Advertising Strategy & Tips to Get Advertisements for Under $100

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Posted on 28/12/217 min read
Advertising Strategy & Tips to Get Advertisements for Under $100
Here are some tips you can follow for creating an effective advertising strategy and how you can get reasonable ads as low as $100.

Advertising has slowly but surely become an integral part of our economic and social life. Due to the powerful nature of advertisements in sales promotion, it’s becoming extremely important to utilize them well to help your business grow. But to ensure you don’t fall behind, we have the best advertising strategy and tips for you to follow.

When you look at advertisements now, you will see that it’s not just important from a promotional perspective but also a crucial marketing activity. Usually, the increase in sales is the main reason for advertising. Still, it does have other benefits, which include but are not limited to building brand equity, increasing your market share, and acquiring new customers.

Here’s one of the best advertisement tips you’ll ever get; it does not have to be expensive to be effective. A limited advertising budget should not be a demotivating factor for small or new businesses. All you need to do is chart out who you want to advertise to, where your customers are and why they should be interested in you. Once you have nailed down answers to these three questions, you’re already halfway there!

Tips for an Effective Advertising Strategy

1. Drip campaigns

When you send out a select sequence of emails, usually automatically, based upon a pre-scheduled timeline enacted when the user takes an online action of their own free will, it’s called a drip campaign.

 Drip campaign


For example, imagine a consumer opens a webpage to search for a hotel for their vacation. When asked for their email, they could choose to provide it to the webpage. Now, even if they don’t make a booking, they will keep getting emails regarding recommendations for hotels at their chosen location since they signed up for it. These emails are sent out on dates and times that have already been decided, encouraging the person to make reservations by enticing them with options and offers.

Drip campaigns are fairly easy to create and are also a relatively effective way to make sure that your leads are reminded of your product and/or services at regular intervals. This makes sure that they stay engaged. 

Some email marketing tools have free plans that offer automation and you can help yourself create the emails in an ideal sequence that would appeal to your clients. You can also set up the triggers which send said emails. Once that’s done, you can sit back and watch as these emails engage your leads. You can follow a fairly low effort digital advertising tip to boost sales.

2. Blogging

For creating effective advertising, it is impossible to avoid that blogs. These have become a crucial tool for marketing your small business. Blogs help you market your product, but they also help build trust with your customers. Writing comprehensive informative blogs is great for marketing. Good content produced on your blog makes sure that your customer returns time and time again. 

If you utilize search engine optimization (SEO), you’re more likely to reach the right kind of readers on a greater scale. Using the right keywords in a well-written blog with some help from other SEO tools like backlinks, you will have a much better chance of reaching a wider audience interested in your product.

When trying to market yourself in this media landscape, you need to keep a few advertisement tips for social media, including using SEO and producing good, well-written content for your blog. Seeing as your blog will become part of your online social media presence, it is critical to make it a part of your advertisement strategy plan.

3. Optimize your site for the best results

An most important digital advertisement strategy you can follow is website optimization. Part of the SEO tactic, as mentioned above, it brings in a massive chunk of traffic to your site by showing your website as part of the search results when a potential customer searches for a product via a search engine.

Optimizing your web page makes it more likely for the search engine to pick up your website and present it to the customer on a higher rank on the search engine result page.

Content comes second in selecting the ranking on a search engine page result. So, using SEO-friendly keywords and having an easy-to-use site that is pleasing to the eye, fast to load, and mobile-friendly is very important.

4. Newsletters



An extension to your email marketing strategy, newsletters are the most efficient way to achieve customer retention. When you send regular emails to your customers and even your potential customers, you improve your odds of making sure they return and keep you in mind.

Ideally, you could start your newsletter off with weekly or monthly issues, which are sent out at set intervals telling your leads what’s happening with your company or what new/old product might pique their interest. 

In this digital age, trust is hard to acquire. One of the best advertising tips is to market your company as a trustworthy one. Newsletters help build loyalty and trust with the customers by giving them regular updates. They can also update them on the current promotions your company might be offering while providing them with industry news. 

4. Video content marketing

Cisco stated that by this, online videos will make up over 82% of all consumer internet traffic out there, making it 15x higher than what it used to be in 2017. Therefore, it is no surprise that 94% of the marketers who use video for marketing purposes plan to continue doing so.

