your conversion rates and gaining a lead at the minimum cost.

To achieve this, you need the best landing page builder that helps you build an ideal landing page using its landing page builder tools. Although any of your web pages can act as your landing page, the point of having a dedicated landing page is to ensure the customer is never confused. When a home page acts as a landing page, it may confuse visitors with many additional links. The visitor may get diverted, so it is essential to consider a landing page builder that helps you build a unique landing page with the sole purpose of capturing leads.

8 Best Landing Page Builders

1. Unbounce


Unbounce is probably the best landing page builder featuring advanced landing page design tools. Although NOT a free landing page builder, it comes at a very affordable cost, considering it comes with a drag-drop builder that lets you create, optimize, and launch customized landing pages that are in the same vein as your campaigns.

The basic plan itself grants access to a whopping 75 landing page templates to choose from, with essential features like WordPress and HubSpot integration, A/B testing, and SSL encryption. You can upgrade and have a sub-account if you need access to more landing page templates.

2. Instapage

Instapage is a landing page builder boasting a bundle of valuable landing page design tools that can help convert a substantial portion of your website traffic into conversions. The basic plan grants you access to hundreds of templates, most of which are mobile-friendly and pre-optimized, and can help with your lead generation efforts in a big way.

One unique feature of Instapage is its image library, where you can browse hundreds of stock images available for free. Besides images, you also have a stock of vectors and videos to choose from to make your landing page as attractive as possible. Instapage also has a drag-and-drop feature that lets you design stunning landing pages in very little time.

Another great feature of Instapage is that you can easily design landing pages that integrate effortlessly with most email marketing service providers (ESPs). You can build an email list in no time at all to send newsletters and offers to your customers. With flexible monthly and yearly subscriptions on offer, you can save a lot of money by choosing the yearly plan or going for a monthly plan if you have budget constraints.

3. Leadpages


The landing page design tools offered by Leadpages’ landing page builder include powerful templates and advanced tools that will help you optimize all your leads and boost sales and revenues. With over 160 landing page templates offered free, you can choose the ones that suit you based on conversion rates and according to your industry.

This landing page builder also offers the standard drag-and-drop feature to customize your landing pages.

The basic plan is affordable even for small businesses when they opt for an annual subscription, also thrown in are free landing page templates, a liberal Google AdWords credit, etc. However, if you require more advanced features like A/B testing, Text-to-opt-in codes, Leaddigits, you must upgrade to the next plan. Opting for annual plans helps you save up to 39%, and what’s more, is they offer a 14-day free trial as well.

4. Swipe Pages

Although Swipe Pages is a new entrant in the field, it offers a powerful landing page builder that can help you create super-fast mobile-optimized AMP landing pages, thanks to its advanced landing page design tools that come in handy.

You can choose from over 70 landing page templates. Other features include easy integrations with HubSpot, MailChimp, Zoho, and many other automation tools. What’s more? Swipe Pages is integrated with leading payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe, making it the ideal choice for e-commerce businesses.

The best part of it is the affordable rates that make it the most preferred landing page builder in the market today. The basic plan is affordable for most small businesses. You can save more money by opting for the annual billing package.

5. Landingi


Landingi is probably the best option for those with very minimum designing skills that lets you create your landing page effortlessly. With a bundle of predesigned templates on offer, you can use its landing page design tools to customize your landing pages.

Landini also offers its basic plan at incredibly affordable prices, making it the perfect choice for small businesses. With the basic plan, you can create unlimited landing pages and attract many visitors since you have over 100 templates to choose from. It is easy to complete email integrations; however, you must upgrade to the next plan if you want advanced features like A/B testing, email automation, web books, etc. You have options to pay as you go, or you can opt for annual billing and save up to 38% on your bill value. Landingi offers a free 14-day trial that lets you get a feel of the software.

6. HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot Landing Pages comes with very advanced features that make it one of the most expensive ones in the market. However, its landing page design tools enable you to design incredibly stunning landing pages that convert most of your visitors into leads.

What’s more is this software is very easy to use, is highly intuitive, and is one of the best deals business owners can hope to get in the market. Furthermore, HubSpot’s CRM is thrown in free as a bonus, making it a profitable arrangement. HubSpot’s Landing Pages make it easy to customize your landing page with a personal touch to encourage individual visitors looking for exclusive content. 

