The Most Popular Types of Blogs in 2022: Revealed

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Posted on 18/09/2114 min read
The Most Popular Types of Blogs in 2022: Revealed

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  • How To Optimize Your Content To Generate Revenue
  • How To Earn Money From Blogs
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Most of the time, people are confident that they want to venture into blogging. But what they are not sure of is in which niche area they should start their blogging journey. So, today, we have compiled a list of the most popular types of blogs that you can choose from based on your inclination and expertise.

That being said, you need to consider some things before you start writing on a trending blog niche in the WordPress theme. Learn about SEO so that you can optimize content, according to the search engines for your blogs in order to rank higher in Search Result Ranking Page. If you are having trouble choosing your blogging topic, analyze your interests and expertise, and read blogs from the most popular blog topics and make out what unique content you can make around it. 

If you are wondering how to start a popular blog, you need to look at what are the most popular blog topics. We have compiled a list of the most popular types of blogs.

Types of Blogs

1. Fashion blogs

Fashion blogging has emerged as one of the most popular blog topics in the last 2-3 years and has a global audience reach. Who doesn’t want to style themselves and be in vogue? Fashion bloggers with a great audience outreach are also invited to influencer events and receive merchandises and PR stuff to blog about as well. Anybody with a sound sense of fashion and a love for styling can start with blogging in this sphere.


2. Food blogs

The world is on the internet, especially people looking out for great recipes or yummilicious food points to satiate their cravings. Food blogging has always remained a trending blog niche in the world of blogging, as it attracts readers who are on the lookout for recipes, home versions of restaurant food, fine dining, and other food-related stories.

You can initially begin with just rating the food in your local food points and then as you grow, you can expand the scope according to what type of content your target audience wants to read. The most popular types of blogs always have specialized content for their target demographic. If you have expertise in plant-based recipes, you could create content around it to stand out. 


3. Travel blogs

Despite the raging pandemic, there is no doubt that travel blogs have remained as one of the most popular types of blogs in the blogosphere. Even if people are not travelling, they are looking it up. People are keen on sharing their travel experiences with the world. They are repurposing old content, or travelling locally. 

Travel blogs act as a reference point for people who are traveling to a certain place for the first time or want to explore already visited places as these blogs cover the A-Z of traveling, like accommodation, sightseeing, food, local shopping, etc.


4. Music blogs

Personally speaking, this blogging is supremely underrated, but the music lovers in us would understand that these blogs are such a savior, as they list the best songs, best musicians and even contain information about upcoming musical concerts or events. If you are wondering how to start a popular blog, choose this niche, then you can blog about different music genres like Jazz, Pop, Indie, and EDM, and also mention the trending songs in these genres so that people can discover hidden gems. It would be easier to stand out here with quality content as it is not yet the most popular type of blogs. 


5. Lifestyle blogs

Lifestyle blogs are like the one-stop shop in the blogosphere and are the most common types of blogs that you can find online. If you have a strong personality and are outgoing, consider venturing into this trending blog niche. 

Lifestyle blogging means blogging about anything right from Food & Beverage to Healthy Living and Exercise to Arts & Culture. This type of blogging will give you a chance to explore various topics and have a variety of content to be planned and posted on your blog.

Lifestyle bloggers get opportunities to write for other publications and work with big brands.


6. Fitness blogs

In today’s world, healthy living and fitness are the core of a sustainable life, and therefore, fitness blogs have become one of the most popular blog topics to write about. It’s a great opportunity, especially for gym instructors or people who support healthy and clean living.

People want reliable information on healthy living and home exercises or workouts or a balanced diet. So, if you think you are experienced enough to provide information on these topics, then you might as well go ahead and work in this trending blog niche. 


You can as well attach vlogs of different exercises to your blog to show your audience how a certain exercise can be done. You can later monetize your blog using affiliate marketing or Google AdSense.

7. DIY blogs

DIY (Do It Yourself) blogs are gaining impetus lately, as people are trying to become creative and pursue hobbies when at home. This has emerged as one of the most popular types of blogs during the pandemic. 

You can blog on various sub-topics like arts and crafts, pottery at home, mandala drawing, home decor, etc. 


DIY blogs involve a lot of communication and engagement, as your audience might follow your steps and create art pieces and would want to showcase them to you. So, if you have a knack for origami, arts and crafts, best out of waste, or any kind of creative hobbies, then do think about starting your DIY blog. Since it fosters engagement, if you do it well, you will soon have a growing audience in one of the most poplar blog topics. 

8. Sports blogs

Sports blogging is a trending blog niche that has become popular nowadays, due to people’s increasing interest in sports across the globe and their inclination to read about the stories of various athletes and how their journey has been.

