A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Copywriting

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Posted on 22/08/226 min read
A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Copywriting
Copywriting for social media is an art. It is a skill that one has to master through experience and practice. Here are some methods of social media copywriting.

Did you know that Facebook alone publishes approximately 30 million posts in a month? That is a whopping number if you consider the effort you need to make for social media management to grab eyeballs.

Compelling social media content isn’t just restricted to fancy graphics or attractive social media designs. What is most important is the copy that goes along with the creative – whether it is compelling enough for viewers to take action. That is why social media copywriting is not only a skill mastered by a few, but also an integral part of your social media management strategy.

Writing copies for social media means how well you can engage your audience through punchlines or stories that are original. And doing it while standing out in the crowd is not a cakewalk.

So, how do you write great copies for social media platforms? Let us start with understanding what social media copywriting is all about.

What is Social Media Copywriting?

Fiery chicken burger ad


The creation of posts and messages on social media platforms is what is known as social media copywriting. The main objective of writing a copy for social media posts is to compel viewers to take action.

A copy of this sort is usually embedded with a CTA (Call-to-Action) and acts as a great way to bring viewers to a particular page or website that talks about the products and services you offer or a web page that drives them to take action on something else, like donating to a cause or placing an order for a fiery chicken burger, like in this post above.

Most businesses use social media management as a core pillar of their marketing strategy. This is why creating posts that have compelling text is very important in making you stand out from your competition.

Seasoned copywriters will also write posts to increase followers of a page or brand and outreach. Great copywriting is an asset to any marketing team and hence is a skill that needs to be learned and perfected.

Why Is Copywriting for Social Media Platforms Important?

Copywriting examples of famous brands


Social media copywriting is not a one-off event. It requires long hours of thinking through, conceptualization, and brainstorming. This is all substantiated with the help of thorough market research, and finally, the actual act of copywriting and content delivery. Every business or brand uses it; even individuals do to connect with their followers.

Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Copywriting

Copywriting on social media platforms stands to gain your business in the following ways:

Connect with the target audience

When you write compelling copies, you significantly improve the probability of your posts having a more significant impact on the audience, especially with the target demography. People tend to engage more with posts that strike a chord, often becoming discussion forums on important and relevant topics. This gives your brand a boost in terms of visibility and lead generation.

Convey a strong message

Good social media copies allow you to convey essential and often socially relevant messages. Since social media platforms are accessible and used by all sorts of people – of all ages and regions – it becomes important and often a moral responsibility to create social media designs that tell a story. This makes the brand messaging more personal and relevant to the viewers.

Stand out from the crowd

Good social media designs, which are basically the entire package of creative and compelling copies, allow your brand to be different. Social media today has become cluttered and noisy with an overpowering dose of digital content. And people are looking to take a break from that. Good content and copies provide just that.

Drive the viewer towards taking action

When you can connect emotionally with your audiences, chances are that you will be able to entice enough curiosity in them to take action. That is, they will either want to explore your brand more, make a purchase, or get in touch with you. This means a better conversion rate in terms of sales and better web traffic which is a success indicator for your social media management strategy.

Convert your audience into customers

Social media copywriting is probably the most effective way of converting your regular audience into long-term customers. Turning your posts into discussion forums or posts with more likes and comments is more likely to attract people to your brand.

8 Tips on Social Media Copywriting

Social media copywriting example for The Hindu


Social media posts are as good as their copies. It is thus essential to master the art of creating copies for social media platforms.

Here are some great tips that can help you do that.

1. Spotlight on the main message

With so much space that social media occupies in our daily lives, people are most often just scrolling through content on the web. And they aren’t looking for anything specific.

This is why it is very important to highlight the main message of the post as loudly as possible. Write your copies so that the essence is captured right at the start. Remember, people are busy, and they are not interested in long essays. Avoid writing long preludes, and get straight to the point.

2. Be clear about the social media platform objective

 Social media platform objective


You have to adjust your copy according to the social media platform. Not every platform will serve the same purpose. The audiences are different, so you must tweak your copies to suit those differences.

Twitter, for example, allows you to write very crisp and short copies. On the other hand, Facebook can easily accommodate lengthier copies and captions.

Your post’s structure will depend on this. Whether you want to use a moving image, a video, or something else will also depend on this. So, be sure to be clear about where you are posting.

3. Pose open-ended questions

Asking questions is a great social media design element that can be leveraged. But the questions must be such that they elicit responses from the audience; that is, they have to be open-ended.

Avoid inserting “YES/NO” questions that do not help with audience engagement. You can ask viewers to share personal experiences through a question. Or you can ask them if they want to know more about your services.

4. Strike a chord

Copy that strikes a chord


This is a great example of how to write copies that instantly appeal to the viewers’ emotions. Until the messaging does that, you can’t expect your audiences to take action. In this image above, the main idea is highlighted beautifully, while the image appeals directly to the heart.

5. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are important to increase your post views; hence, it is critical to incorporate appropriate hashtags in your social media copies. Do a quick research on the related topic before incorporating hashtags in your post to find out which ones are trending and, more importantly, which ones would be relevant.

6. Create concise and clear copies

 Clear and concise copy by Ixigo


Good social media copies ride on clear and concise copies, as is evident from this meme. Avoid using difficult or complex words or sentences. Instead, use simple, easy-to-relate words and phrases that help articulate the message. And keep it brief. Brevity is a core element in compelling copies in social media management.

7. Generate discussions

Social media copywriting is a great tool to start conversations – commemorate someone, celebrate, opine, and express. This helps the brand build a relationship with the audience, who would feel more connected to it through open discussions.

8. Maintain a consistent tone

As with branding, so with social media copywriting. Ensure that you maintain consistency in the tone and everything else while creating copies for your posts. Inconsistent tone can conflict with the branding and ruin your post completely.

Final Words

Social media copywriting is thus an all-around effort and part of an overarching plan for social media management.

We’re certain this guide has given you all the fuel-power necessary for you to create phenomenal social media copy.

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1. What is social media copywriting, and how does it work?

Content created by writers on social media to garner viewer attention that is crisp and concise is called social media copywriting.

2. What is the significance of copywriting in advertising?

Compelling copies can drive people to take action after reading a social media post, which is why they are important in advertising.

3. How can brands be promoted through copywriting?

Through copywriting on social media platforms, brands can deliver relevant and appropriate messages to promote their products and services.

4. What are the most powerful copywriting techniques?

One of the most powerful copywriting techniques is to break the wall between you and the reader and strike a chord by appealing to a personal experience through your copy.

5. How to write a social media ad copy for an event?

An ad copy for an event needs to be summed in a punchy tagline, along with eye-catching images to reflect the main event objective.