Website content can be dynamically displayed based on the visitors’ demographics, the device they use, and their buying stage in the funnel. Also on offer are HubSpot’s modern analytics tools and software that let you optimize your landing page to capture more leads.

7. Lander

If you are in a hurry and want to build your landing page in record time, Lander is your best bet. You can create a highly-converting landing page within minutes with it. Boasting over 1.5 million customers globally and 3000+ brands, Lander is probably the best landing page builder that comes at a highly affordable cost.

It is also one of the best options for businesses as its basic plan is very reasonably priced and allows for 5,000 visitors. Because of its editor, companies can create stunning landing pages using some of the best landing page design tools available. Also on offer are an A/B testing tool and autofill forms. The best part is probably the access to many landing page templates that make designing a child’s play.


It seems odd to find TARS, a chatbot platform tool, listed as a landing page builder. However, TARS has become pretty popular of late as it uses a novel method to build landing pages–using chatbots in the place of forms, which make your landing pages conversational. People love AI that answers their questions meaningfully. This unique approach to creating a landing page builder is a unique attempt with an unmatched USP.

The TARS chatbot allows for personalized conversations with your visitors, doubling your leads with half the effort. Further, you get 450 free lead-generation templates as well as qualification templates for a wide variety of businesses, including real estate, legal, healthcare, travel, and insurance.

TARS also offers the drag-and-drop feature similar to the others in the market and lets you customize templates or build new ones from scratch without coding. Your chatbots can be programmed to ask easy, engaging questions to generate more leads than ever.

Key Takeaways

These eight are the highly-recommended landing page builders based on their features, popularity, and cost-effectiveness. You also have integrated platforms like Hyax, which come with a landing page builder and are particularly useful for businesses wishing to promote membership sites, digital products, or courses. A stunning landing page is essential to achieve better conversions.


Today’s world is fast-paced and highly competitive. A landing page that converts well is essential for a business to stay in business, as lead generation is key to increasing revenues. The more the number of landing pages, the more the leads generated. So, instead of settling for one or two landing pages, it is advisable to have at least half a dozen to attract more leads. Unless you have an efficient landing page builder, it is challenging to keep up with the competition.


1. Which is a good landing page builder?

There are several landing page builders to choose from, and most of them have excellent landing page design tools. If you are looking for a free landing page builder, you may want to check out Squarespace, Network solutions, Wix, and Square online. You also have others like Swipe Pages, Leadpages, and Unbounce. However, there are other options like HubSpot, Instapage, Wishpond, and Ucraft.

2. How can I get better conversions from my landing page?

A. You need clear campaign objectives before you can start using landing page design tools to improve the performance. Ensure that your headlines are bold, clear, and straightforward. Content is crucial for your landing page hence ensuring you use engaging content. Images also make a difference; therefore, pay attention while selecting images to go with your text. You may want to use the best landing page builder to ensure your page looks classy and performs well.

3. Which is the simplest landing page builder?

If you are looking for advanced landing page features, Unbounce is undoubtedly the best landing page builder as it offers some excellent landing page design tools. Over 15,000 businesses have used this tool to build optimized landing pages and attract new leads. Leadpages is another viable option, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, it comes with a bundle of features and is affordably priced too. Leadpages offers some interesting landing page design tools that come in handy for A/B testing, WordPress integration, etc. It is one of the few landing page builders offering mobile-friendly templates, which make your landing page look great on the screens of mobile phones and tablets.

4. Can I create multiple landing pages?

As landing pages help with customer segmentation, it is good to have multiple landing pages, each offering something different. It makes things easier, and you can quickly determine which of your offers are working and which aren’t. You can easily eliminate the uninteresting offers and offer targeted and customized offers to your leads to get faster conversions. Also, you can create a dedicated mobile landing page to target mobile phone users who are increasing by the day. Such specific landing pages make it easier for customers to make a quick purchase decision without wasting time. If you want to create multiple landing pages quickly, you must use one of the best landing page builders like Langingi.

5. How can I get better conversions on my landing page?

To increase your landing page performance, you must choose any landing page builders offering the best landing page design tools that help you achieve your goals. Besides that, you must have set campaign goals. Also, remember to include a call-to-action that prevails upon customers to take action. Moreover, ensuring that you have a fast-loading landing page helps with better conversions.