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10 Types of Content That Work on Instagram

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Posted on 27/02/226 min read
10 Types of Content That Work on Instagram
Finding engaging content to post on Instagram can be daunting. Hence, we compiled a list of the 10 most engaging types of content that work on Instagram.

Instagram has helped brands connect with a larger user base through visually appealing content. There is no disputing the fact that Instagram enables the following functions as a worldwide platform. 

  • It helps businesses and brands collaborate with top influencers
  • It helps humanize your content
  • It presents products and services in a unique and approachable manner

It’s a known fact that 90% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram. This makes it a great platform to express your brand’s narrative in a short amount of time. Since Instagram is all about visual content, the visual quality of your posts matters even more than it does on most other platforms.

However, creating a consistent flow of engaging work content can be challenging. Hence, it’s important to understand the content that works on Instagram and that your followers can resonate with.

Content That Works on Instagram

You can take inspiration from the following types of content that work on Instagram to remain competitive and relevant over a long time.

1. User-generated content

Companies like FedEx, GoPro, Starbucks, and Trek Bikes India have mastered the craft of publishing user-generated content (UG). They share exquisite, awe-striking visuals shared by their customers on the platform. To effectively use UGC on Instagram, you must encourage your audience to share photographs of your business.

Starbucks UGC


Create a unique community hashtag for content submissions, and keep an eye on posts in which your brand is tagged. Also, put up this hashtag on your Stories, Highlights, and bio, along with a clear call to action (CTA). 

2. Content that tells a story

Instagram pages like Humans of Bombay have exploded in popularity over the years by telling stories of people from all walks of life. Their photographs aren’t too imaginative, but the stories accompanying them are emotive, genuine, and motivating.

Humans of Bombay Instagram


Storytelling is the most effective form of content that works on Instagram. You can create posts centered on a theme, such as a life-changing idea, exciting event, or unique product. Make sure you’re engaging your present followers before you start extending your following.

In the example below, the international brand LEGO has used storytelling by depicting parents and their connections with their children. LEGO lets buyers picture how their product might grow with them and their families by displaying real-life tales; this is a strong connection to build!

Lego Instagram


3. Memes

A good mix of political debate, or a historical, scientific, or finance-related fact presented funnily, can make for a lot of entertainment. Satirical content and comic visuals are some of the hot-selling forms of content that work on Instagram. 

You can find many examples on Instagram where people and brands engage with the audience through a trending meme. The example below is of Netflix and how it uses its own content to make a shareable and relatable meme to endorse its show Stranger Things.

Netflix Meme


4. Behind-the-scenes content

Information that provides fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience makes them feel as though they truly know you. You can express your or your brand’s individuality while actively contributing to the overarching story.

Lazyoaf Instagram


A glimpse of the process you follow to keep yourself healthy, the exercises you do, or a morning drink you take helps you connect to your audience. You can share content about how you make your videos, artwork, product, marketing schedule, or even a recipe.  

A significant degree of impact can be created by sharing content that adds a human face to your brand because customers desire a genuine connection.

5. How-to tutorials

You might have noticed that Instagram is overloaded with tutorials on almost every topic. Any informational video will perform well if it contains actionable steps. You can have a video teaching users how to cook a recipe, grow a plant using items readily available at home, or use a new feature on software.

Wing it with Ankush Instagram


The example above is of Indian social media influencer Ankush Bahuguna. His makeup tutorials teach his followers a step-by-step process on various makeup trends. Bahuguna has amassed many followers by not just sharing makeup tips but also posting his journey to becoming a beauty guru. This makes him more relatable to his followers. 

6. Experiential content

An instant emotional connection occurs when you listen to a genuine, personal experience. Instagram users spend millions of hours looking through their feeds every day. They aren’t seeking product advertisements; they crave immersive experiences. 

You can amaze your audience by recording and sharing your experience doing activities such as skydiving, cycling, bungee jumping, or deep diving. People are looking for captivating visual experiences that will pique their interests.

An excellent example is GoPro, which shares adventures captured by their cameras, merging content and experience.


7. Content created by influencers

Celebrities and influencers dominate many spaces on Instagram. Many influencers become huge voices after sharing videos and photographs of the products they use. Some brands jump in to engage with influencers for promotion. 

Tanmay Bhat Instagram endorsement


Now, naturally shared customer testimonials are part of media campaigns. Millions of people go to the Explore section on Instagram to view videos and still photography about certain apparel brands, hotels, restaurants, and more.

If you are a premium brand, you can either strike a barter deal with influencers or pay them in exchange for product promotion on their page. 

8. Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes can motivate, challenge, or show a direction to the user. For instance, content on a common theme, such as bodybuilding, sports training, or weight loss training, goes well with brands selling sportswear, gadgets, gym equipment, etc. 

Gymshark instagram


Quotes are an excellent method to impart knowledge and emotion to your followers while increasing engagement. Inspirational quotes are ideal for many other sectors, such as entrepreneurship, financial services, writing, and more.

9. Contests, games, and challenges

A type of content that works on Instagram is engagement using contests, games, and challenges. They are known to be extremely popular and engaging as they involve direct participation from your followers.

Make sure to throw in a reward for the winner. Else your followers will have no interest in it. You can have fun trivia games and quizzes, and rewards can be in the form of your products or services.

Grove collaborative on Instagram


10. Open-ended questions

It takes a little less effort and thinking than the other options, but the payoffs may be substantial. Posting a question or a survey on your Instagram Stories is a great way to spice up your feed.

Instagram AMA engagement


Holding “ask me anything” (AMA) sessions is one of the most efficient content strategies to generate interaction and develop your following. It will automatically create more engagement if users are prodded to ask questions. 


You do not need to overthink what you can or cannot share on Instagram. Your content will work as long as it resonates with your audiences and represents your unique voice. 

Sometimes every marketer and creator reaches a dead-end when thinking of themes and topics to create content around. Therefore, refer to this blog to create content that works on Instagram. 


1. What do I post on Instagram in 2022?

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has indicated that they will “double down” on videos in 2022.

2. Which type of content works best on Instagram?

Entertaining, unique, niche-specific, motivational, and actionable content works well on Instagram. In addition, tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos are also some high-performing content types on the platform.

3. How can I earn more followers?

To gain more followers, you can create engaging videos that either entertain or add more value to your audience.

4. How do I create videos for Instagram?

You do not need fancy equipment to begin shooting and uploading videos. Use your phone camera in good light, choose a nice background, and learn the basic photography techniques. You can invest in better equipment as you progress through the journey.

5. Which type of content gets engagement on Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform. Hence, you must share visually appealing content with your audience. As a brand, you can take ideas from the following list. 

– User-generated content
– Behind-the-scenes content 
– Influencer content 
– Open-ended questions
– Inspirational quotes
– Fun facts
– Experiential content 

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