9 Best Content Writing Services of 2021: Web Content Creation

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Posted on 12/10/2110 min read
9 Best Content Writing Services of 2021: Web Content Creation

Table of Content

  • Content and content writing
  • About web content creation/writing
  • Who’s writing web content and why?
  • Choose a web content writing agency
  • 9 best content writing services for web content in 2021
  1. SEO Butler
  2. Write Right
  3. Verblio
  4. Content-Whale
  5. Estoryteller
  6. Dad of Ads
  7. Taletel
  8. PayPer Content
  9. Pepper Content
  • FAQs

Content and Content Writing 

15 seconds! That’s all you get before your reader walks out on you. In those 15 seconds, if you can create magic with your content, know that you are on the way to see miracles come your way.

Yea, maybe it sounds dreamy and “extra,” but content was, is, and will always be the king! It gives you the agency to communicate with all your followers at once, making them believe that you are conversing only with them. It’s important to make every second spent by the reader on your content count because even 10 seconds of uninteresting content is like laying the carpet for the customer to walk towards your competitors.

Content writing is not just writing though. It takes planning, research, thoughts, relatability, and an understanding of your industry, the market, and most importantly, your audiences. Content consists of any kind of communication medium that lets you put your message across to your audiences, be it blog posts, social media posts, posters, podcasts, music, videos, or even just your logo! And content writing is the foundation of your content – even something as simple as your caption or youtube description. 

About Web Content Writing

Web content writing is an upcoming trend, but truth be told, a writer needs to be a good writer to easily tackle the changing trends and mediums. Web content writing is, as the name suggests, writing for the web. Web content may consist of blog posts, ebooks, reports, manifestos, white papers, email newsletters, sales copy, product descriptions, and more. All content you see online, be it on web banners and ads, or websites, is written by web content writers. 

Who’s Writing Web Content and Why?

Web content writers can either be working freelance or be on a salary for a particular client or agency. Freelance web content writers work with a variety of clients on a variety of genres, domains, and categories. Those who like to have their freedom of time and place while working usually take the freelance route. Freelance writers usually charge their fee based on the size, industry, and timeline of the project, and it changes from project to project.

Salaried web content writers usually work out of the office, either onsite or in a remote capacity, and follow the normal “9 to 5” working hours. Their domains are mostly fixed, and so are their monthly fees.

While a lot of focus in writing goes to grammar, in web content writing, the focus is more on engaging content that is easy to consume and hence should preferably be crisp and attention-grabbing. A conversational tone works best in web content writing to keep your audiences hooked on what you are trying to communicate. Because web content writing is also topical (think of the latest memes and trending topics), quick turnaround time is of utmost importance, and hence the writer needs to come across as responsible and punctual while committing to realistic timelines.

Choose a Web Content Writing Agency 

While it may look and sound easy, writing web content can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The real deal strikes when you sit down to actually write down your content. Here are a few tips that can help ease out the process of content writing.

  • The best way to write your content is to outline the structure to be more organized with your thoughts and the flow of information. This also helps you in making sure you do not miss out on important points and tips. An outline gives you a bird’s eye view of what would be put into your piece such that it serves the purpose.

Going about drafting an outline is also skill on its own. Of course, you have the regular introduction, body, conclusion, and call-to-action, but what goes into each category matters since every different content intends to tell a different story. Effective outlining reduces confusion by a great deal, and here is how you can go about it.

  • Different topics and industries may require different levels of research, and thus, different formats. A handy format that can be a reference point for all the content pieces going forward is a good place to start.
  • Basic research online on the topic of choice can guide you to understanding the gamut of information you can put in your piece. 
  • Over-information can be overkill. Split into different bits of consumable pieces for your reader’s ease. 
  • Take a cue from a previous piece of content on the same or similar topic. You can check BuzzSumo for the top-performing content and build your outline based on that. For example, if you want to write a piece on “Digital Transformation,” you can type your topic in the search bar and see the list of content pieces as per ranking and engagement. Skimming through those high-performing blogs will give you an idea of how to create an outline that will include vital information on the topic.
  • The best part about web content is that it is shareable, and one must take advantage of that feature. Keeping the content short and snazzy while making it easy to consume and share will surely start to garner more engagement and create a loyal customer base in the long run.
  • At the end of the day, it is very important to have your own voice such that your content also becomes your brand image and is easily recognizable. Trust a content writing agency to do the job in the best way possible!

