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10 Best Youtube Banners That We’ve Come Across

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Posted on 28/02/226 min read
10 Best Youtube Banners That We’ve Come Across

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • What Are Youtube Banners?
  • How Do You Determine a Good Youtube Banner Design?
  • 10 Best Youtube Banners That We’ve Come Across
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQs

Social media marketing strategies are increasingly using newer components to boost user interest and engagement. Originality and creativity are at the core of such strategies. 

Youtube banners are some of the highlights of impeccable design and creativity that are at the forefront of brand stories and are instrumental in luring customers with a mix of marketing and novelty. 

True, some of the most alluring and coolest Youtube banners often leave us marveling at the creation – the mix of art that pleases us visually and design that conveys the functionality without interruption or interference.

And this yearning for more often leads us to wonder what exactly is meant by a Youtube banner design and how to get to the end of the process of creating such gorgeous channel art. The coolest Youtube banner templates are the tried-and-tested results of extensive experiments with art, design, and multiple resources – that all come together to create an eye-catching, head-turning spectacle bound to make the viewer think and inspire the intent of becoming a Youtube maestro themselves. The best youtube banner templates result from extensive experimentation – including art, design, and numerous resources. These components come together to create an attractive, eye-catching spectacle that makes the viewer think and inspires them to become a YouTube maestro.

Now that we have discussed the fundamental visual and psychological impacts of a cool Youtube banner background let us dive into the intricacies of Youtube banners. Also, let us see how to dish out some of the most impressive Youtube banner design ideas. 

What Are Youtube Banners?

We must be pretty acquainted with Facebook covers behind our profile photos. The inspirations to do the same are different. At times, it is just the beautification and increasing the overall aesthetics of our Facebook profile. At other times, they convey our skills, expertise, or pertinent information related to our online persona. 

When it comes to LinkedIn, a well-optimized LinkedIn cover or banner design is typically used to rope in potential clients by summarizing the services provided by the user concerned. 

Similarly, a cool Youtube banner background serves all the above attributes in one go!

A Youtube banner is one of the main elements noticed by anyone who drops in your Youtube channel. Thus it needs to be the perfect mix of visual splendor and functionality to strike a chord with almost every audience or incoming traffic to your Youtube channel. 


How Do You Determine a Good Youtube Banner Design?

The best Youtube banner is visually appealing and serves its purpose well. Let’s rewind the specific objectives of every Youtube banner design

  • Youtube banner designs should be eye-catching. The primary purpose is to hook the spectator when they arrive at the channel and keep them there – minimizing the bounce rate. 
  • Since Youtube banners are the first and unarguably the only chance that you will get to show off your brand to the incoming traffic, you need to make it count. A cool Youtube banner background that stands out from the rest efficiently shows the company whenever someone visits the page. 
  • Apart from being eye-catching, the best Youtube banner is one that will be effortlessly legible. It will help convey the brand story behind the concerned Youtube channel perfectly and resonate with the audience. 

All in all, the coolest Youtube banners serve the above purposes fruitfully and help establish a brand amongst its target audience, rope them in, and retain them ad infinitum. 

10 Best Youtube Banners That We’ve Come Across

Some of the exceptional creative Youtube channels that leverage an attractive Youtube banner design to their advantage and help the creators reap sizable financial windfall are as follows: 

