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9 Tips on Fashion Content Writing for 2022

Team Pepper
Posted on 30/03/226 min read
9 Tips on Fashion Content Writing for 2022
Want to excel in fashion content writing? Here are nine tips for your perusal. If followed religiously, these would facilitate your climb to the top.

The fashion industry is today more than ever reliant on online shopping. This trend for online shopping has brought many opportunities for both old and new businesses to survive and, in some cases, even flourish.

However, the online space is always a battle to attract consumers. Hence, without a good marketing plan or quality fashion content writing blog to attract customers, your products will just be in the stores/warehouses without anyone picking them out.


One of the best ways to fix this problem is by inviting customers to use content marketing, But one cannot achieve this skill by just learning what it is. So, to help you acquire success in your marketing goals, we will guide and give you tips on content writing for fashion blogs.

9 Tips for Fashion Content Writing Blogs

Below are some helpful tips to scale your fashion blogs to new heights.

1. Put emotion in your product description

A description of your product is the best way to show its features and benefits. Here is a common mistake most businesses make: they don’t emphasize their content or put emotions in it.

It makes the content dull and the customers turn away. The best way to avoid this and improve is by being emotional with your content. Think of it as if the person was at your shop and you were pitching them to buy a product. This process makes the content richer and attracts customers to stay and listen to what you have to say.

2. Write your content as if you are talking to a single ideal customer

Now, you might be confused about how this attracts a crowd of people when you are only going to talk to a single person. Instead of talking to the whole group of people at your shop, you should focus on talking about an ideal customer.

It makes the customers feel like they are the only ones that whom the content and product are tailored. It will also help you improve your content writing for fashion blogs by the day.

3. Showcase benefits, not specifications

Specifications are necessary for product advertisements, but people won’t try reading through them. We all know that the specifications are mostly filled with mundane details, which normally people tend to overlook. So, if you put highlight these, you will only ruin your image.

The alternative to specifications is by showcasing benefits. As we talk about fashion, you could talk about your product in a manner such as: ‘These clothes are made of super heat resistant materials that will make you feel cool as ice in the summer heat.”

This way, you only display the beneficial factors your customers mainly seek without wasting time or effort. This method will improve your fashion content game.

4. Don’t boast, let them decide

Write your content, promote your product, advertise it; however, don’t boast about it. Yes, don’t boast about your product as it may turn off your customers.

The best way to express the feeling of your customers to you is by seeing through their perspective. Think of it from the POV of a fashion expert, and a total nobody comes and criticizes a product or boasts about his work. It’s upsetting, isn’t it?

The same happens to your customers. So, let them decide whether your product is “A-class clothing” or “a masterpiece of craftsmanship.”

5. Be informed and knowledgeable on recent trends

If you are a content writer aiming to promote the work of others, you should keep yourself well informed about the brand’s recent labels, clothing design, and reviews on the web.

You should also keep track of news on recent trends. This would help you choose what to write about and even select the perfect keywords, improving your fashion content writing skills.

Knowing the current trends and writing on them will increase the attraction to your blog as people are continuously researching trends and may stumble on your blog.

6. Make your content consistent

Keeping your content consistent and relatable with the topic is a fundamental point of fashion content writing and improves the quality of your fashion blogs.


If your topic is “Top Dresses of 2022′, you should make your content like “These dresses are one of the best dress designs of 2022 which look beautiful on almost everyone.” The content should not steer off the topic towards a different thing.

Moreover, try not to keep your descriptions too long as that may not interest your customers. You should only try writing lengthy content if you believe your content can attract the person enough to read the whole passage.

7. Use luxurious-sounding adjectives to describe products

Use adjectives that don’t imply its standings in the market but specify its quality and what it is. Ensure that it doesn’t look like you’re unnecessarily showing off the product.

Unsure of what to use, well here is an example for you to take inspiration from: “This clothing brand is one of the most elegant ones out there alongside being one of the most stylish and comfiest.”. You can also use these adjectives to describe the product: romantic, radiant, elegant, alluring, nostalgic, etc.

8. Be familiar with fashion lingo

This is not much of a necessity for beginners who just started, but if you are trying to prove to your customers and viewers that you are a prestigious brand or are an excellent writer, you would have to stay on top with stylish-sounding lingo.


Here are a few terms that you should use to bewitch the readers of your fashion blogs.

Haute couture

It is a French term that defines exclusivity and elegance and mainly describes unique designer-made clothing for models or celebrities. It even translates to custom-made in french, so only use this terminology on customized clothing.


This is another french jargon that translates to ready to wear. This parlance, unlike Haute couture, is high-quality clothing but is not only reserved for celebs and events. These clothes can be bought but are a bit pricey, only found in high-end stores in the exclusive sections. 

Faux pas

This is a term used to define a blunder as a mistake. You should mainly use this term on a dressing mistake like white gloves with black trousers and blue masks or socks with red shoes. 


This is a term used to define a crowd, so if you ever refer to a group of people, you should use this flashy lingo to style it out.

Très chic

This translates to fashionable and can be used to define specific clothes like a suit or jeans. It can also be used to compliment a specific place or event. 

9. Sales should be the bottom-line

When you are advertising a fashion brand, the main thing on your mind should always be marketing and selling.

If you focus on your content too much and forget to remind them to buy, they will leave. But don’t pressure the customers too much by reminding them to buy now after every passage. You should do this only at the end as then the customer could be interested in buying after they have read all your content. 


We believe that the aforementioned key points can help you significantly improve your fashion content writing game. Hopefully, you were able to step up your fashion content and fashion blogs game with the help of this article.


1. How do you write content for a fashion brand?

The best way to write for a fashion brand is:
– Figuring out where most customers are from and adjusting your content to their demands.
– Talking to them as if they were the ideal customer to have them attracted to your article.
– Start showing off some cool designs while trying to hide the boring details.
– Showing them the benefits of wearing clothes from that designer or brand.
– And at the end, remind them to buy and maybe tease them by saying that the item may have its stocks finished.

2. What does a fashion content writer do?

A Fashion content writer has to compose an article on fashion products of the brand they are advertising.

3. What is fashion content?

Fashion content, in simple words, is describing or advertising fashion products like jeans and coats, giving reviews on them and other details.
In other words, you could say that fashion content brings life to these products by describing them using vivid adjectives and words.