100+ Blog Post Ideas That’ll (Actually) Get You More Traffic Fast

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Posted on 18/10/2114 min read
100+ Blog Post Ideas That’ll (Actually) Get You More Traffic Fast

Table of Contents:

  • Blog Ideas for Keeping Your Reader Entertained
  • Blog Ideas to Remain Relevant
  • How-to Ideas
  • Entertainment Ideas
  • Listicle Ideas
  • Creative Ideas
  • Skills Ideas
  • Demystifying Common Myths
  • Ideas for Sharing Secrets/Tips
  • Hypothetical Ideas
  • Personal Ideas
  • Popular Ideas
  • Interview Ideas
  • Ideas to Curate Lists
  • Miscellaneous Ideas
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Running a blog full-time can be challenging, especially when more than 500 million blogs with close to 2 million blog posts daily.

It can be hard to churn out the best content for your blog, but the key to successful blogging is remaining relevant and posting frequently. 

If you are looking for more traffic on your site, writing the best blog posts and providing your readers with real value is super important—quality over quantity, any day.  

Thus, if content writing and blogging are your passion, but you are finding it hard to develop new blog post ideas, here is a list of funny blog topic ideas and compelling blog post examples that can help you get more traffic:

  1. Profile of a happy customer: People love to read honest feedback, and what other way to share positive feedback about your product than to post it in a blog. Ensure it is a real customer and that the profile reads genuine and has some information about your service.
  2. Profile of your team members: Who are the ones working behind the scenes? Write a blog post on your team members, how each contributes to your business, and some funny/exciting insights into what they do when out of the office.
  1. USP of your product/service: What can you offer that your competitors cannot? A good blog post example is to provide details on the USP of your product in a well-articulated blog with facts and figures. Remember, the more out of the box, the better for your brand.
  2. Share your origin story: Started from a small room in a stingy building with two people on your team? A fantastic blog post idea is to share your struggles and the story of how you started with your readers and give them a more intimate glimpse into your brand.
  3. Set up a contest for readers: Design a contest, create a hashtag, ask your readers to use it when participating, and pick a winner who will receive the grand prize. The hashtag will increase your visibility and traffic while engaging your existing readers with your brand.


  1. Get a celebrity endorsement: Get a celebrity or influencer to endorse your brand/product. It will help you promote your business to a larger audience.
  2. Customer testimonials: People love a brand they can trust. The best blog post would be to compile a list of honest and genuine customer testimonials, maybe even do video testimonials, and write a long blog about what people are saying about your brand.


  1. An in-depth buyers’ guide: What does your brand stand for? What products do you offer to customers? Write a detailed buyers’ guide explaining the services/products you provide and how they can help your audience.
  2. Blog about a conference/industry meets: As a business owner, you must be attending conferences, exhibitions, and industry meets. Pick one such glamorous event and blog about it. Add snippets from the event in the form of text, pictures, and videos and make your reader feel like an insider.
  3. Your business goals for the year: Plan to expand this year or launch a new product? The best content for your blog would be to publish a detailed blog about what all your business aims to achieve by the end of the year, and ask your readers to support your goals and provide recommendations. 

Blog Ideas For Keeping Your Reader Entertained 

  1.  OTT platform content review: Watched a new movie on Netflix? Spent the weekend bingeing a new TV show? OTT platforms are enormous hits, and their new releases get massive viewership. Blog about such content, and you are bound to get higher traffic on your site. 
  2. What’s Trending: What did the Royals say now? Who is the latest internet sensation? Scroll through social media, pick up on trending news that is being widely discussed online, and write a well-researched blog post about it.
  3.  Cute pets (works every time): Let’s be honest; nobody can resist cute animals on the internet. You could compile the most followed animal accounts on Instagram and make a blog on that. Make sure to add loads of pictures and rake up the cuteness quotient of the blog. 


  1.  Meme/GIF: The younger generation’s language is primarily memes and GIFs. A funny blog topic idea would be to exclusively communicate in memes or GIFs or a compilation of the top funniest memes about a particular theme. 
  2.  Review popular celebrity events: From the Oscars to the Grammys, a good blog post example would be to pick the latest celebrity award ceremony and highlight the show’s top 10 looks or top 10 funny moments. Use relevant hashtags and tag the celebrities when using your social media to promote the blog. 
  3. A playlist for your brand: If there was a playlist for your brand, what songs would it have and why? Write a humorous, quirky, and intelligent blog about how some songs represent your brand best.


