The 14 Best Product Promotional Videos Ever

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Posted on 24/02/226 min read
The 14 Best Product Promotional Videos Ever

Table of Contents 

  • Types of Product Promotional Videos
  • 14 Examples of Product Promo Videos
  • The Best Product Promotional Videos: Key Steps To Production
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs 

A product promotional video is also known as a product promo video. It is used to promote a marketing event, sale, or another related initiative. In a way, product promo videos are like teaser videos; they attract and siphon attention. In essence, however, they are business videos. They are created to promote products and services to the end-user. The best product promotional videos are not sales pitches. They are meant to promote the brand without asking for a buy outright.

All video ads are promotional. Not all promotional videos are advertisements. In fact, there are many types of promotional videos.


Types of Product Promotional Videos


1. Videos on company culture

Company culture videos project company ethos to customers positively. They aim at holistic brand promotion.

2. Product demonstrations

Product demonstration videos are different from product explainers. They showcase product benefits, perks, and features.

3. Product explainers

This type of product promo video often features voiceovers and animation. It explains the business offering.

4. Spot videos

Short commercials are referred to as spots. To make these successful, you need to tell a story engagingly in a short time. Spots are featured on TV, YouTube, and before films in the theatre.

5. Behind-the-scenes videos

They depict an insider look at processes and product making. 

6. Videos focusing on employee portraits

These videos highlight the human face of the company.

7. Customer testimonial videos

These are among the best product promotional videos. They are trustworthy and are about building a brand through direct customer speak.

8. Web series videos

Web series are difficult to produce but unique and fun.

9. Branded short film product promo videos

Some brands use short-length movies complete with characters to tell their brand story.

10. Mini-documentaries

Created with brands in mind, mini-documentaries are one of the most effective product promotional videos. They depict your business growth over a timeline, looking at operations and people.

14 Examples of Product Promo Videos

1. Product promo videos to showcase products (Marks & Spencer)

Marks and Spencer promote healthy living through a balanced diet via superb shots of tasty food. The video is artistic. A black background highlights the vibrant-colored food. They use shapes, music, and motion for maximum effect.


2. The Slack product promo video for the launch

Slack launched its product using the story of a company called Sandwich Video and their use of the Slack messaging platform. This company tells its brand story with a healthy dose of humor and relatability. The casual, non-corporate tone is easily identified with.


3. Nike’s competitive product promo video

Nike promotes its brand (indirectly) by promoting the Nike Football Academy. They aim to turn good football players into great ones. Aimed at young, fit people, the video hits the mark in brand positioning. The video is full of great energy with fast music and great visuals.


4. Poo-Pourri promotional product video (350 million+ views)

Poo-Pourri’s viral video tells the brand story engagingly. A young, sophisticated woman introduces the product in a posh, British accent. It is one of the best product promotional videos for a toilet spray company. The Amazon rating is higher than the iPhone, and the stink-free guarantee put the message across extremely well.


5. The Dollar Shave Club: Attracting the best talent

This brand believes they have found a market gap. They know the problem as well as its resolution. Attacking the competitors aggressively, this brand garnered over 11 million YouTube views.


6. Spotify’s promo product video: Making the mark

Kinetic animation and motion graphics were used to make this highly effective video. The background music was uplifting, and there was no voice-over. The music-only promotion worked great to touch a chord with music fans.

7. Dropbox’s product promotional video: Simple yet effective

Dropbox’s first promo product video cost less than $50,000. With cut-out animation and a powerful script, the message hit home. Prudent use of contrast helped inform non-techies why this software was great for them.

8. InVision: Putting design at the fore

InVision is empowering designs and designers. There is no overt product promotion. Instead, there is a focus on brand building.

9. Square: Telling a story

Square tells its brand story via a customer testimonial. An actual script and prudent use of animation put the story across very effectively. The customer’s nervous laugh is a good touch, and the story is told with the real flow.

10. Always: Brand awareness building

Always’ viral brand campaign was successful because it knew its target audience. They touch the heartstrings of women in their campaign. They built a viral campaign with over 61 million views by focusing on empowering women.

