Here Are 8 Reasons Why Facebook Is The Most Effective Social Media Platform

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Posted on 5/10/216 min read
Here Are 8 Reasons Why Facebook Is The Most Effective Social Media Platform

The concept of social media as a whole was revolutionized and practically re-invented more than 16 years ago when a 19-year-old Harvard student launched Facebook from his college dormitory in 2004. 

What Mark Zuckerberg gifted the world was a platform where communication took on new meaning and value, not only for ordinary individuals but for businesses too. It helped entrepreneurs reach millions of prospective customers and effectively convey how their product or service could help people. From the customers’ perspective, it provided a direct medium to get in touch with their favorite brands and talk about their needs and issues. Needless to say, over the years, Facebook social media marketing gained importance as well.

In every way, Facebook offered the much-needed connection to bridge the gaping distance between businesses and customers. And this is precisely why it has been a significant part of social media marketing investments for many businesses over the past several years.

Granted that there have been instances in the past where the effectiveness and credibility of Facebook as a trustworthy platform were questioned. However, the platform continues to dominate the world of social media both in terms of users and engagement. According to the most recent Backlinko statistics, Facebook currently has 2.70 billion monthly active users (MAUs), more than any other such platform.

This is why by all means, you need to take advantage of this giant platform for your business as well.

Here are eight more reasons why Facebook social media marketing is the best and most effective option today.

Why You Need Facebook Social Media Marketing

1. Massive reach and unmistakable growth 

As mentioned before, Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social media marketing and advertising platforms globally. With the most users among all platforms existing today, Facebook offers opportunities to reach the widest range of customers for businesses. According to Backlinko, it has over 1.73 billion daily active users (DAUs), marking an 11% increase since last year. These numbers are only expected to increase by leaps and bounds over the next few years, especially since the pandemic. 


2. High engagement

Statistics suggest that Facebook users, on average, spend about 38 minutes a day on the platform. This is within 2 hours and 24 minutes a day that people are known to spend on social media as a whole. This means that of all the time spent on social media, Facebook takes home the biggest share. 

Clearly, there is ample opportunity for businesses to convey messages and influence customer purchase decisions. More time spent on Facebook equates to more opportunities for communication with customers and, in turn, more chances to persuade them to take favorable action. So, this has to be part of your content marketing strategy.


3. Facebook Live

Video is undoubtedly the king of all types of content when it comes to popularity, engagement, and effectiveness. Nothing beats an informative, crisp, and interesting video that resonates with customers on many levels. 

Regular videos are by themselves effective to a great extent. But when Facebook Live was introduced, it opened new avenues for customers and businesses to get in touch with consumers and build relationships. 

In this day and age, it is a known fact that you cannot simply push a product to customers and expect them to purchase it. Building long-lasting relationships are the key to sustained success. This is especially why you absolutely must make use of Facebook Live. It gives you a real-time opportunity to interact with customers, learn more about their needs and concerns, listen to their suggestions and complaints and use them to improve your business. It gives customers a chance to directly talk about their needs and requirements to the decision-makers of a brand they love, and this in turn makes them feel valued and builds trust.


4. Cheapest ads

The average cost of advertising on Facebook is $5.99 per thousand impressions or $1.72 per click, according to Compared to the other popular social media marketing platforms that we have today, these numbers stand out as the most affordable and feasible option for businesses. 

Even though the Facebook social media marketing platform had increased its advertising rates a few years ago, it is still the least expensive platform for businesses. Considering the colossal reach that you can get out of each advertisement you run, Facebook provides a steal of a deal to run ads even for small businesses with modest social media marketing budgets.


5. Insightful analytics

One of the biggest advantages of marketing through Facebook is that you don’t have to rely on guesswork and external analytics to gauge the efficacy of your campaigns. The channel provides an array of insightful and powerful analytics within your advertising dashboard, with which you can easily measure performance, detect anomalies and make improvements. 