  1.  People from the past at your dinner party: If you hosted a dinner party and could invite people from the past, who would they be? Write a blog with your chosen invitees and include excerpts from the hypothetical conversations you would have with them.
  2.  If you could have a different job for a day: Imagine you could be in another position just for a day. Would you be a doctor, president, actor, or perhaps a tarot card reader? Let your readers know what your profession would be and what new experiences you would expect from the job. 
  3.  Top 10 lists: People love listicles, and if they are entertaining, they are guaranteed to be widely read and shared—your top 10 movies, vacation spots, books to read, etc. Pick a theme and write the best content for your blog like a top 10 list. 
  4.  Your emoji experience: Are you an older millennial with no understanding of emojis? Share the ones you use daily and those you have no clue about. Let your readers educate you and laugh with you. 


Blog Ideas To Remain Relevant

  1. Start a conversation around social issues: Is the cancel culture getting too aggressive? Casual racism on the internet? A blog post example could be to pick social problems that you have opinions on and express freely in your blog. Ensure you have researched well and be careful with sensitive topics.  
  2.  Discuss Innovations in science: Nobody has the time to sit around and read lengthy research papers other than academics. Therefore, you can write a blog about some of the most important breakthroughs in scientific research and keep your readers informed. People keep coming back for meaningful and informative content.
  3.  Review new book launches: Avid readers are always on the lookout for reviews of new launches. Pick any of the current bestsellers and review them in your unique style.
  4.  Address social media controversies: Who shaded who on Twitter? Which celebrity got roped into a controversy? Spill the tea on social media controversies on a blog post example, and that’s guaranteed to attract more eyeballs for your blog.    
  5.  Write an open letter about something problematic in your industry: If you feel bothered about some disturbing trend in your industry, write an open letter about it on your blog. You will find you are not alone and that your readers might feel the same way. 
  6.  Commentary on local/national/international politics: Politics will always remain relevant, and something new and bizarre is happening each day. You can write about a new law or any controversial statements made by a politician, and you are guaranteed to receive a lot of traffic.
  7.  Product review: Be it skincare or tech gadgets, people always go online to read product reviews. Pick an exciting or new product from your field, and review it in your blog. You could also vlog your experience and make it part of the blog.
  8.  Breaking news: From the sudden death of a beloved actor to a severe natural catastrophe, breaking news gets a massive readership. If you want to get traffic to your site instantly, be on the lookout for breaking news and write about it in your blog post.
  9.  Mental health tips: People struggle with mental health worldwide, and if there are some tips and tricks that you can share with your readers, that will make for the best blog posts. Mindfulness, stress management, and how to be more assertive are a few of the topics you could cover.  
  10.  Relationship advice: From dating advice to bringing back the lost spark in your relationship, there are many topics you can cover under this category. 

While this was a list of some of the blog post examples you should try your hands on, below is a more detailed list of quick blog topic ideas you can explore. 

How-to Ideas

  1. Sharing How-to formats for achieving a task. 
  2. Sharing various tips on how to crack an interview.
  3. Sharing ideas on how to quit a bad habit or overcome an obstacle.
  4. Creating innovative recipes from older methods.

Entertainment Ideas

  1. Motivational blogs inspire and stimulate your readers during tough times.
  2. Creating a checklist for your readers on a specific niche, such as planning an event or organizing the household, is an excellent blog post example.
  3. Make a list of the most trending movies, books, podcasts, musicians, etc., in a given genre.
  4. List out common mistakes people make in daily life, such as:
  • Behavioral mistakes
  • Incorrect use of products
  • Mispronunciations, etc.

Listicle Ideas

39. Making a list of soft skills or hard skills required for a particular profession could be the best content for your blog.

40. Create a list of dos and don’ts for traveling to various countries.

41. Make an essential list of little-known facts.


42. Create a strong list of inspirational and motivational quotes on a specific subject such as:

  • Career 
  • Love life 
  • Depression 
  • Financial challenges, etc.

43. An informative blog post example would be to make a list of influencers and motivational speakers around the world that people should follow.

44. Create a list of professionals in a specific field that will help your readers find them faster, such as:

  • Literary agents 
  • Publishers 
  • Websites, etc.

45. Make a list of course catalogs from various sources for a single educational program.

46. Create a list of blogs posts or articles in a given niche from different viable sources with backlinks.

47. Curate a list of all your blogs with topics and an overview so your readers can find them easily.

48. Cumulate a long list of advice from industry experts on a specific subject.

49. A funny blog post topic would be to share a list of hilarious messages, tweets, comments, etc., on a given topic.

50. Curate a list of information people should know about the world today.

51. The best content for your blog would be to assemble a list of absolutely meaningless knowledge and express your opinion on how useless they are. It is one of the funniest blog post topic ideas that would garner tons of comments and shares.  