11. Yellowbag

This discount app lets you know when there are great deals on products. The explainer video brands the service as personal and valuable for organizations.

The video focuses on brand personality and leaves a print on the viewer’s memory. 

12. Greenpeace: The heart is the focus

Greenpeace shows a young girl exploring the oceans of her imagination. But overfishing kills the happy dream. This video, which wasn’t about promotion and focused on raising awareness, was highly successful.


13. CrazyEgg: A great explainer video

One of the best product promotional videos was created by CrazyEgg. The service offered is complicated. The promo explains why the product is effective and worth buying in simple words. 

This explainer video increased conversions by 64%. Monthly revenue increased by $21,000. A startup was transformed into a thriving organization with this one great product promo video.

14. GoPro: A simple marketing strategy

GoPro inspires users to experiment and explore their world. Without overselling, they let the product sell itself. All the numerous GoPro videos on YouTube are incredibly successful.

The Best Product Promotional Videos: Key Steps To Production

  • Goal identification: Before you begin, you need to know what you want to achieve. Do you want to introduce your product? Do you want to explain the product? Do you want customers to take action? Is your motive education, awareness, engagement, traffic, or sales?
  • Choosing direction: Once you know why you want to create a video, you need to know what you want to produce. Your direction could be:
  • Explanatory
  • Narrative
  • Introductory
  • Problem-solution
  • Product-focused
  • Testimonial
  • Endorsement
  • Informative
  • Entertainment
  • Define the tone: Next, you need to know how you want the audience to feel. The direction you have chosen is crucial in determining the tone. Your tone could be: luxurious, artsy, inspirational, cutesy, quirky, entertaining, urgent, straightforward, conversational, or dramatic.
  • Decide the duration of the product promo video: It is important to set time parameters for the product promo video at the outset. You need to know the goal, the medium, and the budget to decide the time.
  • Decide on the video style: The video could be a whiteboard, screencast, live-action, stock, b-roll, involve real people, or be animated.
  • Make an idea outline: Flesh out the rough idea you already have. Write down a paragraph summary of the idea. Write down the scenes, characters, and product fit. Decide on the props and the CTA.
  • Scripting: Now comes the time to distill all the previous steps into a script. Scene numbers, timestamps, and scene descriptions are all part of this.
  • Storyboarding: This step involves working with the artist, designer, illustrator to combine the script with visuals. 


Key Takeaways

  • There are several kinds of promotional videos.
  • Sometimes selling without actually selling through product promotional videos is most impactful.
  • Product promo videos can be the crucial link in corporate success
  • Product promotional videos are engaging in nature
  • Innovation is rewarded when you are making a promotional video for your product.
  • Product promotional videos can be successful at smaller budgets.
  • For multiple goals, create multiple videos.


Promotional corporate videos are an essential part of the expansion plans of any modern firm. They are good differentiators and a great marketing tool.

A great product promotional video is not about fancy cameras and expert editing. Instead, it is about appealing to emotions. Promotional videos show the world what your business is. Engaging, interesting promotional videos ensure you stay in customer memory. The best product promotional videos ensure that your style and voice stand out.


1. What are product promotional videos?

A product promo video is an audio/visual marketing tool for your brand. It is a cross between a film and an advertisement.

2. How do the best product promotional videos increase sales?

They increase brand trust
They fuel brand loyalty
They increase engagement
They have SEO benefits

3. Is it expensive to make product promotional videos?

Although product promo videos can be made for less than $50, they often cost over $50,000. It depends on how you want to get your point across.

4. What is the ideal length of a product promo video?

Ideally, the video should be within 2 minutes in length.

5. Are there many types of product promo videos?

There are several types of product promo videos like product demonstrations, spot videos, etc. The kind of video you want to make should depend on your goals.

6. What is the USP of product promotional videos?

By their nature, product promo videos are engaging. The audio/visual nature of this tool makes it very effective. 

7. What are the key ingredients of the best product promotional videos?

The best product promotional videos are neither too long nor too short. They tell a complete story within the given time. They are highly shareable. They are innovative.