Bloggers also share live updates and scores on their Twitter handles, increasing the scope of their reach, as almost everyone wants running scores when they are unable to catch the live telecast of their favourite matches. So, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can explore blogging in this trending niche and publish content that reaches all sports fanatics.


9. Finance blogs

The conversation about understanding budgeting and personal finances have been loud for a long time now and this makes it one of the most popular blog topics

Financial blogs cover topics like personal finance, budgeting, investments, share markets, which attract businessmen and Investors, and even families who are trying to understand better ways to save their hard-earned money. The audience is diverse, and you could either target millennials, or an older audience to write in this trending blog niche. 

As it is one of the most popular blog topics, it would be a great choice if you choose to focus on finance blogging. But do bear in mind the fact that it involves key financial concepts and terms that a person needs to understand well first before writing about them. It will be a risky measure to talk about money when you have no clue about how it is generated in the market.


10. Political blogs

Political blogs are one of the most controversial niches, yet the one that has emerged as one of the most popular blog topics with the highest readership because people are passionate about politics.

Political blogs cover election results, news, current affairs, analysis of politics, and so on.

Political teams now even hire their blogging teams to share their agenda or manifesto to attract more and more people to their representatives. So, if you are interested in national or global politics, then do explore this niche.

11. Parenting blogs

So it’s P for Popular and P for Parenting!

Parenting blog is the new kid on the block, as more and more parents or new parents are becoming particularly expressive about raising their children. It has emerged as one of the most popular blog topics within a few years.

This niche also includes topics like pregnancy and health, and care for newborn babies. The tonality of these blogs differs, depending on the parent it is being written for. So, you can cover topics like building a child’s motor skills, inculcating discipline, how parenting has changed over generations, and many more things.

 If you have a child psychology development degree, you could combine parenting tips with it to make your special niche. You will be able to post content for infants to toddlers to emerging young adults in this trending blog niche. 


12. Business blogs

It is no secret that business blogs are probably one of the most popular blog topics that generate tons of revenue. Business blogs are blogs related to a company’s products, services or the industry they operate in. It’s a more indirect way to convert your website visitors into warm leads for your offerings, as they can read and understand what you offer as a company that others don’t.


13. Personal blogs

Personal blogs are for individual writers or freelancers, who share their industry experience or personal experience with their audience. Personal blogging has a vast scope, as it can include vlogging your daily life or sharing your views to guide your audience. With the large number of people joining the freelancing community in the wake of the pandemic, you have an eager audience in this trending blog niche. 


14. Movie blogs

Movie blogging is a fun and light niche, as people who choose movie blogging generally present news related to the movie industry like upcoming movies. They share their recommendations of movies to watch or review the new releases. It is one of the most popular types of blogs, as all of us love to check out reviews and get movie recommendations. 

It has a huge audience base online. Once you become popular, you might get invited to movie premieres, so that you can create a buzz around their upcoming release. 


15. Car blogs

Car and automobile blogging usually talks about luxury and sports cars and publishes reviews or specifications about the cars and their models.

Car bloggers can also leverage the opportunity of collaborating with local car dealerships for monetization and sponsorship.


Car blogs have a pretty decent readership, as car fanatics spend a lot of time reading about the engineering and features of cars. If you can create content in this trending blog niche to satisfy these readers, you would have a loyal following online. 

Bloggers can also write about automobile financing and schemes that ease the process of buying a car in order to provide a holistic read to their audience.

16. News blogs

Blogs related to the current news are a great way for journalism students or anyone looking to start their journey as a blogger, to build their portfolio and hone their writing skills. It is a great help for aspirants studying for competitive exams, so if you have the expertise and resources to collate such information, you could monetize this trending blog niche. 

News blogs usually cover the latest local and national news and it’s not just limited to reporting the event; the crucial part of it is the writer’s opinion about that news item.


Media houses have their team of bloggers to cover news for subcategories like technology, business, local news, climate change, etc.

17. Pet blogs

Animal lovers are everywhere, just everywhere! Don’t we fall into the loophole of scrolling through cute puppy videos every once in a while? So, you can gauge how high the readership of this niche might be. No wonder that pet blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs. 

Pet blogs cover topics that please pet owners, animal shelters, animal lovers, and it covers topics related to shelter homes for pets, or pets for adoption, well-being of pets, and so on. Pet bloggers can partner with companies that are involved in the pet food industry or pet care products.


18. Gaming blogs

Gaming blog is quite an underrated niche, but it’s still an ever-growing niche, as it caters to the community of gamers, which is huge. If you are wondering how to start a popular blog and have knowledge in the field of gaming, choose this niche. 