52. Cumulate a list of funny instances or sassy moments of a public figure to amuse your readers.

53. Write a list of infamous criminals through time.

54. The best content for your blog would be to make a list of mysteries through time.

55. Curate a list of unsolved crimes across the globe.

56. Make a list of hobbies that people can take up in this era.

57. List out travel destinations for special occasions such as a romantic getaway, an enlightening solo trip, etc.

58. Make a list of strange phobias and what they are called.

59. Create a list of haunted locations or sightings in a popular destination.

60. An example of a fantastic blog post would be creating a list of TV shows and movies with incredible plot twists.

61. Make a list of fictional characters with their most famous and beloved moments.

Creative Ideas

62. Create a blog post example with infographics demonstrating the data representation of your ideas.


63. A blog sharing financial aspects that people must be familiar with for personal growth.

64. Sharing hacks for different stages of life or career goals, games, applications, etc.

65. Write a blog to compare various devices with similar features.

66. Create a blog to demonstrate the ranking and usability of different applications on the app store (Android vs. Apple).

Skills Ideas

67. Create a preparation blog that informs people of certain essential aspects to keep in mind before starting 

  • A new job 
  • Business, or 
  • Any specific activity

68. Write a blog about advice that your readers can follow for success at their workplace.

69. Another blog post idea could be writing about an abstract idea connecting two different topics, interlinking their agenda.

70. Share the secrets of success, whether it is yours or of an accomplished public figure.

71. Explain the workings of a difficult tool, gadget, application, software, etc.

72. Share uncommon knowledge in various niches.

Demystifying Common Myths


73. A funny blog topic idea could be to debunk common beliefs that may be unhelpful for people.

74. Discredit myths and misconceptions with scientific or logical facts to support your argument.

75. Select a topic and share every piece of information, no matter how big or trivial, to make a one-source-stop for readers.

76. Share a personal lesson you learned with a detailed editorial about what happened, how you overcame the situation, and what lessons you learned.

77. The best blog post example could be to create an FAQ sheet to answer common questions on a given niche or topic and share the knowledge with your readers. 

Ideas for Sharing Secrets/Tips

78. Share a clear perception about a popular piece of artwork or artist.

79. Share some beauty secrets and skin care tips to keep up with the ever-changing climatic conditions.


80. Reveal secret celebrity beauty tips.

81. The best content for your blog would be to share celebrity lifestyle tips to enhance the standards of living for your readers.

82. Write a review, positive or negative, highlighting the aspects of a commonly discussed topic.

Hypothetical Ideas

83. A funny blog topic idea would be to share hypothetical scenarios and challenge your readers to think outside the box.

84. Share a detailed account of a collection of artwork, coins, and other collectibles.

85. Share your opinion on how you could alter history if you had a time machine.

86. Share an account of what could have been if a particular historical figure wasn’t born or if an event hadn’t transpired as it did.

Personal Ideas

87. Share an adventurous account of your travels.

88. Share your opinion on a commonly misconstrued social norm.

89. Share an account or review of how a specific company or industry has flourished through time.


90. Provide time-bound goals to help your readers accomplish an aim.

91. Share a detailed account of a prominent event or function you recently attended.

92. Another funny blog topic idea would be to share an account of your quirkiness to let people know that it is ok to be different.

93. Share your opinion in support or opposing a topic and back it up with facts and figures.

94. Share a review or an account of various customer reviews about a product, service, tool, or application that everyone seeks.

95. Write an open letter to a public figure enumerating their mistakes or hypocrisy.

96. Share how you idealized your blog or website and inspire your fans.

97. Share points on how to best deliver a public speech or presentation.

98. Another excellent blog post example would be to help your readers get over different phobias by seeking professional aid without feeling awkward about it.

99. Motivate your readers with long-term and short-term goals towards their financial freedom.

100. Write an account of a sporting event and why you find it so thrilling.

Popular Ideas

101. Debunk propaganda about money and greed.

102. Dissuade any hypes around a prominent public figure without slandering.

103. Define the aspects of power and how it can be used for the betterment of society compared to how it is being used in current times.

104. Create an interactive blog post to stimulate a healthy discussion with your readers, then share the most popular viewpoints.

105. The best content for your blog would be to bring to light the things that negatively affect humans but cannot be altered.