  1. According to Sprout Social, Youtube commands more than 2 billion active users monthly, making it the second-largest and one of the most-frequented search engines. A lot of this traffic constitutes travel freaks, and for them, following the Around the World 4K is like making a virtual pilgrimage! The cool Youtube banner background with 8K HDR resolution complements the look and feel of the channel and enthuses adventure-lovers and travel junkies with wanderlust. 
  1. According to Alexa’s top sites, people flock to Youtube for tailor-made experiences, and hence it encounters the second-most traffic in the world. For those who are into off-beat passions like brewing their own beer, The Craft Beer Channel, with more than 117k subscribers, is the place to be! Their USP? Of course, their quirky, cool Youtube banner background, with a bright yellow color palette and fantastic motifs that represent beer bottles! This Youtube banner design will incite your passion for trying newer recipes!
  1. Sprout Social reports that 16.5% of Youtube’s traffic comes from US citizens. And their love for personal fashion is elevated by one of the best personal fashion and makeup brands – NYX Professional Makeup. It has one of the most attractive Youtube banners showcasing chic models and makeup accessories, which are bound to hook any young girl who wants to be the next diva and the darling of the paparazzi!
  1. When it comes to popular culture and fiction, Lucasfilm’s franchise is something that people have sworn by since time immemorial! With spinoffs and the franchise taking a deeper, darker turn, the innovative Youtube banner design of Star Wars portraying both sides of the ‘Force’ captures the fantasy of millions. With one of these coolest Youtube banners, ‘may the force be with you!’
  1. Google is a revelation in itself when it comes to portraying its unique brand through tweaking the traditional color palette and introducing simplicity and allure through design! The same can be said about Google’s cool Youtube banner background, which allows the internet population to connect automatically with the largest search engine in the world!
  1. LinkedIn is one of those platforms that has created a dedicated following of serious professionals, freelancers, recruiters, job-seekers, etc. However, the Youtube banner of LinkedIn is amongst the coolest Youtube banners that we have seen in recent times. With the LinkedIn logo showcasing ‘IN’ and the rest of the tagline showing ‘it to do what I want – the Youtube banner sends a strong message that this one-liner can motivate people to join this platform’s channel and be bullish with their career aspirations and dreams. 
  1. With Wendy’s being one of the most popular restaurant chains in the US, its Youtube banner design was artfully created by displaying some of its signature lip-smacking dishes in a row. Simple yet enticing!
  1. For sports-freaks, ESPN’s Youtube banner design has it all. With some of the most notable celebs from different sports donning their sportswear and expressing their relentless attitude, it is one of the best Youtube banners that represent the grit and passion for sports and unite fans across the globe. 
  1. Known primarily as the brand for kids (albeit they are coming up with several adult-friendly comic movies), Lego has one of the coolest Youtube banner designs that showcase millions of toys that have been fashioned from the Lego parts! No wonder, Lego still captures the largest market for children’s toy merchandise worldwide.
  1. Airbnb – short for Air bed and breakfast, has captured the happy faces of several people of diverse races and ethnic backgrounds and created a collage in its channel’s Youtube banner design. The sharp cutouts in between could reflect the comfortable spaces that Airbnb offers to its global customer base – providing satisfaction and a holistic customer experience. Their YouTube banners are composed of everyday men just like you and me, making them more relatable and increasing credibility. 

Key Takeaways

  • Youtube banners are not merely an assortment of graphics – texts and images, put together randomly. 
  • They culminate in creativity, intellect, design, and the zeal to provide the maximum user experience.
  • Youtube banners reflect brand values, mission, vision, and ideologies. You can also tell the target audience by its Youtube banner design.
  • Youtube banner designs also give you an idea of the popularity of the Youtube channel with actual subscriber stats. 
  • In addition to their visual appeal, YouTube banners play a very important function. They are used to entice the audience, grow awareness about the brand, and keep the audience interested in its offerings. 


With a plethora of Youtube banners worldwide that represent millions of brands, it often becomes a tad too difficult to select the ones that represent the brand ideologies perfectly. However, the ones depicted above reflect ingenuity and creativity and mold art and design to give us an experience that we can correlate to the brand in concern. 


1. What are the standard requirements of a Youtube banner?

The standard requirements of a Youtube banner include – minimum dimensions of 2048X1152 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9, recommended banner size of 2560X1440 pixels, and maximum file size of around 6 MB. 

2. What is the safe area for a Youtube banner?

Although the ideal size of a Youtube channel art is 2560X1440 pixels, the safe area that can be distinguished and displayed across all devices is 1546X423 pixels. This centralized, safe area can house other images, focal points, logos, text, etc. 

3. How do you crop a Youtube banner?

If you are not happy with the way your Youtube banner appears, you can click the ‘adjust the crop’ button to crop the Youtube banner to your desired dimensions. 

4. How do I make a picture into a banner?

After choosing a pre-sized banner template, you need to open a blank canvas, insert your favorite quotes, texts, images, put in a stylish background, use easy-to-use tools for inserting personalized messages, and share the finished product on social platforms! Your Youtube banner is ready to be uploaded!