How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad (With Some Of The Best Facebook Ads)

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Posted on 26/01/2215 min read
How To Create An Effective Facebook Ad (With Some Of The Best Facebook Ads)

Table of Contents

  • What Are Facebook Ads?
  • Why Choose Facebook Ads? 
  • How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad?
  • 5 Best Best Facebook Ad Examples 
  • Key Takeaways
  • FAQs

Gone are the days when advertisements were just restricted to billboards and good old pamphlets. Today, everything is online and by everything, we mean quite literally everything. Businesses are going online be it small or big and marketing is taking a big digital turn. Digital platforms have a certain potential that is so very tempting that nobody wants to be left behind. 

Now that businesses have gone online and people tend to be glued to their phones for the most part of their days, this is the perfect time for advertisements to go online too. With social media platforms in full rage and the advantages that the algorithms of these platforms offer to the advertising industry, social media advertising has rightfully blown out of proportion. One of the giants of the social media world is Facebook. 

The advertising potential of this platform is immense, but to make the best out of this potential for your own business you need to be equipped with the right strategy to execute a Facebook ad. 

So, let’s start with what Facebook ads are, and then proceed to the strategy that you can follow to create the best Facebook ad for your business. We will also have a look at some of the best Facebook ad examples.

What is a Facebook Ad?

It’s no secret that people aimlessly scroll Facebook for hours on their phones. In fact you yourself must be spending a big part of your day on Facebook scrolling endlessly. Millions of people do the same. So, throwing an ad here will give your ad a million more eyes.

To create the best Facebook ads that people will come across you must at least know what a Facebook ad is! These are the ads that only appear on Facebook’s platform. They can be found in Facebook’s news feed, messenger, and even non-Facebook apps and websites. They’re available in a variety of formats, including single images, videos, slideshows, and more. They can be tailored to very specific audiences.

Making a Facebook ad is not the same as creating a post. The quantity of traffic your Facebook advertisements will attract depends on everything from the content you select to when you place them. These ads are paid messages; here emphasis on paid must be made because this feature helps you in targeting specific audiences and allows you to keep your target boundary as wide or as narrow as per your business’s requirement.

You can manipulate the format of your Facebook ad as per your own needs and other factors like your overall budget and daily budget. You may even choose which user actions you want to pay for. That doesn’t imply Facebook will only charge you if your ad performs as expected, but you may choose how you want to be billed, such as by the number of views or clicks. Depending on the objectives you establish for your ad, you have a variety of possibilities.

Why Choose Facebook Ads?

As mentioned above Facebook has millions of users, to be precise it has near about 2.6 billion active monthly users. Among all social media platforms out there the audience base of Facebook is the broadest. People from all walks of life are on Facebook. From CEOs to students everyone has a Facebook account which they use for business or for networking and everything in between. 

Facebook ads are quick, effective, and cheap. What better combination of factors would a business person want? If one closely looks at the numbers of market share for digital advertising, specifically for Facebook, they are skyrocketing. With a 20% share, Facebook advertising is a giant in the field of digital advertising as it becomes the single most lucrative social media platform for advertising your service or product successfully.  

1. Precise audience targeting

One of the biggest advantages is that Facebook’s ad platform allows for extremely precise targeting. Businesses can create their own audiences based on their own needs, and then launch campaigns for these specific consumers.” One of the best things about using Facebook advertising for your business is that you can target people who have already interacted with your brand.

The platform’s ad network employs “Audience Insights,” which compiles data on people who interact with your brand page as well as data on how they interact across Facebook. Marketers can then move their bespoke audiences from Audience Insights to Facebook’s “Ads Manager” product.

2. Low-cost advertising

Facebook ads are low cost, they are pretty cheap if one goes for them as a part of their advertising plan. In addition, the average cost dropped by 6% last year. As per Wordstream data, clothing, travel/hospitality, and other retail marketers have the lowest average cost-per-click (CPC). Facebook advertisements are far less expensive than traditional advertising, and they provide some of the finest Returns on investment. 

3. Help you reach your business goals

Marketers can also select from a variety of “advertising objectives” that align with their company’s aims. This is ideal for companies who want to prioritize distinct ad results. Ads can be created to increase post-engagement/interaction, web traffic, customer acquisition, and so on. Indeed, one of the perks of Facebook advertising for your business is that you may set up specific ad objectives for increased brand awareness and brand consideration.