From organic likes and comments to paid likes and comments, post impressions, link clicks, weekly or monthly engagement rates, profile visits, and much more, it gives you a detailed report of how each of your posts is performing and how effective they are in terms of achieving your campaign goals for social media marketing and advertising.


6. Powerful targeted marketing

Facebook comes with perhaps the most powerful audience targeting tools out there. Categorizing your target audiences into three types — core audience, custom audience, and look-alike audience — lets you find the perfect pool of prospective customers for your brand. 

It allows you to narrow down your reach to include the people that are most likely to make purchases. In other words, from the millions of customers you can potentially reach out to, it helps you direct your message to the people with whom you are most likely to resonate. So, it gives you the best value for your money spent on social media marketing and advertising

7. Versatility

Compared to other channels like Instagram or LinkedIn, Facebook offers the maximum number of ways to connect with customers. 

For example, Instagram is mostly used by youngsters, millennials, and Gen Z and works best with high-resolution pictures and videos. On the other hand, LinkedIn helps you reach out to a professional network of customers who can be influenced by valuable textual content. 

Facebook is a mix of all of these types of content and is hence used by everyone, including youngsters, professionals, millennials, and baby boomers. It provides a more versatile and all-encompassing channel of content that businesses can use to sell their products or services.

8. Mobile access

Needless to say, going mobile is the need of the hour. Any and every digital channel, which the average person uses, is likely to be opened on a smartphone – these channels include social media platforms and email. In fact, Facebook, as per Statista, is invariably accessed on a mobile device by about 98% of its users. This means that you get your message across and make an impact even on the go, irrespective of where a customer is or what he/she is doing. Naturally, it further raises the chances of converting your potential customers.



As is evident from the eight benefits of marketing through Facebook, as mentioned above, it is indeed a powerful and effective social media marketing platform. With an unmatched level of reach, myriad options to deliver your content, and insightful analytics to measure your effectiveness, Facebook social media marketing can help you go places.  


1. What is Facebook’s marketing strategy?

Facebook marketing strategy includes engaging with the audience to show your brand and how it can help them. You can engage with them using various Facebook marketing tools like Facebook live, posting graphics, conversations in comments, etc. 

2. Is Facebook advertising social media marketing?

Advertising on Facebook can expand your business exponentially. Facebook ads play a vital role in overall digital marketing because it increases outreach and awareness of your brand. Plus it also attracts leads and can convert them into customers. 

3. Why is Facebook good for social media marketing?

A Facebook page is a powerful free marketing tool for brands. You can share images, links, videos, BTS, anything that defines your business. You can also identify your target audience and tailor your content accordingly.

4. How can I use Facebook in digital marketing?

1. Facebook is much more than ‘selling’; try to build a  brand 
2. Define your goals and objectives
3. Humanize your brand 
4. Create a proper content calendar
5. Regularly converse in the comments section 
6. Use attractive graphics and visuals 
7. Make and nurture relationships with your audience 
8. Use Facebook promotions 

5. What are the top social media channels for marketing to millennials?

The top 5 marketing channels that need to be a part of every content marketing plan while targeting the millennials include:
1. Facebook: Over 80% of millennials have a Facebook account and are visiting this social platform regularly. 
2. Instagram: With the introduction of Reels to the Instagram platform, this audio-visual social platform has gained a lot of traction in the recent past with millennials. 
3. Snapchat: A platform to share videos and images, Snapchat is also popular with millennials, thanks to some cool and popular filters it offers. This platform is excellent for businesses to announce new launches or showcase behind-the-scenes content to customers. 
4. Twitter: A microblogging platform that is extremely popular for sharing quick, short updates, this is a major success amongst millennials. 
5. Mobile advertising: With over 85% of millennials owning smartphones and spending a considerable time using the devices, mobile advertising or mobile-optimized advertising is bound to produce better results than any traditional means of advertising.