Gaming blogs cover topics like game cheat codes, gaming devices, upcoming games, etc.

Mostly, the gaming blogs are started by gamers themselves or by gaming companies who even host international events that reward gamers.


19. Rogue blogging

Rogue blogging is a niche for people who don’t like to comply with conventional blogging topics. 


Rogue bloggers voice their opinions regardless of how people take them, and they talk on the least discussed topics like conspiracy theories or topics that go against the grain or rub people in the wrong way.

20. Frugality blogs

Just like the financial blogging niche, frugality blogs share thoughts around having more money even if you earn less. Since a vast majority of the people in this world are looking to save money, it has a huge readership, making it one of the most popular blog topics. 

These blogs have a list of tips and tricks to grow your wealth efficiently and make ends meet.


It covers topics like a household budget, using discounts and coupons, how to save money by cutting irrational costs, etc.

These blogs help people stretch their income to grow their households, so do add your personal experience with finance and creative tips.

21. Photography blogs 

A photography blog is a common type of blog, and will appeal to all, especially if you are a photographer and love clicking photos. This trending blog niche is a bit different from other blogs, as, in this, you mostly upload pictures with a bit of description. Thanks to photography blogs, you can be aware of upcoming webinars and photography contests. A photography blog is one of the best ways in which you can showcase your talent and earn some extra bucks. 


22. Book and writing blogs

Book and writing blogs is one of the most popular types of blogs, as every day, thousands of books are being published, and it becomes challenging to find the book you need. So, a blog on books, where you upload honest reviews about various books and help people identify the best books in specific genres, can come in handy. You can simply start such a blog by reviewing any book you have recently read. You can write book reviews, interview different authors and offer book recommendations.


23. Interior designing blogs 

Interior designing blogs are emerging as a trending blog niche with each passing day. In this type of blog, usually, interior designers give recommendations on how you can improve the aesthetics of your home. You can even showcase your previous works in this and attract prospective clients. You can showcase how you have transformed a house by showing them pictures of the place before and after. This will attract visitors. Using wall art and color schemes, you can offer tips on decorating bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc. 


24. Review blogs

A review blog is the most popular type of blog. In this type of blog, people review different types of products, especially tech products. In review blogs, you can choose a product of your interest from Amazon and give your honest opinion on your blog. This can include products like electronics, clothes, or anything that catches your interest. You can open an Amazon affiliate program and generate revenue when someone purchases from your link

25. Religion blogs 

Religion is a big topic in itself. You can narrow this topic down to how religion/spirituality is important. You can write prayers and include:

  • Daily verses
  • Interviews with big religious and spiritual leaders
  • Real-life stories where spirituality and religion have played an important role.

26. ‘How to make money’ blogs

How to make money blogs have become a trending blog niche since 2020, as people were at home and desired to make money. So, this was one of the most popular blog topics, and people wrote blogs on different ways of making money. You can review different websites that pay for clicking photos, posting content, etc. It is a vast topic, and there are thousands of content pieces you can write on this topic.  


How to Optimize Your Content to Generate Revenue

So, after reading the types of blogs, you have to follow a few steps regularly to make sure that you start earning money from blogs

  • You need to select a niche and stick to the niche. Never try to mix two or three types of blogs on the same website. The most popular types of blogs rely on two pillars- specialization and hyper-personalization. Stick to the niche, build your domain authority and earn.
  • Create a website on any online platform like WordPress, Wix, Weebly or any other site you feel comfortable with. Among all these, WordPress is the most commonly used.
  • It is important to write regular content on the niche. Make a routine and publish two, three or five articles a week, and stick to this schedule. Engage with your audience often. 
  • The content you write should be SEO-optimized, and make sure that you use keywords properly. To increase the visual appeal of a blog, add images, and the images must be used directly from Google or any site free of copyright issues.
  • It is essential to do keyword research on your topics and find the relevant keywords to add to your content. The use of keywords will help your blog get a rank. Make sure that you do not use excess keywords in an article, thinking that it would help rank.
  • Promote your blog or website using paid promotion by Google Ads or promote it on different social media platforms and this would help drive traffic to your website. Once you start driving traffic into your website, your authority will increase, you will rank on search engines, and eventually start earning money.