4. They are easy to set up

Now, this is the game changer for your advertisement journey. Creating a Facebook ad is not that heavy a task. In fact, Facebook is built this way, so it assists you in creating the best possible ads. The process is not only simple but also gives you an option to customize the ad on your own. All you have to do is select an ad type, define your audience and your timeframe. And Facebook will guide you through all these steps.


5. Facebook ads give quick results

If you are looking to fulfill either your long-term or short-term brand visibility goals, Facebook advertisement is the ideal place to start because it is the quickest way possible to get a response to your advertisement. As soon as you create your ad with the help of an ad manager it can go live. Since they can start providing revenue/conversion as soon as they go live. They’re ideal for obtaining quick results.

When ad campaigns are created in the Ads Manager, Facebook assesses them, and they are approved, they go live and begin showcasing your brand/products to potentially thousands of individuals right away. As ads are often approved within 24 hours, Facebook advertising benefits businesses by allowing them to begin receiving purchases within a few days.

6. Plethora of data at hand

Ad tools that Facebook makes use of providing you with various features that help you in grasping the performance of your ad.  You will get performance insights and aggregate data to assist you holistically. Features like AD MEASUREMENT will come to your rescue and provide with the analysis of the demographics of your ad, and will also give you the negative advertising data so that it is clear where you would want your ad to show up where you wouldn’t. Besides this the breakdown feature of the ad manager will map out the tiny details of your audience. Like age, gender, location, devices, etc. Along with this, the attribution maps will help you out with formulating a good marketing strategy. 

7. Testing for improvement in performance

Another advantage of Facebook advertising is the ability to use testing tools to improve ad outcomes. A/B testing, for example, allows marketers to show almost identical advertising (with tiny alterations) to evaluate which changes perform better over time and given data.

Businesses can utilize Facebook’s ad platform’s split testing feature to test and display different ad variants. Additionally, split tests can be set up for time periods ranging from 1 to 30 days, particular budgets, and bespoke audiences.

8. Block listing for low performing audience

Marketers can also block ads from appearing for low-quality markets or non-performing audiences using Facebook’s pay-per-click advertising strategy. This is one of the pros of Facebook advertising.

In an ad campaign, you can set up “blocklists” to avoid your business ads from turning up on URLs you don’t want them to. You can choose whether or not your pages appear in select apps, Audience Network pages, in-stream videos, or Facebook Instant Articles.

How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad?

As you go through your feed you come across multiple ads. Advertisements are annoying and on top of it, if these ads are not up to the mark or are poorly designed nobody is going to look at them for more than a second. And this is why it is crucial to take the design part into consideration. It’s true that designing an effective Facebook ad can be extremely tricky, and it’s not a surprise that people often find themselves in a creative block as they head towards designing a Facebook ad. Well, fret not with some design tips you will be able to create one of the BEST FACEBOOK ADS OUT THERE. 

First, follow a simple formula:

  • Make it catchy, so that the reader actually stops scrolling to read your ad. 
  • Make it informative, equip your reader with all the necessary information about your organization and product. 
  • Give it a tone of guidance, it should tell the readers what should be there next step be? 

Some tips that you can keep in mind are elaborated below:

1. Choose your format meticulously

There are many formats from which you can choose while creating a Facebook ad. Every format has its own benefits and requirements. This is the most obvious and initial step that you will take. Hence, pour some thought into this one. 

A variety of formats include:

  • Images: This is perhaps the most basic style, consisting of a single image with a short textual heading. Concentrate your efforts on using your single image to tell a great visual story.
  • Video: Video formats are similar to image formats, but they allow you to exhibit your brand, product, or service over the course of an entire video
  • Stories: Stories exist outside of the stream and provide a full-screen experience for viewers. Use all of the available space to make an impression and capture their full attention.
  • Messenger: These advertisements are delivered to your clients via Messenger. Your best bet is to use short phrases and single-focus graphics.
  • Slide shows: Slideshows are a good compromise between photo and video marketing. They make it simple to create an ad that combines sound and a slideshow of several images, yet they use less data than video commercials. As a result, they are a better alternative in locations where the internet connection is inadequate.

Now be careful here before you dive into the process. Consider how each one of these ad styles might be used to optimize the impact of your ads before you begin the design process. Carousel or collection advertising, for example, could be a suitable fit if you have a vast range of products to display. If you want to demonstrate how your product works, a video or story ad may be the way to go.

2. Consider the spatial aspect while designing

After you have decided on the format of your ad, next you must take care of the placement of your ad. How much space will an ad take? The placement of your Facebook ad is equally as essential as the ad format. The amount of space you have is determined by ad placement, and creating an ad without such ad standards in mind might backfire. 