106. Point out the commonly accepted stereotypes that negatively affect social cultures.

107. Share your opinion or musings about an age-old controversy that was never truly resolved.

108. Point out the common mistakes of humanity through time and how different our lives would have been otherwise.

109. Share new and improved methodologies and trends that influence a certain industry.

110. Another blog post idea could challenge a common belief or accepted truth with logic and facts.

111. Use a series of events to predict an outcome for a given event or subject, but make sure you can support your argument in its entirety.

112. Analyze a mainstream event that failed and share a detailed description of what they could have done to make it a success.

113. Write a blog stressing the importance of ethics and empathy in today’s world.

Interview Ideas


114. Post an interview with different influencers on a given topic.

115. Post an interview with a prominent figure on various subjects.

116. Post an interview with a popular fictional character using GIFs and memes for answers.

117. Write a case study about an event or progression through time.

Ideas to Curate Lists

118. One of the best blog posts would be to curate a list of cures, home remedies, and first-aid treatments for common diseases or medical conditions.

119. Curate a list of strange traditions worldwide on a popular holiday such as New Year or Christmas.

120. Write a detailed account about your role model and share why you chose them or why they inspire all.

121. Share a detailed view of dream interpretations and what each kind of dream signifies.

Miscellaneous Ideas

122. You could write a blog post on a comparative account of two or more sports or other public figures and how each contributes to their field.

123. A blog post example would be to create a detailed profile of a famous musician or band and write about their most incredible numbers.

124. Write an account about a personal challenge and how you are progressing through it daily.

125. Analyze a popular event in the present or the past and share your conspiracy theories about it.

126. Share unusual laws that are practiced in different countries.

127. Share your perception of what you think is the purpose of life.

128. Share an account of different addictions and how to treat or overcome them with willpower.

129. Raise a question about an accepted social norm deflecting from a peaceful living situation.

130. Another blog post idea could be to write a profile about a talented up-and-coming artist or influencer.

131. Create a quiz on a popular TV show, movie, book, series, etc.

And there you have it—an ultimate list of blog topics that will get you started on your way to successful blogging.

Key Takeaways

  • Some blog post ideas that could help your brand appear more relatable are to post about your employees, their stories, your journey, how you came to build your business, daily life anecdotes, etc.  
  • Blog post examples like OTT show reviews, images, and stories about pets, brand playlists, trending celebrity content are massive hits with most readers. If you can throw in humorous anecdotes about your brand, it will foster more engagement. 
  • Some of the best blog posts that receive tons of shares are relatable listicles and detailed informative how-to guides. It shows that the audience engages with valuable content. If you can create meaningful content to hold their attention, long-form blog posts would earn you tons in revenue.  
  • Funny blog topic ideas always receive the most engagement. They are relatable and show that your brand has a personality. Nowadays, the distance between a buyer and a consumer decreases day by day. It is crucial to make your brand relatable and accessible. 
  • Your target audience’s interests would be the best content for your blog. Do deep research into what your target audience interacts with, what they want to see, which posts they like, etc. 
  • is an instant, artificial intelligence-powered content generator. If you are running out of blog post ideas, try using this tool by Pepper Content. It is reliable and delivers quality content. 


We hope that the above list of the best blog post examples will help you create your next batch of content. If you have not started creating blog posts, 2022 is the best year to begin. Most businesses have shifted online due to the pandemic, and there is a demand for well-researched, meaningful, targeted content. Some of the best blog post ideas that foster engagement are relatable, easy to understand, and funny. A brand’s humor could be its unique selling point.  The Indian condom brand Durex is known for its humorous condom campaigns. They also promote the importance of having safe sex, combining relatability with awareness. 


1. How can I increase my blog traffic?

Here are a few types of blog posts to drive more traffic to your website:
– Long-form, In-depth Posts
– Listicles
– Infographics
– Personal success stories
– Unique Personal Opinion
– Data-driven Case Study
– Videos
– Books/Movies/Music Reviews

2. What blog topics get the most traffic?

A few blog post ideas that get the most traffic include:
– How to guides
– Interviews
– Recipes 
– Beginner guides
– Politics
– Mysteries

3. Where can I post my blog for free to get more traffic?

A few places to post your blog posts for free are social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc. Try to maintain a consistent posting schedule. Keep a content calendar. Use Peppertype to ideate and generate blog posts.

4. How do I increase traffic to my website?

A few proven ways to increase your website traffic are: 
– Do a keyword research
Go for guest posts
Be active on social media 
– Promote and advertise your website 
– Try email newsletters
– Try influencers