Facebook and YouTube are two platforms that are extremely popular in the social media sphere. Instagram, more specially, its Reels feature, is hot and right on their heels, itching to take over. One of the best social media advertising tips would be to partake in this trend. You cannot avoid how effective social media is as a tool for advertisement. 

Video marketing figures


Everyone thinks you need professional video editing skills to make content that will appeal to the audience and help you take advantage of online marketing tactics. However, that’s not right.

Going viral has nothing to do with the professionalism of a piece of content and everything to do with the content itself. Here are a few social media advertising tips for video content marketing that you can use:

  • Have live Q&A sessions with potential clients
  • Followers love to have a behind-the-scenes look at your business
  • Break down your process. Explain how your product is used
  • Do a product demo

The best advertisement tip that everyone overlooks is that social media is a fairly cheap way of advertising. Using reviews and comments left on the videos you post, you can further boost your sales. 

6. Social media advertising

Connecting with other like-minded people isn’t the only use of social media. Social media has quickly become an effortless and generic way to start a conversation. You cannot have an advertising strategy without including social media advertising.

Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even LinkedIn, social media platforms enable conversations that can help your business spread brand awareness while simultaneously helping you build a loyal customer base.

One of the best advertising tips is to engage with your followers, as all of them are your potential clients. Respond to their messages and reply to their comments. Have giveaways and ask your followers to tag you in their stories and tag their followers in your posts. This drives traffic and keeps your followers interested.

These are a few advertising tips for social media that you can follow to make sure you build credibility among the platform’s users.

Social media advertising


Advertising Strategy Tips: How to Do It With Less Than $100?

1. Paid ads

Digital advertising platforms usually provide the latest tools that you would require to reach the customers you wish to target. Targeted online ads help your marketing dollars go toward the users who fit your target demographic, and you pay only when you earn a click.

Plus, you have the freedom to set your budget for ad campaigns, which means you would never have to go off to extremes. You can choose to keep your budget as low as you’d like.

2. Micro-influencers

Micro influencers


Ideally, a micro-influencer is someone who typically has between 1,000 to 10,000 followers. Using micro-influencers is great due to their effectiveness as promoters and their access to a niche and dedicated flock of audience.

The content they create is interesting and seen as more authentic by their followers than the bigger audiences. They are affordable, and often, you can also compensate them with a commission or complementary goods or services instead of monetary compensation. 

The key is to choose the right influencers. For this, you need audience demographic data, engagement rates, and case studies. You should also scroll through their social media posts to get a clear sense of their voice and style. This will help you understand how they engage with their follower base. Ideally, the influencer you choose should match your company’s aesthetics and your agendas.

3. Text messages advertising

A cost-effective advertising strategy you can consider is text message advertising. It costs only a few cents (or paisa) to do. It is an effective way of marketing as it offers a higher average open rate than any other channel, at around 98%.

Text messages can even further develop the client experience by sending reminders, updates, or purchase confirmations on a helpful channel, motivating dedication amongst the customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Your advertising strategy plan doesn’t need a big budget.
  • You need to know your customer, where they are, and why should they choose you. 
  • You need to try to create value with the help of content marketing. It helps you further your company in the industry.
  • Utilize online reviews, referral programs, and business partnerships. These are powerful tools that should never be ignored.
  • Make sure you know who your target audience is. Focus on marketing to them to not waste your monetary resources or your time.


When looking for tips on advertising strategy, you need to remember your target audience. Advertising is a crucial part of marketing and cannot be avoided. Even if you are a small business, you do not need to make compensation for the quality of the strategy you decide upon.

These advertising tips stated above will help you make sure you can stay within the budget while also making enticing advertisements that will bring in more customers. 


1. What are the types of advertising?

The ten common types of advertising are: display ads, social media ads, newspapers and magazines, outdoor advertising, radio and podcasts, direct mail, video ads, product placement, event marketing and email marketing.

2. What is the cheapest source of advertising?

The cheapest way to advertise is social media ads and classified ads, generally speaking. These kinds of ads can be placed starting as little as $20.

3. What is the cheapest social media platform to advertise?

Twitter has the lowest cost per click of all four social networks at $0.38, with Facebook following close behind at $0.97.