How to Earn Money From Blogs

Once you have followed all the above suggestions on how to start a popular blog or write proper content, there are many ways in which you would be able to generate revenue from your blogs. Some of the methods that can help you earn a good amount of revenue are:

  • AdSense: The best way to make money from your blogs is by AdSense. In this, you display ads for different companies on your website, and you are paid for every click on the ad. To start earning from AdSense, you need to first apply for AdSense, and once it is accepted, you can start earning.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This is a popular and high-generating source of income, especially if you have a product review or fashion blog. When you write reviews of different products, you attach the link to the product. So, whenever someone purchases from that link, you are paid a certain proportion of the total amount of the product.
  • Sell Your Services: If you have a photography blog, food blog or any blog where you can offer courses or webinars, then you can earn a huge amount. Once you build a loyal audience base, you can start selling your services like baking courses, digital marketing courses, and so on.
  • Guest Posting: Once you build authority on a niche and start ranking on search engines, you can earn by writing a guest post on other people’s blogs or inviting people to write on your website. Like, big companies in that niche may ask you to write posts for them, and you can ask other people to write blogs on your website so that when the blog ranks, the person can get traffic on his/her website.
  • So, these are the primary sources of income from blogs. Apart from this, you can launch your merchandise or create sponsored content.

Key Takeaways

Some important takeaways/points to remember are:

  • Select the niche properly. Choose an area that you have interest, or expertise in. 
  • Make sure that you host your blog or website using a hosting provider and index it using a tool called Google Search Console.
  • Write regular and unique content related to the type of blog. The content should have no grammatical errors and should be 100% unique.
  • SEO optimizes your blog with images, meta descriptions, and keywords. Make sure that all the images you use are edited or clicked by you.
  • Then, rank on Google and drive traffic to your website, and promote your blog or website as much as possible.
  • Apply for AdSense and start showing ads on your website.
  • Start earning money.


Blogging is an effective lead generator, if used properly. It fosters engagement and makes you look trustworthy. If you reveal inside production scenes and clearly establish how your consumers can use your products and services, they would be more likely to trust you. To make money from blogging, choose the niche that you have expertise in, establish your credibility in that domain, and offer networking opportunities. You could invite a guest blogger to expand your reach and ensure that both of you benefit from each other’s audience. And, try to choose relevant advertisers that suit your blog values. It does not interrupt the readability of your blog. 


1. How to choose the perfect type of blog?

To find the type of blog you want to work on, first find the field that interests you or you have a passion for because you would relate to it and work on it without feeling bored. Then, you can research on Google, look for popular blog topics and choose the type of blog accordingly. If you are choosing a trending blog niche, it might take some time to build authority. Have patience and Keep Writing!

2. How much time will it take to monetize our blog and website?

It may take time if you are applying for AdSense, depending on your niche and traffic. Usually, people have to wait for at least three months to get AdSense approved. Also, if you work on affiliate marketing or give webinars and courses, you can earn from the beginning. Most popular blog topics would start earning in a period of 6 to 12 months. It largely depends on the time and effort you take to connect with your audience. 

3. Does it take an initial investment to start blogging?

This is a very subjective question that entirely depends upon your needs. If you are an entry-level blogger and want to try your hand at blogging, you can go for a website. But if you are serious enough, purchase a domain and host; that would cost approximately three to four thousand rupees a year. After purchasing a domain and hosting as per your need for your website or blog, you have to make sure that you renew the same domain and hosting every year or every two years.
Apart from this, if you use Google Ads to bring traffic to your website, it would also cost you depending on how much traffic you need. 

4. How can you generate traffic to your website?

There is no guarantee that if you choose the most popular types of blogs, you will receive the highest traffic. The most popular blog topics have experienced people writing in that domain, and you will need time to establish yourself as an authority in that niche. You would be able to stand out faster, if you come up with unique blog topics. The easiest way to do that is to follow the most popular types of blogs, gauge the audience’s interest, and pick out your ‘micro-niche’ from it. 
The best and free way to generate traffic to your blog or website is to write SEO-optimized and unique content. This would increase your chance of ranking in search engines and get traffic. Apart from this, you can use Google Ads, sharing on social media, especially Pinterest, to get traffic to your website.

5. How much revenue can you generate from blogging?

The amount varies; if you are a beginner, you can earn around $100 in the first few months, and once you grow, you will be able to make $10,000 to $20,000 and even much more than this. The revenue would also depend on the kind of traffic you get on your website and the amount of effort that you put to monetize your blog. 

6. How can you know if the topic is trending or not?

To find a trending topic with good search volume, you would need to research by using tools like Google Trends, SEMrush, and many more. Feedly, Medium, Buzzsumo, Linkedin Pulse, are some sources where you can find the most popular blog topics. Keep surfing blogs that come up. Try to gauge the audience’s interest. Keep in mind your demographic and try looking for content that they are interested in. It will help you to select a micro-niche and grab your audience’s attention.  

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