9 Best Content Writing Services for Web Content in 2021 

1. SEO Butler


  • What do they do? – About their services

How would you like to have native English speakers from the US and UK write optimized content for you that can be added to your blogs and websites? Think of impeccable content that brings more audience onto your blog or website, thanks to SEO Butler – a top-notch SEO tool. 

Highly skilled and experienced writers provide SEO content writing services that give rise to healthy conversations and mentions to your blogs and websites. From technical content to thought leadership blogs, the writers at SEO Butler will leave happy, satisfied, and prioritizing content for your brand presence.

Why them? – Features

  • Professional writing style 
  • Native English writers
  • Wide range of content writing services on offer
  • SEO content services

What is their expertise? – Offering

  • Professionally written conversion-based content
  • Guest posts on blogs that receive organic traffic
  • Whitelabel reporting for social signals
  • Supporting local and national businesses with citations

2. Write Right


What do they do? – About their services

In the web content writing world of India, Bhavik Sarkhedi has definitely carved a name for himself. His content writing company, Write Right, was brought to life keeping in mind the growing need for content for all kinds of budding companies and startups. Such has been their growth curve in a short span of time that Clutch and GoodFirms have rated and reviewed them as one of the highest-ranking marketing and content writing agencies in India.

Based out of Ahmedabad, Write Right has a pan-India presence, focusing on attaining 100% client satisfaction, something that they rightfully claim as their key strength. They aim to crack the client brief, keep the quality top-notch and strictly adhere to deadlines.

Why them? – Features

Bhavik Sarkhedi is already a well-known writer, author, and creative content developer based out of India. They pride themselves on strictly adhering to deadlines. It is one of the top content writing agencies in India today.

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • Technical writing
  • Content writing
  • Creative writing
  • Blog writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Slogan writing

3. Verblio


What do they do? – About their services

How easy has it become to find whatever you need when you type it out on google?

In fact, when you search for “Best content writing services to work with,” Google shows Verblio as one of their top searches, that too on a global level. A US-based online content writing service provider, Verblio provides SEO content writing services for blogs, posts, websites, product descriptions, etc. Their expertise is well-appreciated, and one can surely reap the benefits of them being on the top of their game.

Why them? – Features

  • Native English-speaking writers who are based in the US.
  • All writers are thoroughly trained before onboarding.
  • Professionally trained SEO writers who follow clean practices. 
  • Best quality deliverables.

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks
  • Pillar content
  • Press releases
  • Website content
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

4. Content-Whale


What do they do? – About their services

The name itself is heavy, and so is their range of services! They claim to offer more than 42 kinds of content writing services, with the four main pillars being articles and blogs, technical writing, copywriting, and website content writing. Their quality is impeccable and rates pretty affordable, making them an easy choice.

Content-Whale believes the purpose of their content is to convert, and hence they do thorough research of relatable keywords to give you content that will increase search hits. Their writers are well-trained and provide quality content in a quick span of time. Their services will help you take care of the other aspects of your business while they articulate the best content pieces for your business’ growth.

Why them? – Features

  • Free revisions and edits.
  • Faster results with efficiency.
  • Available 7 days a week.

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • SOP writing
  • Emailers
  • FAQs
  • Products reviews
  • Quora posts
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Datasheets
  • Resume writing

5. Estorytellers

What do they do? – About their services

Storytellers are known to be the ones who understand your dreams and tell them to the world. And Estorytellers is one of the best content writing services in the business! Tell them what you need, and they will present you with the most impactful content that will surely make your readers gape in awe of their (and your) artistry.

They have experience in providing content writing services for multiple industries and businesses like automotive, education, real estate, marketing, engineering, health, fashion, academics, and much more. They analyze the content of your competitors and then come up with content that is 100% plagiarism-free, original, and yet relevant to your specific target group. They are also known to carve out content and words in such a way that it creates brand awareness and resonance. Estorytellers are surely a game-changer when it comes to content.

Why them? – Features

  • Estorytellers are a subsidiary of Write Right.
  • A strong team of 25+ writers.

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • SOP writing
  • Creative writing
  • Blog writing
  • Copywriting
  • Website content
  • Translation services
  • Social media writing
  • Resume writing
  • Technical writing

5. Dad of Ad

What do they do? – About their services

Quirk is their middle name! Dad of Ad is one of the top ad agencies that believe that advertising has no limits! They call themselves the communicators who can bring back the dead – now that’s some serious confidence! Their services are technology-driven, making the content aspirational and analytical, a combination that sky-rocket the success of any business. They take on a different strategy for each business as they believe, just like how apples and onions aren’t the same, no two businesses and their journey are the same. While content is one of their strongholds, they are almost into all things digital marketing. 