You should be aware of your possibilities before deciding on the optimal ad placement. There are a variety of options you can go for such as Facebook stories, a desktop news feed, etc. Some of them are explained below:

  • The right-hand column on the desktop: Although it is comparatively less effective, it’s cheap and affordable. The text is a little less legible and the images are smaller. This placement is great for retargeting users who are already familiar with your brand. To capture people’s attention, always pick an image they’ll recognize.
  • Mobile Newsfeed: Great for discovery and interaction. However, the copy for this section must be shorter, so be precise. 
  • In-Stream Video: Similar to YouTube advertising, you may have your video ad play both before and during high-visibility video content. This effectively creates a tailored audience for you.
  • Stories: Facebook stories require something that is original, full-screen, and of course, mobile-friendly. You must take care of the fact that the maximum length of a story video is 15 seconds. The good news is that Facebook stories are watched by over 500 million people every day, so there is a big benefit to connecting with this type of material.
  • Audience Network: These advertising appear in partner apps outside of Facebook. While they don’t convert as well as other placements, they are significantly less expensive, allowing you to keep your acquisition and cost-per-click costs low.

3. Importance of right color choice

You will choose the format, decide the content, and come to terms with placement but in between here somewhere you need to be absolutely conscious about the colors that you make use of. Say, you go for an image-based Facebook ad, what will be the color palette of this image? Yes, fellow advertiser, you must tread these waters lightly. Do your homework, study the psychology of colors. The colors you choose for your Facebook ad can be just as essential as the images or text you use. Various studies have put forth the conclusion that color accounts for up to 90% of all product-related s judgments.

Colors can work their magic and can be useful when it comes to:

  • Using contrast to draw readers’ attention.
  • Establishing your brand’s identity (for example, whenever you think about Facebook the color blue comes to your mind. )
  • Colors are associated with a variety of human emotions associating your items with specific emotions or sensations is a good idea. Say, you want to create an ad for scented candles, what is the tone that you would like to set over here? Of course, you will have a luxurious and relaxing tone. So, what do you think, what color palette will suit this product? 

Hence, you have got to consider the market you’re selling to, be aware of their likes and dislikes, and their expectations. If you do it this way, know that you’re going on the right path. 

4. Keep your text and visual elements in synergy

Hypothetically, let’s assume that you would like to sell a mobile phone. Now while designing a Facebook ad for the same you will have to consider all of the above-mentioned factors and along with them, you will have to create content in such a way that it aligns with the visuals that you choose. 

Now, assume that the festive season is on, in this case, you will use visuals that are in consonance with the festival. If it’s Christmas you will go for fairy lights and gifts, if it’s Diwali you will go for diyas, candles, etc. The text you use here must align with these visuals. Something like “It’s Christmas, and we are here to light up your digital experience with XYZ phone.”

That’s just a generic example you can be as creative as you want to be. 

5. Choose visuals that will catch the eyes of the target audience

As mentioned above, one of the perks of using Facebook for advertisement is that you don’t have to cater each ad to everyone. You might choose to target specific demographics or geographic areas. By choosing ad graphics and language that are relatable to specific audiences, you can represent local needs in your Facebook ad design.

Keep in mind that it’s not just about displaying a photo of a well-known local site; it’s also about proving that you know who the locals are and what they need. 

5 Best Best Facebook Ad Examples

Now that you have a clear idea of how to create an amazing Facebook ad let us take up examples of some of the best Facebook ads. As we analyze these examples one by one every tip mentioned above will become clear and you will have an overall better understanding of the work that goes in making an amazing Facebook ad. 

1. Amazon

Amazon, a well-known giant in the digital marketing space never fails to come up with an on point ad. They take care of trends and seasons and create personalized, attractive, and effective Facebook ads. Here is an image ad that was brought out around Christmas. 

Check out the colors, they are in consonance with the Christmas color palette. They have brilliantly gone for a deep shade of maroon. They have bordered the image with fairy lights and placed some Christmas tree decorations like bows and gifts too. Take note of the text, “MEGA XMAS SALE” In bold and in gold-tone. The image in its entirety has a good Christmas feel. 

It’s relevant and informative, the product is positioned perfectly. It’s Christmas, it’s time to relax, offices are shut, families are together. A display massage gun in their ad perfectly fits the mood. 

