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5 Motivation Tips and Points For Freelancers To Excel

Shavy Jain
Posted on 13/06/222 min read
5 Motivation Tips and Points For Freelancers To Excel

In today’s age of saturated corporate industry and expanding opportunities, more people are assuming one-of-a-kind careers and inventing their own paths. Whether it’s starting a YouTube channel, a small business, or a freelance career, today freelancers have the luxury of choice.

Mind of a freelancer


But the be-your-own-boss lifestyle comes with many ups and downs. 

It is incredibly challenging to remain motivated as a freelancer. And persevering through the entire process of pitching, quoting, and then executing can sometimes be exhausting. 

If you find yourself in a similar flux, here are five motivation points that you must remember. 

5 Motivation Points For Freelancers

1. Remember your North Star

There has to be a desire more grounding for you than the average buck you make or the milestones you achieve. In celestial terms, a north star is the center of the universe. In the face of lethargy or disillusionment with goals, you may often wonder if the struggle is worth it. In these make-or-break moments, it helps to remember your purpose. 

What’s your North Star?

2. Accumulate your small wins

A traditional office has an entire HR team and incentives like targets, bonuses, awards, and praise, that keep the employee morale high and the wheel churning. A self-employed career demands heavy work input with lesser regard for self-earned appreciation. Make sure to reflect and reassess your goals, and give yourself many pats for how far you have come.

Self motivation


3. Don’t be afraid to let go

Losing your motivation can be a sign of a more considerable worry. It can be the output of a plate too full, a list too long, or a passion unchecked. The desire for the impossible is keeping you from achieving the attainable. The most productive thing to do is to relax your nerves and declutter your life — even if that comes with losing a dream project.

4. Honor your journey

The uniqueness of your journey means you do not have designated career points or milestones. It also means that you get to create your goalposts. It is difficult not to compare yourself with your peers. You may not be able to control it; you can harness it for the better by reminding yourself that you don’t have to be on anybody’s timeline. 

You can also honor your journey by finding comfort in your drive and understanding your need for a break. 

5. Focus on the long game 

When choosing a career that involves creativity and experimenting with different possibilities, not every day can end with a net profit. Just because the value you put out in the world didn’t come back to you at the moment, that does not mean that it is not compounding out there, waiting for you to claim it. 


Be brave enough to be kind to yourself in the moments of the lowest of lows. 

In Summary

Lack of motivation is not a vice but a human emotion that can be controlled. Worrying about being unproductive will only lead to a full-blown burnout. You can only climb this mountain by bettering yourself. Repeat these five points to yourself, and get back in the game as a freelancer!

Author bio: Shavy Jain is a lifestyle writer, editor, and American pop-culture expert.