Why them? – Features

  • Their strategy game is the strongest when it comes to deciding on the type of content.
  • They go in-depth to understand their client and business.

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • Digital marketing
  • Creative advertising
  • Public relations
  • Media planning
  • Creative direction
  • Graphic designing
  • Music album covers designing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Video creations
  • Advertisement scripting
  • Copywriting
  • Banner and ad writing
  • Video scriptwriting

6. Taletel


What do they do? – About their services

Confused about the kind of content that would work for you? Reach out to TaleTel to not only figure it out for you but also execute the same. This content writing agency has proficiency with all kinds of content and guarantees you a 360-degree approach and service.

Their fresh perspective on content is their USP. A strong team of 20+ exceptionally trained writers that churn out the best and fastest of content to keep your business communication rolling.

Why them? – Features

  • Their content is customized as per the business, industry, target audience, etc.
  • Quick turnaround and 7 days availability save time and effort.
  • They are always up to date with changing trends in content consumption.
  • Skilled experts when it comes to writing any content.

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • Email writing
  • Ebook writing
  • Novel typing
  • White paper writing
  • Press release
  • Translation services
  • Proofreading, editing, ghostwriting
  • Web content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Ecommerce content writing
  • Social media posts
  • Product reviews and their comparison
  • Technical writing
  • Blog writing
  • SOP writing
  • Article writing services
  • Brochures
  • Catalog
  • Letter of Recommendation writing

7. PayPer Content

What do they do? – About their services

Also known as Payperco in short, is a modern-day content writing agency that believes they have the right words for all those who feel lost for words to describe or sell their business.

In business for 8 years, they aim to act like co-founders of their clients’ businesses such that the communication is on-point! These are the exact words they use to describe their expertise – “deploying our editorial excellence in creating powerful core communication around your product.

Their business process works in 4 easy to follow steps, with an almost flat rate for all services, and the payment is on a project basis, hence, Pay Per Content.

Why them? – Features

  • 8 years of being into content development
  • Wide range of industry experience
  • Fixed price list for different content pieces each

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • Website Content Writing Services
  • Blog writing
  • SEO content writing
  • Product descriptions
  • Brochure content
  • Case study content
  • Scriptwriting

8. Pepper Content


What do they do? – About their services

A relatively new company that has been showing a lot of promise, Pepper Content already has 45000+ content creators and provides some of the best content writing services. They take in briefs for content and work round the clock to give you the best possible deliverables. 

Bringing in technology changed their business game and made them a top contender in the race for the title of the best content marketplace in India. Their dashboard gives a clear view of projects assigned, with real-time updates that let you keep track of timelines and quality. As of now, Pepper has served 1000+ brands, delivered 15000+ pieces of content, and gained a faster turnaround time by 30%! 

Why them? – Features

  • Technologically driven process flow.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • 45000+ content creators on board.
  • All-in-one content creation.

What is their expertise? – Offerings

  • Blogs and articles
  • Website content writing services
  • Emailer design
  • Book writing
  • Translation services
  • Presentation
  • SEO content writing services

Web content writing is the base to create a loyal audience who will hear you, and turn visitors into loyal customers. With so many content writing agencies now selling high-end content and with most businesses going digital, it is necessary to be present in the world of the internet as that is your game field. 

Ready to give your business the perfect support while it matures?


1. What are the best content writing services?

1. TextMaster
2. Rightly Written
3. Pepper Content
4. Text Workers
5. ContentWriters
6. SEMrush
7. Content Marketplace

2. What services does Pepper Content offer?

Pepper offers customized content solutions by mediating content from the best talent pool of writers across the globe. There are 300+ content writing solutions available across multiple platforms.

3. How to generate content automatically on Pepper Content? is an instant content generator powered by artificial intelligence.
1. Select the type of content copy you want to generate.
2. Enter the details of your product or business.
3. See creative content copies automatically generated using AI.

4. What does a content writer do?

A content writer is a professional who writes creative copies for different mediums like webpages, blogs, social media, whitepapers, ebooks, etc.

5. What is SEO-optimized content writing?

SEO optimization of content entails planning and creating content that ranks high on search engines, bringing in more organic traffic to a webpage.

6. How do you write SEO Content?

Some tips and tricks to write SEO optimized content are:
1. Write for a target audience
2. Use high search volume keywords and keyphrases
3. Write attractive headlines
4. Make your content scannable and skimmable
5. Structure your posts
6. Write shorter paragraphs with chewable information