2. Winc

Next, we have WINC, this is a perfect example to highlight how Fb ads cater to specific audiences. With their placement on the right column of Facebook, this brand created Facebook ads to retarget previous clients. They specifically target people who have browsed about wine before, so that they can make the most out of their advertisements. The visuals that they use for their product are simple, sweet, and attractive. They have a sophisticated tone to them, the color palette also suits and brings out the stance of the brand. The perfectly set shades they have made use to complement their wines impeccably. The content that they use in their ads is perfect to lure wine lovers. They also make use of techniques like price drop and position them impeccably in their ads so that this catches the eyes of the customer. 

3. Buffer Harry Potter Gif

How can one forget when the buffer once again struck a chord by using a Harry Potter GIF in their Facebook ad! Of course, they have done it before but this time it hit harder than before. 

Why do you ask?

 It’s because its interactivity encourages viewers to do more than merely click a button or buy a product in response to the advertisement. You may interact without having to leave the platform.

In this ad, Buffer does an excellent job of appealing to a popular cultural node to which users may relate. Not only that, but they’re associating their own brand with the Harry Potter protagonists. The ad adds a fun element to Buffer’s ad campaign.

And that is how this ad came under the spotlight with a lot of attention in terms of likes and other reactions.

4. Shopify

Shopify takes a different but very effective turn. They go for unique techniques like something called picture in picture as a creative option. This move is one of the best demonstrations of ad creativity. Along with this, they have time and again made use of ongoing trends. The color palette, the textual part, the placement. Every element is unique and effective. Take a look at the image below. Notice the colors, they are the trendy colors that make the visuals pop and make the image even more attractive. The combination of different colors plays out perfectly. 

5. Shutterfly

Shutterfly is a user-friendly online photo storage and printing service that also provides website hosting for anyone. Upload your photos and make a free website to share them with friends and family, or turn them into a variety of presents and useful goods in minutes. Now this kind of platform will need ads that are relevant and emphasize the value of the product. Now, observing this image, you will come across a very complimenting color palette, white, orange, and wood. The white all around the image brings a pop in the orange and highlights the logo of the company. This will establish an association of orange and Shutterfly. 

These are some of the tricks that you can make use of to create an impeccable Facebook ad. Sure, Facebook ads are a cheap and effective alternative to traditional advertising but they are not as easy to create. Having said that, it’s also crucial to take on Facebook ads in recent times so there’s no way around this reality. If you want your business to fly high, you will have to get a hang of creating the best of best Facebook ads. Be careful about the format, create an engaging and interactive design. And you are all set to go! 

Key Takeaways

  • FACEBOOK ADS ARE ADS THAT POP UP ON FACEBOOK. These ads are quick with their response. They are simple to make and are cost-effective. With Facebook’s large audience base your business will catch the attention of people from all walks of life. 
  • FACEBOOK ADS CAN TARGET THE AUDIENCE YOU WANT TO TARGET. A Facebook ad has one of the biggest advantages of all. With a Facebook ad, you can target a specific audience. Facebook ad manager provides you with ad tools that will give you relevant and detailed information about the people you would like to target. The information will include details like location, age, etc of the people. 
  • YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR FACEBOOK AD. Facebook ads are all about creativity. You can make them just the way you want and the way your business wants. You will be able to customize these ads to align with your specific business goals for the maximization of profits. 
  • CHOOSE THE FORMAT CAREFULLY. There are plenty of formats that you can choose from to create your Facebook ad. You can go for photos, videos, Facebook stories, and slideshows. All these formats differ from each other and have their own perks. You must be careful while making this choice, take into consideration the needs of your business before making a decision. 
  • BE CREATIVE ABOUT TEXT AND VISUAL ELEMENTS. When you go on to create a Facebook ad, you must be creative. Take an out-of-the-box approach, create content that is catchy, attractive, and relevant. Choose visuals that are trendy so that you can attract as much attention as possible for quick results. 


1. What are the characteristics of a good Facebook ad in 2020?

An excellent advertisement is one that is tailored to both the company and the brand’s customers. Its goal is to solve problems, generate a need, or convince people that your product is superior.

2. What are the most effective Facebook ads?

Lead generation ads are frequently more cost-effective in terms of generating leads than a standard ad that sends people to a landing page.

3. Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook in 2021?

The answer is a resounding yes when it comes to Facebook’s utility for businesses and whether Facebook advertising is worth the investment in 2021. It’s worth your time to try out a video ad, or a story ad,  in your Facebook ad campaign, and to maintain refining your Facebook audience.

4. Do Facebook ads that you pay for actually work?

 Yes, in a nutshell. Facebook advertising is quite effective. However, there is a catch: Facebook advertising only works if your company is a good fit for them.