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9 Tips to Get Rid of the Sunday Anxiety

Team Pepper
Posted on 21/04/223 min read
9 Tips to Get Rid of the Sunday Anxiety

Do you wake up on a Monday and think, “Why can’t it be Sunday again?” We know most freelancers work seven days a week. But unfortunately, the clients you work for restart work on Mondays, which adds unwanted strain to the start of the week. 

We came across a word for this recently; it’s called “Sunday scaries.” It’s not a scientific term, but one that the internet made popular (don’t we all love those!) It’s that feeling of dread towards the impending Monday. It’s also defined by that feeling of anxiety or annoyance you feel on a Sunday night, knowing the weekend is coming to a close. 

Is It Okay to Feel the Sunday Scaries? 

We once heard a guy on Instagram saying, “You don’t hate Monday; you hate your job.” This statement is far from the truth. You can love your job and still feel like enjoying another day off. So don’t think of your scaries as anything more than they are. 


For some, the Monday blues are more serious. You might have an unpleasant workplace, be stuck in the wrong job, or be battling personal trouble that may be hindering your professional growth. You will need to take some time to make conscious changes if any of these reasons trigger your Monday blues. Pinpoint the one thing you dread doing on a Monday, and try to find out the reason behind it. 

9 Quick Tips to Fix Your Sunday Scaries 

So yes, it’s okay to feel odd about Mondays. Here are a few tricks for the weekend that worked for people we personally know: 

1. Spend time doing what you love

Carve out some “you” time. Spend time doing at least two things you love. Is it reading, or eating at your favorite restaurant? Or do you love catching up with friends or walking your pet? Set aside two such activities for the weekend. 

2. Segregate your weekend work

If you are working on the weekends, make a list and block off time to finish work. Do not drag your work across the weekend; this gives the feeling that the weekend never existed. 

3. Step out

Go for a walk, take a stroll in the park, visit the local museum, step inside a bookstore, or just take an aimless drive. Allow your eyes to see less of the same surroundings. 

4. Reduce your screen time

As the access to OTT content and social media becomes effortless, it’s easy to find yourself lost on the web. If your work demands screen time on the weekday, don’t do more of it on the weekends. You can utilize this time to inculcate mindfulness instead. 

5. Plan your first task for Monday morning

It could be something as minor as a cup of coffee, the newspaper, or your breakfast. This certainly helps nudge your Monday in the right direction, rather than waking up flustered. 

6. Don’t oversleep on weekends


Rest is not like your favorite TV show that you can binge on weekends. You need eight hours of sleep each night, and overdoing it can instigate lethargy and a series of health problems. 

7. Make your weekdays interesting

Plan a mid-week activity, such as dinner on Wednesday night with a friend. This will help make your seven-day week less overwhelming. 

8. Finish the worst weekend chore first

The weekends also bring up mundane work like fixing a broken tap, cleaning the house, or shopping for groceries. Finish these boring tasks first, so they don’t take away from your weekend fun.

9. Be grateful 

Before you hit the hay, grab a notebook and put down five amazing things you did this week, and look forward to the week ahead. It might help you look at the coming week with a positive perspective. 

Here is the bottom line: to make your Monday less dreadful, you must make your Sunday more gleeful. Embrace the weekend. Go back to bed knowing you had a good weekend, and that the coming week will have something for you to learn.