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Here’s Why Facebook Marketing Is Here to Stay

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Posted on 8/03/225 min read
Here’s Why Facebook Marketing Is Here to Stay
While many say Facebook is losing its appeal, we believe it is still highly relevant. Here are some benefits of Facebook marketing. Here’s Why Facebook Marketing Is

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  • Facebook Marketing: To Choose or Not to Choose 
  • 7 Key Advantages of Facebook Marketing
  • Conclusion 
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Social media is deeply integrated into our daily lives. The emergence of Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest on the social media marketing radar has led to many questioning the relevance of Facebook marketing today. If you were to ask brands and companies, they would tell you that Facebook still plays a huge role in their marketing efforts. This blog talks in detail about the relevance of Facebook business marketing in the current times.

Facebook Marketing: To Choose or Not to Choose 

Facebook has realized its importance as a marketing platform and constantly rolls out new and important updates. It offers paid options, such as sponsored posts and ads, as well as free services to businesses.


Facebook allows for the precise targeting of age groups by using audience insights. This feature can give information about users, such as their age, location, education history, past purchases, and shopping preferences. Moreover, Facebook groups are used by brands to connect with several communities. Chatbots are also provided to resolve customer queries. Another useful feature is the Business Manager tool, which helps you streamline activities pertaining to your business page. 

7 Key Advantages of Facebook Marketing

The following points will prove that Facebook marketing is here to stay, and it is as important today as it was before.

1. Massive user base 

In 2021, Facebook boasted over 2.91 billion active monthly users and almost 1.90 billion daily users. This is a massive audience base that presents the opportunity for brands to showcase their products and connect with potential customers, making the platform highly useful from the marketing perspective. Facebook also has a diverse user base, comprising people of different age groups, gender, and status. Thus, it is an ideal place for a business to find its target audience.

2. Leading social media platform 


Facebook has still been able to retain its position as one of the best platforms. No doubt, there are strong competitors like Twitter, but Facebook still has the highest number of daily active users. This also makes it the largest social media platform today. The platform is constantly updated, and new features are added from time to time, according to users’ needs.

3. Facebook ads revenue

The fact that a large part of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertisements is proof enough of its popularity among brands. Facebook generated a revenue of around $117 billion in 2021, most of which was from digital advertising. This shows that brands are largely utilizing Facebook as a marketing platform.

4. A large number of marketers prefers Facebook

Over 90 million small businesses are active on Facebook. It has several tools, which make it a great marketing platform. It allows brands to share vital information, such as contact details, website links, and descriptions of products and services they offer. This makes it easy for potential customers to get to know them, helping build brand awareness. Therefore, Facebook business marketing is an effective way to gain leads and increase sales.

Marketers love Facebook, as they can share different types of content on the platform. Many different ad formats exist, such as carousels, slideshows, stories, etc., with a variety of placement options. The precise targeting capabilities allow a business to implement its Facebook marketing strategy successfully. This will also save a significant amount of money, as the posts will reach targeted users. This makes Facebook a preferred marketing platform for many digital marketers around the world.

5. Discovering products through Facebook Shops


Facebook has become a great medium for users to discover products and services from different brands. Users can learn more about a brand or product by reading the descriptions and checking out the brand’s official page. People find Facebook reliable and are finding shopping on the platform increasingly convenient. Brands can post their products on Facebook Shop where people can easily find them.

6. Facebook ads are affordable

Cost is a major factor in determining any marketing strategy. If you are running tight on a budget, the different ad options provided by Facebook are the best way to advertise your brand. Facebook ads are quite affordable and offer great value for money, as other than paid promotion, they also reach out to your target audience through users’ comments, shares, and tags.

7. Real-time analysis 

It is highly important to keep track of your Facebook marketing strategy or campaign to see if it is performing. This is possible with the help of certain metrics related to your posts or Facebook ads. You can assess how effective your posts have been just by looking at users’ comments, likes, shares, or click-through rates (CTR). There are many other advanced tools to help you get deeper insights into your Facebook marketing strategy.

How Can Your Target Audience Affect Facebook’s Relevance?

There are plenty of social media platforms today, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and the like. Each platform has some unique features, which make them popular among a particular category of users. These platforms, thus, cater to different demographics. For example, Instagram and TikTok mainly appeal to those in their 20s and 30s. So, if a business has a target audience falling in these age groups, it is better off using Instagram or TikTok to reach out to them.

However, what makes Facebook so special is that it is an all-encompassing platform, having over 2.9 billion daily users. People of diverse ages and backgrounds are on this platform. You can find everyone from millennials and Generation Z to boomers connecting with their loved ones on Facebook. Users have also started looking at it as a marketing platform, as Facebook reported that almost two-thirds of its users visit a business page at least once a week. This makes Facebook an ideal marketing platform for almost any kind of business targeting any age group.


Hopefully, by now, any doubts regarding the relevance of Facebook marketing have been cleared. As a business owner, by utilizing this platform for marketing, you will only do yourself a favor. Facebook may not be the newest platform on the market, but Facebook marketing may just be all you need for your brand’s growth.


1. What makes Facebook marketing still relevant?

Facebook marketing is highly relevant for many reasons. Some of the important ones are its large user base, the huge advertising revenue it generates, its popularity among brands, its useful marketing services, affordable and effective Facebook ads, and so on.

2. What are the different marketing services provided by Facebook?

Facebook provides a range of marketing services to brands. There is an option for targeted sponsored posts or paid ads in different formats, such as video, carousels, and more. The other services provided are chatbots, Facebook groups, business pages, and Facebook marketplace. It also provides tools such as Facebook pixel for better targeting and measuring the performance of your ads.

3. How do Facebook’s users affect its relevance?

Facebook has a user base of over 2.9 billion daily users, which is a huge number of people from diverse age groups, preferences, locations, and so on. It caters to a wide demographic, in contrast to other social media platforms, which are popular among people of certain categories. This makes Facebook useful for all brands, irrespective of the type of demographic they are targeting.

4. How many users does Facebook have as of now? 

In 2021, Facebook had over 2.91 billion active monthly users and almost 1.90 billion daily users. 
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